10 Snobby Myths About Wine

Common Myths About WineSomewhere wine got a bad rap: a snotty rap we mean. Most of us will avoid the cheaper wines or gasp at the sight of boxed wine simply because of these myths that are floating about. If you are one of the ones that find these common wine sins just unforgiveable in your eyes, it might be time to face the truth: the so-called “rules” you’ve been following are most likely wrong.

Myth 1 – A Wine Taster is Pro, So They Know What They Are Doing

A wine taster has this image of a superior palate and someone that can taste and recommend wines. But, have you ever looked into the background of some of those experts? You may be surprised that judges and wine aficionados are highly inconsistent with their recommendations. That’s why you should be more focused on your own opinion and less about what the experts recommend.

Myth 2 – Boxed Wines are Bad

Sure boxed wines are cheaper, portable and durable. There must be a reason all wine snobs turn their noses up at the site of a boxed wine, right?

While the wine is cheaper, that has nothing to do with the quality of the wine. Instead, vineyards box up those wines and offer it at a cheaper rate because they aren’t paying the hefty price of bottling and packaging breakable materials. In fact, there are some delicious, highly rated wines in those boxes.

Myth 3 – Reds Can Only Be Served with Beef, Whites Only With Poultry and Fish

We’re not really sure where this myth came from, but it really needs to get moving. Wines have their pairing, but that doesn’t automatically mean the color of the wine determines which food it goes with. In fact, there are some robust reds that pair better with Thanksgiving turkey than your precious whites could ever match up with. Fatty fish actually do better with medium-bodied red wines than whites too.

So, before you think color is the only way to pair food, think more of the flavor and what you’re serving up.

We recommend joining a wine club with a big mix of wines so that you can play around with your pairings.

Myth 4 – Wine Gets Better With Age

This doesn’t apply to all wines. In fact, 90 percent of wines created and sold in the United States are meant to be consumed within one to two years from the time they’re made – having them “age” around your cellar could actually make them undrinkable.

Myth 5 – Those That Drink Wine With Ice Should be Ashamed

Why? Because they want it chilled? Chilling wine can actually bring out the subtle flavors that room temperature service cannot. Also, ice can help temper the alcoholic content – so you can drink more and enjoy more. If you want your wine chilled, we say drop in those ice cubes!

Myth 6 – Bottles With Twist Off Tops are Cheap

Just like the boxed myth, we aren’t sure why twist-off tops got such a bad rap. Screw caps actually perform better and preserve wine better than corks – meaning you will get better body and flavor from those twist-offs you’ve been snubbing your nose at.

Myth 7 – Only Expensive Wine Tastes the Best

There are some fine wines for under $4. You’d be surprised. If you’re giving into the price tag, you could be overspending when there are some high-quality, great tasting wines for a fraction of the cost.

There have already been several studies were tasters were given a wine and told it cost over $50 per bottle. Then another wine they were told cost $10 per bottle. Tasters automatically said the more expensive wine tasted better – only to find out that was in fact the $10 bottle.

Next time you’re in your local liquor store, pick up a cheap bottle – you could be pleasantly surprised.

While we’re on the topic, don’t assume that all wines sold at the grocery store are subpar too. Some of those affordable bottles can be quite impressive and won’t cost you the marked up retail price of the wine store.

Check out our list of affordable wine clubs that may just surprise you.

Myth 8 – Champagne is Just for New Year’s and Weddings

Champagne is really just sparkling wine – and there’s no official rule as to when you can drink it. In fact, some studies are now saying champagne up to three times a week improves brain function and you sure don’t have that many official celebrations in a week.

There’s no need to wait around for an excuse to enjoy something bubbly and there’s also no need to automatically reach for the most expensive one. There are tons of sparkling wine varieties for under $10. In fact, one of my favorites cost $7.99 locally. Check out the Sparkling Wine Club from Vinesse and broaden your bubbling horizons.

Myth 9 – Wine Blends are Inferior Products

Blended wines are quite tasty and offer you some variety that the single version cannot. Sure they’re cheaper, but that doesn’t mean they are cheap quality. A skilled blender can create a fine wine just by combining two inexpensive wines – and even top wine experts have been fooled by these devious blends.

Myth 10 – Boutique Wineries are More Authentic than Big Names

Big companies do have deeper pockets, but that doesn’t mean they cannot hire the talent required to make boutique-style wines. While we’re on the topic, boutique doesn’t mean authentic. There are plenty of “boutique” wines that are no better than large batch wines. Next time you want to discount a mass-produced bottle, you may want to rethink it. There are some mass-produced varieties that are even better than the boutique variety – and the good news is there is plenty more so you can continue to stock up on your new favorite wine.

No need to give into the wine myths or become a wine snob. A true wine drinker appreciates all types, varieties, colors and price points of wine. By opening up your mind and exploring the world of wine and bubbly, you may be surprised at just what you have been missing.

Want to get a jump start on the wine tasting? We suggest joining one of our Top 5 Wine Clubs. That way you have wines delivered to your door monthly and you get the opportunity to taste wines that are hard to find at your local wine store.

Shailynn is a word slinger, chef, Pinterest addict and adult coloring book collector. As our Operations Manager and Senior Researcher/Editor, you will find Shailynn busy finding new companies and topics to research, but also handling the crazy day-to-day on the backend – and by crazy…we mean all of us. She attended the International Culinary Institute, where she studied pastry arts and she worked as an executive pastry chef before hanging up her chef’s hat and decided to work from home as a writer. She is a fanatic for a great cup of coffee or wonderful glass of wine! Shailynn is a mother of three and married to a handsome firefighter.

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