I Tried Green Chef’s Food and Recipes – Here’s My Thoughts

Green Chef Review

Green Chef is all about organic, great-tasting food that is healthy and fun. I have to admit, their options for gluten-free, Paleo and other specialty diets along with the fact that they are 100 percent organic makes them definitely worth the try. And, their pricing is remarkably affordable – especially when you think about how much organic foods cost in the grocery store. But, you may be weary about ordering up your food from a company you’ve never tried – and we totally get that. That is why I personally ordered three meals from Green Chef to cook up and try – and I even made my kids eat them. That way I could give you a full perspective view on the quality, taste and uniqueness of what Green Chef has to offer.

I ordered three recipes from Green Chef:

  1. Kung Pao Chicken Ramen
  2. Belgian Ale Beer Brats
  3. Chickpea Fideos

Let’s see how they all turned out!

1. Kung Pao Chicken Ramen

Green Chef Kung Pao Chicken Recipe Front

Kung Pao is one of my favorites when I eat out. I like the spice and just how light a good Kung Pao can be (when made with the proper mix of ingredients that is). I was especially intrigued by this recipe because it was a gluten-free recipe. Let’s face it; gluten-free is notorious for lacking in flavor and creativity, so I wanted to see how this one turned out.



The prep work for this recipe was pretty quick and painless.You had a few veggies to cut up, but that was about it. Sauces were already premade and in jars – just ready to pour.


Green Chef Kung Pao Recipe Back

Green Chef has some excellent recipe cards. They keep the instructions simple, but teach you along the way so you can repeat these skills later on too. I especially like how their recipe instructions and photos correlate with one another – showing you how food should look.

Taste and Final Product


My dish turned out looking just like the one on the picture – always refreshing.

Taste-wise, this recipe was excellent. The flavor was rich, but not too powerful. While it had some kick, it was still something my kids could enjoy – making it family friendly. You’d never guess this meal was gluten-free either. It had flavor, the ramen noodles tasted awesome and the crunch of peanuts paired with the scallions at the end made for the perfect finish.

The portion was good too. Both my kids and my husband and I each were able to have some – though not full portions. But, if split between two people, this would have been a ton of food all for just 840 calories.

Would I Eat It Again?

Absolutely. All four of us that tasted this thought it was excellent. I would definitely order and/or make it here at home again.

2. Chickpea Fideos


Fideos is not something you eat everyday – and most of us don’t even know what it is. But, it’s a classic Spanish dish that offers tons of flavor. This recipe was vegetarian – so I was interested to see how it would turn out with no meat. As usual, most vegetarian recipes rely on veggies and chickpeas to offer their “heartiness,” and as long as they are used right, it works.



Prep was not too bad with the Fideos, but a little more intensive than the other Green Chef recipes. I had some chopping and extra prep with the salad. But, the sauces were all pre made so those were ready to pour.



There’s a lot of steps in this recipe – but they are easily laid out on the back of the card. You do need to follow them specifically though – otherwise the eggplant will not be ready in time for the rest of the dish. I like that they have you make the salad while things are cooking, but they don’t have you finish it until the end – so it’s not soggy.

Taste and Final Product

green chef fideos final

The dish came together well and looked just like the picture. The flavor was excellent. You get a little acidity from the chickpea sauce, creaminess from the egg, heartiness from the pasta and a great taste from the eggplant too. Overall, I was impressed. The salad also had excellent flavor and the red wine vinaigrette did not overpower the Fideos.

Would I Eat It Again?

Yes, I would. While it is vegetarian, I’m not a fan of cooking meat every night anyway; so it was a nice change of pace to eat something vegetarian and not miss the meat.

3. Belgian Ale Beer Brats

Green Chef Belgian Beer Brat Recipe Front

I picked this recipe because my husband loves brats and I was very interested in trying the caraway kraut. Instead of the traditional mayonnaise-based slaw dressing, this one used a Greek yogurt – which also piqued my interest, since I’m not a fan of mayonnaise myself.



Most of the sauces and such are already done and ready to use. Really the only prep you had was the potato and onion – everything else was ready to cook. Prep took less than 10 minutes.



The steps are well laid out – as with the other Green Chef recipes I tried. This recipe was really easy to prepare and consisted of caramelizing, baking steak fries and throwing together a slaw (which was already chopped for me). They do have a pro tip on the brats telling you what temperature to cook them at for safety (which is 160 degrees Fahrenheit by the way).

Taste and Final Product


It was a good dish. The slaw was excellent and tangy – which helped balance out the richness of the brats. The potatoes were baked just right and were a great side – making this meal extremely hearty. Just one brat and side of potatoes with slaw was more than enough food for one person. The mustard had a hint of maple sweetness, while the spicy ketchup helped add some heat. They had tons of sauces go into this dish and it was definitely rich- but flavorful.

Would I Eat It Again?

Definitely. I liked the simplicity of the ingredients and the complexity of the sauces. I especially liked how everything tried to balance out the flavors of other components – so that nothing was too overwhelming.

Final Results: 3 out of 3 Recipes Approved

Green Chef sent me an impressive mix of recipes. One gluten-free, one vegetarian and one meat-filled and all three were excellent. I would repeat each one of these with Green Chef or even make them here at home. Considering all of the ingredients were organic, it was an added bonus that they turned out so well – and considering the cost, Green Chef is definitely worth it for what you get in the end.

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