Tips for Potty Training Your Puppy

Tips for Potty Training Your Puppy
It is exciting to get a new puppy, but one thing no one warns you about is the potty training part. Whether your puppy is six weeks old or a few months old, potty training may be one of the more difficult training tasks you tackle.

The good news is, if you keep consistent, you’ll find that potty training goes relatively quickly – and you may even have a fully trained puppy a lot sooner than you think. The only trick is staying consistent, getting everyone in the house involved and staying dedicated.

Take Your Puppy Outside Frequently

For younger puppies this is a must – because they don’t have the capability to hold their bladder as long as older puppies. Take your puppy outside at least every two hours and immediately after he or she eats, drinks, plays or wakes up from a nap.

Designate a “Potty” Spot

Take your puppy to the same area outside where you want them to go to the bathroom. Then tell them to “go potty” or use a phrase (and stay consistent) so they understand what you want them to do. Eventually they will know to eliminate only in that spot and if they are taken there, they will know what to do.


Your pup won’t learn to potty train if they are never rewarded for good behavior. If your puppy does what you have asked, give them a treat outside and make sure it is immediately. The longer you wait between the reward and act the less likely your puppy is to remember what they did to deserve the treat.

Use Regular Feeding Schedules

When your puppy eats, they expel on a schedule. So, feed your dog around the same time every day. Most puppy foods will require that your puppy is fed three times per day, so keep those feeding times consistent. When he or she moves up to twice a day, remain at the same times and same thing for your once-a-day feeding. The more regular you are, the more regular their bowel movements will be – and this will make it easier for potty training.

Confine Your Puppy

When housebreaking, you need to confine your puppy until he or she learns that the potty spot is outside. If you cannot supervise them, it is imperative they are confined. Dogs are natural den creatures, so they will not expel in their den. Having a crate that is large enough for your dog to get in, turn around and lie down is perfect for confinement.

If you don’t have a crate, confine them to an area small enough where they will not want to eliminate in the area. The space should only be comfortable enough to stand, lie down and turn around.

Be Positive

Positive reinforcement will always go a long way with a puppy that is housebreaking. Do not punish your puppy for an accident in the house or create a negative stigma surrounding bodily functions. Always stay calm, assertive and reward for good behaviors. Your pup will pick up the cues.

Housebreaking or potty training a puppy is never easy, but it is rewarding once the task is complete. If your puppy is learning to housebreak, hopefully these tips will help you be more successful.

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