VoIP.com Review

VoIP.com Review


VoIP.com is part of PhonePower.com. While they operate independently, they offer similar packages and services to PhonePower. Overall they are an ideal VoIP alternative to bigger, more well-known companies, and they do offer unlimited calling packages with robust features. While they don’t have as many premium features, they try to make up for that by giving business owners and professionals more flexibility with their services.

An alternative to bigger VoIP companies.

  • Affordable Packages
  • Free Second Line
  • Enhanced 9-1-1
  • 45+ Standard Features
  • Number Transfer
  • No Activation Fees
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 60 Free International Minutes per Month

  • Clunky, Confusing Dashboard
  • Lack of Customer Support
  • Lengthy Contract Periods
  • Early Termination Fees
  • Separate Fee for Toll-Free Numbers
  • Separate Local and International Plans
  • Pricing structure is very confusing

Pricing/Minutes/Contract: (Rating: 6/10)

Businesses can sign up for the small business or cloud plans. International calling is only offered through their Global Plan, but all paid plans feature unlimited calling. Only the small business plan offers a month-to-month option while the rest have contracts up to three years.

Call Management: (Rating: 9/10)

Features are rather basic with VoIP.com. They do offer 9-1-1 and 4-1-1 support as well as three-way calling, call forwarding, call hold, waiting, caller ID block and hold music. Fax-to-email is also included.

Available Numbers: (Rating: 6/10)

All accounts receive a second phone line for free. Toll-free numbers are not offered for free; instead, users must pay an additional $5 per month for their toll-free number. To get a third line they must get a separate contract, but that number can be managed under the same account. Extensions are not supported through VoIP.com.

Advanced Features: (Rating: 5/10)

VoIP.com does lack in advanced features. They don’t offer HD call quality. They do, however, have a Fax Catcher service that collects incoming faxes and sends them to a file that can be opened in the voicemail feature. Outbound faxes are not available through VoIP.

Ease of Use: (Rating: 5/10)

VoIP.com’s website is very confusing and clunky. It’s difficult to find what services they offer, products required and even accurate fees. Their user dashboard is similar – being very difficult for first-time users to understand.

Help and Support: (Rating: 5/10)

VoIP has limited support hours, but they do offer live chat. The online help guide is average and can take a while for a user to navigate through. Also, because they are owned by PhonePower, they share the same support staff. That means customers using VoIP.com may be in a long queue waiting for customer support to get back to them. Forums are available 24/7, but support is only available 6am to 7pm PST Monday through Friday and 6am to 4pm PST on Saturdays. They are closed Sunday.

VoIP.com Pricing and Plans

VoIP.com offers similar pricing structures to PhonePower.com with little differences regarding features and add-ons.
Standard 3-Year: Unlimited minutes, up to 45 standard features, free second line, no extensions, and 60 free international minutes per month. Starting at $17.95 per month – paid in full upfront for the three year contract.

Standard 2-Year: Same as the 3-year plan, but starting at $19.95 per month and paid in full at the time of contract.

Standard 1-Year: Same as the 2 and 3-year plans, but starting at $22.95 per month paid in full.

Global 1-Year: Unlimited international calling, free second line, no extensions, up to 45 standard features. Starting at $29.95 per month – due in full at the time of the contract.

24-Month: Unlimited minutes, 60 free international minutes per month, one additional line, two-year contract, no prepay required. Starting at $14.95 per month.

12-Month: Same as 24-month plan, no prepayment required. Starting at $16.95 per month.

Prepaid: Prepaid one-year plan includes all features of the 24 and 12-month plans, but requires $149.95 upfront.



What We Like About VoIP.com

]Pay as You Go: Small businesses can use the month-to-month contract that starts at $19.95 per month. This requires no upfront payment or long-term commitments, which also allows a user to try out the service before committing to a plan.

Free Second Line: All plans, including international, come with a free second line.

Free Number Transfer: If a business has existing lines, they can transfer them to VoIP.com for free.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Users have 30 days to try out their service and they can cancel without an early termination fee. As long as they cancel within the initial 30 days, they receive a full refund of any prepaid funds.

No Activation: Setup and activation are free. All users have to do is log-in, hook up their system and they can start using VoIP right away.

Affordable Plans: VoIP.com offers affordable plans that all come with unlimited minutes. They do offer a variety of features for the price, making it ideal for small business owners or professionals on a budget.

60 Minutes International per Month: All plans (except the global plans), get 60 minutes of international calling for free each month. These are use them or lose them minutes.

What We Didn't Like About VoIP.com

Confusing Website: VoIP.com’s website is very confusing. It is hard to find out what is included in a package let alone what packages they offer. The user dashboard is equally difficult to figure out.

Limited Tech Support: Tech support is only available 6am to 7pm PST. They do have live chat support as well as email and phone, but those who need assistance after hours or on the weekend will have to wait until support reopens.

Long Contracts and Termination Fees: Some contracts require as much as a three-year commitment while others only a year. But, the user must pay for the contract upfront on some, and there is an early termination fee if they choose to cancel before their period is up.

Additional Lines: Each plan has two lines, but additional lines require a new contract.

Toll-Free Numbers for Additional Fee: Toll-free numbers are not offered for free. Instead users must pay $5.00 per month extra for them.

International and Local Separate: International and local calls are two separate contracts. Businesses can still sign up for international calling and dial locally, but these are all contracts.

6 Total Score
Tons of standard features and cheap rates.

VoIP.com is a lesser known VoIP provider. Owned by PhonePower.com, they offer 45 standard features for affordable rates. But, they do have significant limitations as to what a user will get with each package and long contract commitments that may turn off some small businesses not ready to commit or pay a large amount upfront.

Call Management
Available Numbers
Advanced Features
Ease of Use
Help and Support


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