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How Does Revel Work?

Revel is a personalized wine club that delivers wine straight to your doorstep on a monthly basis. Their main goal is to cater to all tastes, lifestyles, and budgets. Revel is unique because they only use 10 winemakers to select the wines that are featured for their monthly shipments, so you are getting a more personal and intimate experience. Non-members can buy wines directly from the open and public wine shop on their website or you can join their wine club and have their winemakers hand select the wines you will receive in your shipments. They also carry organic and sulfite free wines, which is a great option to include and many people like. Revel prides themselves on being a completely stress free, hassle free, and affordable wine club unlike many of the other wines club in the industry.

In each of your shipments you can choose all reds, all whites that sometimes include rose, or a combination box or whites and reds. You can also choose between 3, 4, 6, o2 12 bottles of wine per shipment and can get your shipments every month, every other month, or every three months, which makes their plan customizable and flexible. Members receive 15% or more off of their wines as well. You can also cancel your membership at any time with a one-click cancel option or you can choose to skip any month you want.

What Wine Did I Receive?

These were the wines I received in my shipment from Revel:

  • 2016 Foodies Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2014 Reckless Love Chardonnay
  • 2013 Greater Than One Varietal White Blend
  • 2016 Drake Hudson Sauvignon Blanc

How Did it Taste?

2016 Foodies Sauvignon Blanc

I enjoyed this wine quite a bit and it was probably my favorite of the four wines.  It was light and bright in flavor easy to drink and enjoy with family and friends. It was crisp and had a yummy fruitiness. It was also balanced well between  acidity and slight sweetness. I found the wine was refreshing and would make an awesome summer wine paired with seafood like the wine company recommends. It has a grassy aroma, but on the palate it has strong flavors of pear, lime, and cantaloupe. I suspect it would go well with veggies and salads as well.

2014 Reckless Love Chardonnay

I liked this wine because it was light, but it definitely lacked aroma and taste, which was a bit disappointing. When I went to sniff the wine it didn’t have much, if any aroma and made me worry it was going to be too mild in flavor. I have a feeling this wine may have been watered down a bit because it also did not have much flavor either. Despite the lack of flavor, it did have a good acidity balance.

2013 Greater Than One Varietal White Blend

This wine was the sweetest of all the wines in my box. I enjoyed the slight sweetness as it gave me something different to try. Although it was sweeter, it was still dry as well. It had a fruity and tropical flavor, making it great for the summer and good for sangrias. Its flavor profile was apples, pears, crispness, with a minerally touch.

2016 Drake Hudson Sauvignon Blanc

This white wine was crisp and refreshing, not offensive in aroma or flavor, and balanced sweetness and dryness well. Its flavors were citrus fruits and it was easy to drink and enjoy, especially for drinking on a warm summer evening. There was nothing too special about this wine though. Although it was good, it did not have enough personality to make it stand out from the other wines or wines I have tried in the past.

Would I Drink it Again?

I would definitely drink the Greater Than One and the Foodies white wines again. They both had great flavors, were balanced well, and were great for easy drinking and had no offensive flavors or aromas. They were not the best whites I have ever had, but definitely good enough to drink again. I would likely pass on the Reckless Love wine due to the lack of flavor and aroma and watered down taste. I would pass on the Drake Hudson as well – even though it was crisp and had good flavor profiles, there was nothing that stood out to me about the wine.

Would I Recommend Revel?

I would recommend Revel to anyone looking for a flexible, customizable, and easy to use wine club. Just like they say, there is no fuss or hassle and it really is a stress free experience. However, if you are looking for more wine club membership levels, rare and collectible wines, or really want a lot of extra features with a wine club (like personality/taste preference quiz, personal wine consultant, etc.) there are better options.

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Revel is a personalized wine service that employs eight winemakers located around the world and they make all of their own wines! They provide ...
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3, 4, 6, 12

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