Our VineBox Experience

  • VineBox 3 Whites With Tasting Notes
  • VineBox 3 Whites With Tasting Notes
  • Vinebox Alsace Gewurztraminer 2016
  • VineBox White Wine
  • VineBox Alsace Riesling 2016
  • VineBox Provence Blanc
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How Does VineBox Work?

VineBox is a monthly wine box that is delivered right to your doorstep monthly, every three months, or every twelve months. You can choose between three or six wines per shipment and whether you want all whites, all reds, or a combination of both. They only choose wines that are made in small batches by small and local wineries all across Europe – you will never find any mass produced or common wines in your VineBox subscription.

VineBox is very unique because they only send you small one glass “test tubes” of wine to try so you don’t have to commit to an entire bottle that you may or may not like. This allows you to test out the wine before you buy, which can save a lot of time and money in the long run. They also have you take a short quiz when you start your membership so you can decide if you want to be Adventurous, Classic, or if you are a Newcomer to the world of wine. This will help match your taste preferences with their most ideal wines.

After receiving and enjoying your wines, you are then asked to review the wines you received, and based on your answers VineBox will make suggestions of full bottles of similar wines you can purchase.

What Wine Did I Receive?

  • Alsace Gewurztraminer 2016 from Alsace, France (Pierre-Henri Ginglinger)
  • Alsace Riesling 2016 from Alsace, France (Pierre-Henri Ginglinger)
  • Provence Blanc 2016 from Château de Saint-Martin

How Did it Taste?

The Alsace Gewurztraminer 2016 from Alsace, France (Pierre-Henri Ginglinger) was my favorite and my absolute favorite wine of all time. It has such a beautiful fragrant aroma of fresh roses. It was like you were smelling fresh cut roses. It was so floral and fruity and I could not wait to taste it. I was so surprised how strong the scent of rose was. The taste was even more phenomenal. It was full of floral rose taste, but also has strong flavors of mango. It was a sweeter wine, which I do like, but it was not so sweet it was overwhelming. The fruitiness cut through some of the sweetness with a crisp and fresh note. It has a bit of dryness as well, which balanced the sweet syrupyness well. It was also lower in acidity. It was the perfect glass of wine and something I would be able to drink, enjoy, and never get tired of. It was mellow and easy to drink and paired perfectly with strong and nutty cheese.

Vinebox gewurztraminer

Alsace Gewurztraminer 2016

From the same winery was the Alsace Riesling 2016, but a completely different taste profile yet just as good in a different way. This one was dry and tart with no sweetness. It was very fruity and had a strong aroma and taste of tart green apples, which I really enjoyed. The flavors of keylime and nectarine also came through as well. It was very bright and refreshing, making it the ideal summer wine, especially when paired with fresh seafood.
VineBox Reisling

Alsace Riesling 2016

The last wine was the Provence Blanc 2016 from Château de Saint-Martin. Although this was my least favorite of the three wines, it was still a really nice and well balances white wine. It was fruity and crisp with aromas of fruit and earthiness, but mild at the same time. It had tasting notes of honey, nectarine and finished with flavors of tangy pineapple and sweet orange. This was a higher acid, tarter wine, but it finished with a fruity sweetness that was surprising, but very pleasant. It was a great balance of dryness, sweetness, body, and acidity. It could have been slightly less acidic for my taste, but it was still not at an overpowering level.
VineBox Provence Blanc

Provence Blanc 2016

Would I Drink it Again?

I would drink all of these wines again, although I would choose the two Pierre-Henri Ginglinger options first, especially the Alsace Gewurztraminer 2016. This was my absolute favorite wine of all time and I wish it was a wine I could find locally. I loved the Alsace Riesling as well because it has such a fragrant aroma and taste of green apples. I would also drink the Provence Blanc 2016 again as well, although I would much prefer the other two as first options.

Would I Recommend VineBox?

I would absolutely recommend VineBox. They have truly delicious wines and their packaging and single glass concept is really unique and fun. Although they are more expensive than their competition, especially because you can not getting full bottles, you may wind up saving money in the long run because you won’t waste any full bottles of wine if you do not like the ones you get in your monthly box.

Our Full Review

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