Pet Insurance Reviews – 2019

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Figo Pet Insurance Review

Figo Pet Insurance Review

Figo is an excellent choice for any dog or cat owner that is looking for comprehensive illness and accident coverage, while paying for wellness and routine visits out of pocket. Tech savvy pet parents will be particularly happy with Figo's Pet Cloud.

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2 PetFirst Insurance Review

PetFirst Insurance Review

PetFirst is an ideal pet insurance for owners of a multi animal household who want the shortest waiting periods, affordable coverage, and protection from unexpected veterinary costs.

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3 Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Embrace pet insurance is ideal for pet owners who are seeking high customer service, and are in need of quality pet insurance that covers the widest range of problems.

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4 Pets Best Insurance Review

Pets Best Insurance Review

Pets Best offers very customizable plans and payment options to fit your needs, and claims are guaranteed to be paid out quickly. Waiting periods are among the lowest.

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5 PetPlan Pet Insurance Review

PetPlan Pet Insurance Review

PetPlan Pet Insurance is a great option for those customers looking for comprehensive accident and illness plans with flexible co-pays, deductibles and annual limits, who are willing and able to pay out of pocket for routine wellness care.

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6 Healthy Paws Insurance Review

Healthy Paws Insurance Review

Healthy Paws is best suited for small dogs and cats who's owners are looking for no annual or lifetime limit accident and illness coverage, and who are comfortable paying for wellness and dental out of pocket.

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7 AKC Pet Insurance Review

AKC Pet Insurance Review

The American Kennel Club is a distinguished and experienced organization when it comes to the well-being of pets. Although they are relatively new to offering pet insurance, they still provide insurance plans that have a broad range of options that will fit the needs of most pet owners.

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8 Trupanion Insurance Review

Trupanion Insurance Review

Trupanion Insurance is the ideal insurance provider for owners that are seeking guaranteed coverage when others will not accept their pet - or for those that need extensive treatments and surgeries not covered by other policies.

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9 ASPCA Insurance Review

ASPCA Insurance Review

When buying insurance from the ASPCA you can be confident that you will get the experience and care they have developed from being the oldest animal humane society in North America. With their extremely customizable plans, you can get as little or as much coverage as you feel you need.

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10 Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

Nationwide Pet insurance, formally known as VPI, is the biggest and oldest pet insurance company for a reason. They offer quality plans at great prices and provide every option that a pet owner could ask for. They are the only insurance company to provide coverage for exotic animals and birds.

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11 PetPremium Review

PetPremium Review

Overall though, PetPremium provides solid insurance for a reasonable price that covers most of the things pet owners are looking for. One of a few companies offering liability insurance. They do have low per incident limits on claims so be sure to look into how much surgery for common accidents cost to be sure that the cost of your monthly premium is financially justifiable.

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12 24PetWatch Insurance Review

24PetWatch Insurance Review

24PetWatch is ideal for owners who don’t want, or already have, pet insurance but still want extra assistance for if their pet runs away.

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