Father’s Day Wine Gift Pairing by Dad Type

What Type of Wine Does Your Dad Crave?

Dad-wine-correctedFinding the right wine gift for dad is almost like pairing wine with food – they need to complement one another and be just right. So, if you are on the fence as to which wine club membership is right for your dad, consider his personality first.



Instead of just closing your eyes and picking the first wine club your finger stumbles upon, we thought we’d help you find the perfect wine for Dad’s unique qualities.

1. The No Rules Dad

Is your dad the type that often says “shhh, don’t tell mom.” This rule-breaking dad needs a wine that is a little more risky, fun and adventurous. He needs something that doesn’t follow the norm and definitely doesn’t follow the rules.

Give the Gift of a Wine Insiders Membership

Wine Insiders ClubWine Insiders is a club that gives you a remarkable amount of wine to start out with all for less than $6 per bottle! You could easily fill up Dad's wine storage for the next few months with a single club membership. Then, he can choose to continue on with the membership or cancel.

The Insider's Wine Club comes with an excellent introductory rate of $89.99 for 15 bottles of wine and shipping at just $0.01. Shipments go out bi-monthly.

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Go with the Grab Bag Wine Club by Vinesse

Vinesse Grab Bag Wine ClubYour dad most likely wants variety, so give him the ultimate variety membership by going with the Grab Bag from Vinesse. This shipment will feature what they have leftover and includes rare and vintage wines. It’s fun, unpredictable and a lot like dad.

Six Bottles of Hand-Picked Premium Wines(all reds, all whites, or mixed) for $79.99 with Free Shipping. Full cases of 12 bottles are also available for $139.99. Can be a one time shipment or shipped quarterly.

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2. The Hard worker

Your dad has not called in sick for a day in his life. Okay, maybe he has, but he takes his job seriously. He is known as the hardest worker at his job and even at home he gets the job done. He needs something efficient, tasty and reliable – just like him.

Go with Gold

Gold Medal Father's Day Wine Gift SetThe Gold Series Wine Club by the Gold Medal Wine Club is predictable and always in great taste. You can sign him up for one to 12 shipments and he will receive two bottles of delicious, highly-awarded wines that he is guaranteed to love.

Starting at $37/shipment for 2 bottles or $67/shipment for 4 bottles. Can be all reds, all whites, or mixed. You can also choose monthly, every other month, or quarterly on-going shipments if you prefer.

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Try the Premier Series from California Wine Club

California Wine Club ReviewDad could use a break, but not with just any bottle of wine. California Wine Club's Premier Series features wines that are award-winning and come from fine, small batch boutique wineries (often family-owned too).

Right now for new members, you can get the Premier Series at $39.95 per shipment for two bottles of wine and receive up to two free bottles.

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3. The Handyman

This man is all about saving a buck (or two) and doing it himself. He’s handy and your dad can fix just about anything. You admire his skill and most importantly, you understand how he values every dollar. For this dad, you want to go with a wine club that is affordable, but something he still enjoys receiving each month.

Plonk Wine Club is Exclusive, Yet Affordable

Plonk 4 Bottle Wine clubPlonk Wine Club is rather unique. They are exclusive and deliver truly some excellent quality wines, but they are still surprisingly affordable – something your Handyman dad will appreciate. In fact, the two bottle club membership is perfect for the dad that needs to relax, but doesn't want to spend a fortune doing so.

Starting at 49.99 per month for two bottles every month. There are no contracts and Dad can cancel at anytime.

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Try Out a West Coast Wine Club Membership

Cellars West Coast Club Let Dad kick back and relax as if he were on the West Coast himself with a club that features wines exclusively delivered from Oregon, California and Washington. The shipment can contain all whites, all reds or a mixture of the two.

Right now for new members, you can get the West Coast Wine Club for $49 per month for two bottles per month.

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4. The Sports Fanatic

Your dad’s idea of a great Saturday is sitting in front of the TV or going to the sports arena. From football to baseball and even hockey, he’s dedicated to the game. He needs a wine that compliments his sports-worthy appetizers and perhaps even something he can share with the guys.

Try the Classic Series from Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the Month Classic SeriesThis series features rich, full-flavored wines that are pleasing to the palate and go great with just about any chip, dip or fried wing your dad will serve up on game day.

Starting at $21.95/month for two bottles of reds only, whites only or mixed. Shipping and tax is additional. Cancel at any time.

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Try Featured Wines from Club W

Club W Review Dad will appreciate Club W because he gets wines selected just for his tastes – meaning every wine delivered each month will be one he enjoys because he's naturally drawn to those flavors. These wines are exclusive, delicious and perfect for Dad while he kicks back and enjoys the game.

Starting at $13 per bottle with three bottles per month minimum and a flat-rate of $6 shipping.

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