ActivePBX Review

Unfortunately ActivePBX no longer publishes their pricing – but instead requires potential customers to call for pricing. Because of this we no longer publish their review information – as it is impossible to accurately score them without knowing pricing details.

ActivePBX Cloud Phone System



ActivePBX is a cloud-based phone communication system for businesses. As a division of ActiveServe, Inc., ActivePBX offers high-quality calls, reliable services and features that businesses may be looking for when shopping for virtual phone systems. They can accommodate businesses of all sizes and offer discounts per line, per user when you add more employees to the account.

Dependable cloud-based business communications solutions with low latency and no contracts that serves small businesses and enterprise alike.

  • Feature Rich
  • Softphone & Mobile Ready
  • Dual PBX
  • No Contract

  • High Add-on Costs
  • Priced per User
  • Archive Fees
  • Limited Toll-Free Minutes
  • No 24/7 Phone Support

Pricing/Minutes/Contract: (Rating: 4/10)

All service plans are at or below $22.95 per month per user. Each plan, however, is priced per user, making their best value the small business plan at $199.95 per month for up to 16 users. Anyone with less than eight users is stuck with their starter plan, which is the highest per user monthly cost and may be too much for small businesses or individuals that work from home.

Unlimited calls to the US/Canada are available across all plans, but toll free minutes included range from 100 toll free minutes to 2000 toll free minutes.

There is no contract, no setup fee, and a 30 day money back guarantee. No equipment is needed to get started. The company does all installations needed, tailored to the user’s phone system needs, and the user manages the system going forward.

Their pricing is no longer available on their website. We caution readers any time a merchant requires you to call them or submit a request for quote before they reveal their standard pricing. They have taken the time to display their available plans – they should also display standard pricing for those plans.

Call Management: (Rating: 7/10)

ActivePBX offers several call management features such as find me/follow me, caller ID blocking, call forward, one-touch recording, do not disturb and virtual extensions. While there are no mobile apps, an admin dashboard allows for the easy management of communications via internet connected computer, where users can access end user features and real-time monitoring. Their call management features are not as robust as other companies though.

Available Numbers: (Rating: 6/10)

A set number of local and toll free numbers are available at each price point. Users can transfer existing numbers and virtual extensions are available.

Local and toll free numbers ported incur a one-time $25 fee and face extensive wait times.

Vanity numbers are available for $9.95 per month per number, in addition to a one-time activation fee, making them a costly addition.

They do not offer international numbers at this time – which may not work for companies that need a global presence.

Advanced Features: (Rating: 8/10)

A wide range of advanced features is available with ActivePBX. There are call center features, conferencing abilities, and an active operators panel that allows for real time extension monitoring, Chat/IM, agent management, and CRM popup integration. While they certainly do have plenty of advanced features, they could add a little more to remain more competitive.

Sending and receiving faxes is possible via email, but only receipt of faxes through the web-based service.

Usability/Ease of Use: (Rating: 7/10)

Since set-up and installation is done by ActivePBX, the initial installation and is effortless.

Following initial set up, some advanced features included may seem intimidating, but the user friendly admin portal and large selection of help articles ensure an easy transition to their system. That being said, ActivePBX isn't as user-friendly as other virtual phone systems and some may even say their dashboards and feature activation options can be complicated for novice users.

Help & Support: (Rating: 6/10)

While users at all levels are free to contact customer support via telephone, phone support is only available during business hours and limited to Monday through Friday. This is very disappointing since many virtual phone services offer 24/7 support or at least another way to contact support. You can submit a help desk ticket, but those tickets are only answered within the normal business hours – though you can send them 24/7. While the online help center is useful, it is not always a substitute for talking to an actual person.

ActivePBX Pricing and Plans

There are no contracts required and all plans include a 30-day money back guarantee. For those needing more than 65 users, custom quotes are available. All features come standard on each service level agreement.

Starter: Up to 8 users, 4 local numbers, unlimited calls to US/Canada, dedicated fax, 100 fax pages, 2 toll free numbers, 100 toll free minutes. Starts at $22.95 per user per month.

Small Business: Up to 16 users, 8 local numbers, unlimited calls to US/Canada, dedicated fax, 500 fax pages, 4 toll free numbers, 500 toll free minutes. Starts at $19.95 per month per user.

Professional: Up to 32 users, 16 local numbers, unlimited calls to US/Canada, dedicated fax, 1000 fax pages, 8 toll free numbers, 1000 toll free minutes. Starts at $18.95 per user per month.

Enterprise: Up to 64 users, 32 local numbers, unlimited calls to US/Canada, dedicated fax, 2000 fax pages, 16 toll free numbers 2000 toll free minutes. Starts at $17.95 per user per month.



What We Like About ActivePBX

Feature Rich: The amount of features available from ActivePBX is hard to match, and all features are included at every service level, meaning even the smallest business has access to enterprise level systems.

Softphone & Mobile Ready: ActivePBX understands that users are not always in the office and need access on the go. They offer softphone support and integration, as well as a mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

Admin Dashboard: Users can easily access and manage their accounts, as well as user accounts, through the admin dashboard. This makes call management, as well as user management, easy and increases customer satisfaction through end-user experience.

Several User Level Price Points:All features and prices are listed clearly on ActivePBX's website. With four plans to choose from, and full features across levels, users can easily spot and pick the plan that best suits their needs.

No Contract: Despite high level features and multiple price points, there is no contract requirement to begin service.

What We Didn't Like About ActivePBX

High Add-on Costs: While there is little upfront investment, users wishing to transfer numbers, add additional numbers, or purchase vanity numbers, will incur a one-time fee. While transferred numbers do not result in an additional monthly charge,  all additional numbers, including vanity, toll free, and fax, result in a monthly fee as well. Adding additional users is also costly, at a one-time fee of $24.95 and ongoing monthly charge as well.

Priced Per User: The monthly price appears low, because the price quoted is per user. Potential clients unaware of this distinction may not be pleased when billed.

Archive Fees: All calls are kept for a 30 day period. If users need data stored beyond that period, a one time fee of $99 is charged, as well as an ongoing monthly fee of $99.

Limited Toll Free Minutes: While toll free numbers are included in each plan, the maximum free amount can easily be reached. Additional minutes vary by area calling rates and not clearly featured on their site.

No 24/7 Phone Support: While the online help center is full of valuable resources limiting the need for telephone service in most cases, phone support is limited to M-F, 9AM to 8PM EST.

6.3 Total Score
Reliable services at a low cost.

ActivePBX provides reliable services rich in features and relatively low in cost, enabling small businesses access to enterprise level systems that would otherwise be too costly.

Call Management
Available Numbers
Advanced Features
Usability/Ease of Use
Help & Support


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