Best Virtual Phone Systems for Call Centers

BEST Virtual Phone Systems for Call Centers

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TOP 4 BEST Virtual Phone Systems for Call Centers

Whether you are offering customer service, tech support or your call center handles the financial transactions of your business, you rely on a large workforce for your customers to reach. Unfortunately, while most Virtual Phone Systems providers have multiple extensions, high numbers of minutes and even hundreds of lines, their terms of service specifically prohibit a business from using their system as a call center. There are very few out there that offer call center support. Our list of the Best Virtual Phone Systems for Call Centers focus on the call center support, features and of course, pricing.

Rated #1 Best Phone System

RingCentral – Contact Center



Ideal phone system with plans for any business.
RingCentral Cloud Phone System Review
From: $99.99 /user/month

additional plans for $119/user/month and $179/user/month.

billed monthly

Ring Central’s contact center offers world-class service to their clients. This new addition to their list of full-feature services is a breath of fresh air. Powered by in Contact, Ring Central users get powerful, multichannel capabilities to engage with their customers.

Their Contact Center features a waiting queue, advanced call routing, and an interactive voice response system. Phone calls are distributed to sales staff – and supervisors can still oversee agent activity via the analytics and reporting. Ring Central’s Contact Center can be integrated with third party software, such as CRM.

A Few Details about this Plan:

Call center plan pricing is much different than other Ring Central pricing. They have three plans to choose from, which include:

  • Basic – Starting at $99.99/per user per month. You get a toll-free number, basic voice service, and are charged 1.9 cents per minute. This plan does not come with the chat, SMS or IVR.
  • Advanced – Starting at $119.99 per user per month. You get same features as Basic but pay 1.7 cents per minute, and get multi-channel capabilities. Again, no IVR with this plan.
  • Ultimate – Starting at $179.99 per user per month and allows inbound/outbound calling and charges 1.6 cents per minute. You get all features, three agents included, including IVR.

Want to port a number? You can port your existing call center number to Ring Central’s plan with no long wait times.

Rated #2 Best Phone System




Feature-rich and business-centric.
VirtualPBX Small Business Phone System Review
From: $24.99 /line/month

# of Users: 2-19 users
(Plans available for up to 100+ users)

Virtual PBX offers hosted call center solutions. They can let workers take calls from anywhere – including call center team members working at home.

You get to look like a big business no matter where you are, and you enjoy advanced queuing technology, flat-rate plans and the queues are free. Real-time monitoring is also available and overflow queues can be used so clients never get a busy signal.

One thing to note about Virtual PBX is that they do state their unlimited minutes is for typical business use only – therefore, some call center applications may put a call center business outside of the company’s “fair use” policy. This is a semi-contradictory statement, because they offer call center services, but still have limits on their fair use so businesses should be aware of this term and condition before officially signing up for a plan with the company.


A Few Details about this Plan:

Virtual PBX does not specify how much call centers will pay for their plan, but state that the flat rate starts at $19.99 per month per line. While they do say unlimited inbound/outbound calls, they also state that a call center can go over the company’s “fair use” policy, which means if you use more than their fair use unlimited amount, they could still drop you from their plan.

Don’t want the risk of being kicked out? Ring Central has plans specifically created for call centers, so there are no fair use limitations or chances you will be dropped from your service provider.

Rated #3 Best Phone System

Nextiva – Call Center



Intuitive navigation and user interface makes setup and maintenance a snap!
Nextiva Business Phone System

Office Enterprise: $39.95 /user/mo
# of Users: 5-19 users
(Plans available for up to 100+ users)

You also need a Call Center Plan:
Call Center Pro: $50.00 /user/month
Call Center Enterprise: $100.00 /user/month

Nextiva’s call center plans also feature IVR technology, call routing and much more. They cater to the medium and enterprise-sized businesses that are using call centers for support.

No contracts with these plans and you get call queue visibility, conferencing, enhanced greetings, CRM integration and real-time management tools. You can add as many agents as you need as well. You get unlimited minutes with Nextiva, making them more affordable. But, they too will limit you on fair use.

A Few Details about this Plan:

With Nextiva you will first have to purchase an Office Enterprise plan which start at $39.95 per month per user for five to 19 users and then goes down to $34.95 per month per user for 20 to 99 users.

Once you have an office plan chosen, you will then have to purchase a call center plan as well. Call Center Pro does not have all features, such as forced call delivery, whisper messages or night and holiday service. It starts at $50 per month per user. The Call Center Enterprise includes all features and starts at $100 per user per month.

Worried about buying special phones? The call center plans from Nextiva don’t require any special phones – you can use phones you already have.

Rated #4




Multiple features, but unclear pricing.
8x8 Virtual Phone System
Office Enterprise: $31.98 /user/month

$9.99 base plan + $21.99 Unlimited Minutes User (1 – 5 users)

Each additional unlimited minutes user is $19.99/user/month

8×8, Inc. may not be one of the more well-known companies, but they offer a robust list of features for call centers. From inbound calling software to CRM integration, they make it easy for call centers to operate.

8×8, Inc. also allows companies to use virtual call centers and home-based agents – so it doesn’t matter where your agents are located in the country.

The only drawback to 8×8, Inc. is their lack of clear pricing. They do not offer upfront pricing and call centers are quoted based on the number of lines, users, routed numbers, etc.

A Few Details about this Plan:

You will pay anywhere from $19.99 to $49.99 per agent per month depending on how many agents and features you add.

Want upfront pricing? One of the few companies to offer upfront pricing to their call center clients is Ring Central. If you want to know just how much you will pay, you may want to consider Ring Central instead.

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