Elmaro Vineyard: A Family-Owned Treasure Nestled in the Midwest

Elmaro Vineyard


Recently we had the pleasure of visiting Elmaro Vineyard for an afternoon of great wine, local music, and totally divine weather! Our group of four each sampled three different signature Elmaro wines, and then settled on purchasing a bottle of their Elmaro Rosa (red) along with a wonderful sausage, cheese and cracker plate – because what bottle of wine is complete without cheese and crackers?

Not only does Elmaro make great wines, but they also host local musicians that you can enjoy while sitting on their patio – taking in the panoramic views of the vineyards and soaking up the beauty that is the Western Wisconsin Mississippi River valley. For only $2 you can take a yoga class while again enjoying the beauty that is Elmaro Vineyard too.

Elmaro-our-visitLocated in the West-Central Wisconsin along the great Mississippi river, near a small town called Trempealeau, Elmaro Vineyard brings the taste and flavor of Napa Valley grapes and wine to the Midwest. Family-owned and operated since 2006, Elmaro strives to share their love of grapes with guests through their delicious, quality grapes and award-winning wines. The white pine tree included on the Elmaro Vineyard label is based on the solitary white pine which has stood on the family property since it was homesteaded in the 1850’s, symbolizing stability and determination. Elmaro Vineyard produces a wide selection of quality grape products, including award-winning wines, decadent dessert wines, regional ice wines and their unique low-sugar jelly is always a delicious choice as well.

Award-Winning & Unique Products of Elmaro Vineyard

Ice Wines

The Chairman’s Award Winner at the 2014 Riverside International Wine Competition, Frontenac Gris Ice Wine is harvested at 6 degrees, and never reaches temperatures above 19 degrees in the pressing process, resulting in a sweet, yet non-syrupy wine with apple flavors and butterscotch and honey blossom aromas. Alternatively, the sweet and fruity Le Crescent Faux Ice Wine exhibits flavors of apricot and tropical fruit.

Dessert Wines

Infused with rich chocolate flavor, the Chocolate Truffle Pig after-dinner wine is the perfect end to any meal, while the historically-inspired Fire of 1888 Reserve dessert wine, made from delicious Frontenac grapes, is perfect for sharing with friends after a meal.

Sparkling Wine

The Elmaro Vineyard’s Melcato stands out as one of a handful of wines in the state of Wisconsin crafted with the traditional Champenoise method, which entails fermenting the product in individual bottles. This process results in the delightful sparkling Melcato wine, perfect for celebrating any event.


White Wines

One of the winery’s most popular selections is the award-winning La Crescent wine, with it’s grapefruit and citrus notes. The light Vidal Blanc, and semi-sweet West Prairie White are also notably delicious white wine selections. Other diverse white wine offerings at Elmaro Vineyard include the Chardonel and Edelweiss wines.

Reds & Rosé

Classified as a dry red table wine, Elamro Vineyard’s Marquette Rosé exhibits notes of red berries and is crafted in a Southern French style, making it a sophisticated choice to sip with company. The vineyard’s un-oaked red, the Chambourcin, is the perfect addition to any pasta dinner, while the Elmaro Rosa, a sweet red table wine is the ideal wine for any occasion, featuring hints of sassafras, grape and plum. Finally, the 3 Cheers semi-sweet red blend is easy-to-drink and pairs well with anything.

Don’t Live in the Area?

Want to try the one-of-a-kind wines offered at small local wineries just like Elmaro Vineyard, but don’t live in the region? Consider joining a top-rated wine club offering products from domestic vineyards. When you sign up for a wine club like Club W, More Uncorked or the Food & Wine Club, you will be able to enjoy unique, regional wines like the products from Elmaro Vineyard as they are conveniently delivered directly to your home!

Lynn is the founder and chief editor at ReVUEzzle.com. She is responsible for strategy and business development. Her background is in software development, marketing, and project management. She loves camping, traveling, and all things soccer related. She has been married for over 30 years to one great guy and has two adult children. Lynn is also the human companion to two cats - Jynx and Spanky. She is based in Minnesota, USA.

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