Best Small Business Phone Systems - 2019

Whether you are a entrepreneur, small business owner, or busy professional on the go finding the best small business phone system for your needs can be a challenge with so many services available today and each with varying features and fucntionality.

We researched over 25 different small business phone systems/services and came up with 15 that are worth a closer look, with RingCentral leading the pack with it's extensive features, plan options, and outstanding customer support.

Our Top 5 Best Small Business Phone System Picks - 2019

Our Lists of the Best Small Business Phone Systems by Need and Feature

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How we chose the Best Small Business Phone Systems

While researching and reviewing each merchant we developed specific criteria to base our scores on.

Pricing, Minutes and Contracts
  • What is the introductory rate (if any)? After introductory, what will the regular monthly price be?
  • Do you get a discount if you pay upfront for a year, 2 years or more?
  • Any Cancellation fees or early termination fees?
  • Any Setup or Activation Fees?
  • What additional fees exist – such as additional fees for vanity numbers, transferring an existing number, purchasing extra numbers, or per minute charges on overage minutes?
  • International Calling ability?
  • Shared Minutes Plans – Can you purchase additional minute packages or do you have to upgrade plans?
  • Unlimited Minutes Plans – Do they offer them and is it domestic/Canada only or does it include Toll Free minutes?
  • Unlimited Minutes Plans – Are any Toll Free Minutes provided at all or do you pay by the minute for them?
  • Unlimited Minutes Plans – Is there a fair Usage policy?

Available Numbers
  • Local numbers?
  • Toll Free Numbers?
  • Vanity Numbers?
  • International Virtual Numbers?
  • Transfer existing local/toll free numbers in?
  • Transfer your numbers out if you leave?

Useability/Ease of Use
  • Overall, how easy is it to use?
  • Do they have a lot of tutorials and guides or walk throughs?
  • Is the interface simple enough for even a person with limited experience?
  • Do they offer any type of personal implementation specialist if you purchase a system of a certain level – example: 20+ users?
  • How easy is it to setup the system, add new users, new phone lines, new extensions, set up menu’s and schedules?

  • What methods are there for accessing and using the system?
  • Do they have a softphone app?
  • Can you access and make calls via a mobile app?
  • Do you have to purchase special(IP) phones?
  • Do they offer the option to purchase IP Phones?

Call Management
  • Are most standard call management features provided – such as auto-attendant, call forwarding, call routing, call waiting, call screening, call blocking, call hold, etc.?
  • Dial by Name Directory to easily find people?
  • 911 calling ability, how well does it work and are there extra fees for it?
  • Call Queuing or hunt groups?
  • Online Call Monitor or Dashboard?
  • Caller Analytics?
  • Call Menus/Call Routing and Schedules?

Advanced Features
  • What advanced features are offered and are they extra cost?
  • Call Recording?
  • CRM Integration?
  • Conference Calling – voice or video?
  • Both inbound and outbound internet fax?
  • Professional greeting setup?
  • Voicemail to email transcription?

  • What is their uptime averaging and do they guarantee a specific uptime percentage?
  • Where are their servers and what do they do to ensure uptime?
  • Have they had any major outages in the last 12 months?
  • Do they offer an SLA(Sevice level agreement) or is all just verbiage to look good
  • Redundancy – to what level have they implemented backup servers, service providers, etc.
  • Do they use third party service providers or do they have their own network?

Customer Service
  • How can you reach customer service?
  • Do they have tutorials, forums and help guides online for new users?
  • Is their customer support available 24/7?
  • Is there customer support center US-Based or Off-shore?
  • What is their overall BBB rating?

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