I Tried Terra’s Kitchen Food and Recipes: Here’s My Thoughts

Terra's Kitchen Review

Terra’s Kitchen is a unique meal delivery kit service. Not only do they use these custom-created, reusable vessels (which are the freaking coolest things I’ve ever seen), but they also use the farm to table concept with their recipes. Their meals focus on fresh, sustainable ingredients and tons of flavor. They do come with a hearty price tag, so you may be cautious about spending so much upfront to try them out. That is why I ordered up two recipes from Terra's Kitchen to test them out, taste them, scrutinize and then let you know what I thought.

The two recipes I received from Terra’s Kitchen were:

  1. TERRAchiladas
  2. Sweet Potato Tacos

Let's see how they turned out, shall we?

1. TERRAchiladas

Terra's Kitchen Terrachilada Recipe

I’m a big fan of any type of enchilada. While these ones weren’t smothered in cheese, I was interested in trying this spinach salsa verde – because, well, I heart spinach. This was not a vegetarian meal; instead, it included ground beef. Always a bonus for us meat eaters here!


Terras Kitchen Terrachilada Recipe Ingredients

They estimate time to table in total is 30 minutes – and it was accurate. Prep was really simple because everything was practically done for you. About all I had to prep was the salsa verde. The pico de gallo was already chopped and ready to go.


Terra's Kitchen Terrachilada Recipe Back

Instructions are really clear with Terra’s Kitchen – and they simplify things with pro tips, wine pairings, beer pairings and even things to talk about at the table! For this recipe, they mention I should talk about the one thing I can’t live without. They suggested the phone – though I would say enchiladas!

These came together fast. Really all I had to do was brown the ground beef, throw the mixture together, then fry some tortillas and it was ready.

Taste and Final Product

Terra's Kitchen Enchilada Final

I was pleasantly surprised that these tasted so rich without cheese and smothered in tons of sauce. They were, however, a tad greasy from the fried tortilla, but the spinach salsa verde help cut some of that fat. It was so refreshing! The recipe itself is super simple too – and just about anyone could create it.

Would I Eat It Again?
This is a simple, yet tasty, weeknight meal. I loved the flavor and especially enjoyed being exposed to a new type of salsa verde. There were three enchiladas for each person – more than enough. We split this meal between two adults and two children with ease.

2. Sweet Potato Tacos

Terras Kitchen Sweet Potato Tacos Recipe

Let’s get on the record now: I love sweet potatoes. This recipe was vegetarian and instead of meat, it uses sweet potatoes. There’s tons of summer-like flavors too, such as the lime, avocado, pico de gallo and jalapeno. Even more, these tacos intrigued me because they didn’t have cheese or the usual fixings – instead, they were a lightened up, summer-ready taco.



As with the enchiladas, the tacos already had a lot of premade ingredients. My biggest prep work came from getting the avocado ready and chopping up the sweet potato spears (they provided me peeled and cut spears to lessen the workload). Overall, I spent like five minutes prepping ingredients.


Terras Kitchen Sweet Potato Taco Instructions

There was just four steps with this recipe – and they were all very quick. Unfortunately, I don’t have a gas range. So, I had to “brown” the corn tortillas in the broiler (as they suggested). So, they didn’t turn out as charred as the ones in the photo.

Cooking was quick and easy and everything came together well in the pan. The potatoes took slightly longer than their estimate on the card, but nothing detrimental.

Taste and Final Product


The final tacos were loaded with filling. I filled them as much as I could and still had leftovers in the pan. It was designed for two people – three tacos a person. But, they were so hearty that we split it between three adults and two kids. Plus, the leftover filling I could have easily made two or three more tacos.

My one complaint here is the jalapeno. I didn’t mind it, because I enjoy heat. But, tossing whole jalapeno rings into a recipe is a big big chunk of heat to bite into. Considering you don’t seed the jalapeno or remove the ribs, those that aren’t used to heat could find the dish ruined with a chunk of jalapeno.

Would I Eat It Again?
Despite the jalapeno complaint, yes, I’d still eat this again. I love jalapenos and luckily with them so chunky, those that don’t like heat could just pluck them out of their taco. Everyone that tried this recipe with me found it to be flavorful, fresh and great for a summer weeknight meal.

Final Results: 2 out of 2 Recipes Approved

Terra’s Kitchen offers an impressive array of recipes and their farm-to-table inspiration shows in the freshness of each dish they send you. Their recipes are unique, easy-to-prepare and the end result is definitely worth every penny.

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