Best Wine Clubs

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you just know what you like when it comes to your favorite wines, you may want to consider joining a wine club. Wine clubs offer the convenience of getting great bottles of wine delivered right to your door each month, often for the same price or less than you may be paying at the store!

We researched over 35 different wine clubs and came up with 22 that are worth a closer look, with The California Wine Club leading the pack because of their top-notch wine selections, affordable pricing, fabulous gifting options, and outstanding customer service.

Our Top 5 Best Wine Clubs

Check out all our Wine Club Reviews and use our filtering and sorting features to narrow down the clubs that best suite your needs!

Our Lists of the Best Wine Clubs

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How we chose the Best Wine Clubs

While researching and reviewing each merchant we developed specific criteria to base our scores on.  Below you will find a list of the features we thought were most important when reviewing wine clubs.

Wine Selection
  • What types of wines are included?
  • Are specialty products (champagne/sparkling wines) included?
  • How is each box selected – all reds, all whites, mixture by season, etc?
  • Are rare/collectable/vintage wines included?

  • Are contracts required?
  • Is it monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly delivery?
  • Are there different levels of membership?
  • Are there signup bonuses or promotional offers?
  • How competitive is their pricing?

  • What states can they or can't they ship to?

Gift Memberships/Options
  • Do they offer gift memberships?
  • Do they offer special gift wrapping?
  • Do they offer one time gift shipments or limited shipment options for gifts?
  • Do they offer special boxing/labeling for Corporate Gifts?
  • Do they offer gift certificates?
  • Are Any special items included for the gift – or perks for gifts?

Wine Quality
  • How is wine quality determined?
  • Who selects the wines – Wine expert?
  • Is wine quality determined by club level?
  • Are Rare/Vintage/Collectable wines available?

Additional Club Perks
  • Are there tasting Notes or Wine Pairings included?
  • Is there mobile app available for additional tasting experience? 
  • Do they provide background and information on each wine?
  • Do they have a points or rewards program?
  • Do they offer coupons or discounts for purchases outside of your regular shipments?

  • How easy is the club's website to use and navigate?
  • How easy is it to sign up for a membership?
  • Is there a blog or additional resources?
  • Do they provide additional information about wine selections or past selections?

Customer Service
  • How can you reach customer service?
  • Are their phone #'s readily available?
  • Is there a FAQ page?
  • Can you send a message through the website?
  • Do they have a 24/7 chatline?
  • Do they offer any wine buying guides?
  • How responsive are they to inquiries or complaints?

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