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Best Pet Insurance for Dental Coverage

Top 5 Best Pet Insurance for Dental Coverage Healthy teeth is a sign of a healthy pet, and you want to do whatever it takes to make sure that your little loved one is as healthy as can be. Since pet insurance companies usually do not provide ...

ASPCA Insurance Review

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is the oldest and largest humane society in North America. In 2006, the ASPCA teamed up with the Hartville Pet Insurance Group in order to continue their legacy of caring ...

AKC Pet Insurance Review

AKC Pet Insurance is the official insurance of the American Kennel Club and are able to provide insurance through PetPartners Inc. PetPartners was originally designed to exclusively provide insurance to the Kennel Club of Great Britain, but in ...

Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Embrace Pet Insurance was founded in 2003 by two Wharton MBA's that were part of the pet insurance team that won the Wharton Business Plan Competition. They started out slowly and have had more than a few obstacles to overcome, building and ...

Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

VPI Pet Insurance has rebranded and and is now part of the Nationwide insurance group of insurances. Since the merger, they have made quite a few changes to their pricing, policies and coverages. They have 48% of the market share and have ...

PetPremium Review

Founded in 2013 and with less than 10 employees, PetPremium is a relatively new and small pet insurance company. Don’t let that fool you though, because they are serious about providing quality pet insurance for you and your pet. Their goal ...

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