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  • Sweet and Sour Braised Pork with Smashed Sage Potatoes
  • Orzo and Meatball stew with Baby Spinach
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  • Sweet and Sour Braised Pork Ingredients
  • Orzo and Meatball Stew Ingredients
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How Does Martha & Marley Spoon Work?

Martha and Marley Spoon is a meal kit delivery service that aims to make weeknight meal cooking simple, easy, and fun. They send you weekly recipes, ingredients, and meals of your choice that all have fresh and pre-portioned ingredients to make cooking delicious meals as easy as ever.

You can choose from a 2 person meal plan with two, three, or four meals per week or a family plan of two, three, or four meals per week. The family plan serves 3-4 people.

There are 10 recipes you can choose from each week, and every week there are new meals on the menu to choose from. They have an arsenal of over 18,000 recipes they rotate throughout the year.

In your box, you get easy to follow picture recipe cards, all of your ingredients in designated brown paper bags, and meat in a safe refrigerated bag. Meals are delivered every week, although you can skip any week you want, and delivery is always free!

All you need are cooking utensils, pots and pans, and basic pantry staples like oil, salt, pepper, flour, and sugar – otherwise everything else is provided for you. Meals generally take around 40 minutes to cook from start to finish, give or take.

What Meals Did I Receive?

Orzo and Meatball stew with Baby Spinach

This recipe came with grass-fed ground beef, orzo, golden raisins, baby spinach, garlic, tomato sauce, fresh parsley, large red onion, and berbere spice blend.

Sweet and Sour Braised Pork with Smashed Sage Potatoes

This recipe came with yukon gold potatoes, granny smith apple, apple cider vinegar, boneless pork chops, apple juice, butter, fresh sage, pumpkin pie spice, shallot.

Tex-Mex Beef Stew with Pickled Jalapeno Relish and Rice

This recipe came with sour cream, sliced pickled jalapeno, basmati rice, tampico de gallo, green bell pepper, yellow onion, and sirloin beef strips.

How Did it Taste?

Orzo and Meatball stew with Baby Spinach

This way my boyfriend, Garrett, and I’s favorite meal from our meal kit. It was super filling, easy to make, had classic flavors, but with a unique twist in the meatballs.

I was a bit concerned at first with chopping up the golden raisins to put into the meatballs and wasn’t sure if I was going to like that sweetness with the tomato sauce, and Garrett was especially concerned as a avid raisin hater, but we both found that pop of sweetness wonderful.

It was the perfect cold winter day meal because it was so warm and had a stew-like quality from cooking the orzo pasta in the tomato sauce. After it was done cooking, it had a super creamy texture and mouthfeel, which we loved. I topped mine with a ton of freshly grated parm, which I found in our kit, and savored every bite.

This also made a ton of food and we had leftover for one person the next day for lunch.

Sweet and Sour Braised Pork with Smashed Sage Potatoes

I really enjoyed this recipe as well. I don’t eat a lot of pork, so I was excited to cook this meal since it was something different from what I normally do.

When I was sauteeing the apples and onion together for the sauce, it made the house smell so delicious. The pumpkin pie spice was so warming and the perfect accompaniment to the apples, onion, and pork. Don’t worry! It doesn’t make your meal taste like pumpkin pie. Rather, it just provides a warm spice base that elevates the dish in a way any other spice couldn’t.

We also really liked the smashed sage potatoes. They got so creamy and crispy in the oven and the sage was the perfect heb to go with the flavors in the pork. It gave the dish a nice earthiness.

The great thing about these recipes is you can customize to your preference. Instead of baking the sage leaves whole with the potatoes, I finely minced the sage so coat the potato pieces.

Tex-Mex Beef Stew with Pickled Jalapeno Relish and Rice

Fair warning with this dish – it was very spicy! I didn’t think it would turn out so spicy, but it definitely did.

The steak pieces in this stew were super tender, even though they cooked for a long time in the stew. The flavors were quite good, although I felt it needed another layer of flavor as it was a little too bland for me.

I was able to customize this dish with the addition of cinnamon, which I love to do with Mexican flavors.

I had issues with my stew not thickening, despite following all of the steps to a tee. I like a thicker stew and this was turning out more like a soup, so I had to add a flour water slurry to thicken it up.

The original recipe called for making the relish with raw green bell pepper, which I don’t like, so I easily substituted corn. I also added only 3 jalapeno rings to the relish because I knew adding half the container would be way too much – the stew itself was already very hot.

The stew went great with the rice, and cooled things down a little bit. To cool the heat down a bit more, I had mine with fresh lime juice on top, which I really think they should have included in the recipe in the first place.

The dish needed some acid. I also really wished they sent fresh cilantro with this meal – it was screaming for it and I didn’t have any on hand.

Overall, there were some flaws with this dish for my preference, but still tasty overall.

Would I Eat it Again?

I would most definitely eat the orzo and meatball stew with baby spinach again! This is a recipe I would recreate at home, weekly – we loved it that much.

I would also eat the sweet and sour pork chops again as well. It was so easy to make and had the perfect balance, of sweet, sour, and spice. The potatoes were a big hit as well and the sage got crispy and so yummy in the oven.

As far as the tex-mex beef stew goes, I would probably pass on this recipe if it were an option again. It was fairly good and the steak in the stew was tender, but it was far too spicy for my licking and lacked the ingredients in the kit I really think they should have included in the first place – i.e. the lime and cilantro.

Would I Recommend Martha & Marley Spoon?

I would recommend this meal kit to people who like large portions of food, traditional flavors with a slight twist, and for families. Most of their recipes are very easy and super family-friendly, so kids and adults could all find something they like on the weekly menu.

Kayla is a work-from-home freelance writer and owner of an organic non-GMO personal grocery shopper business in Akron, OH. She is passionate about healthy living and helping others find high quality foods and beverages from great companies, everyday. She is also a contributing writer and reviewer for Revuzzle who loves any chance to review and write about food. In her free time, she loves to walk and hike, play with her very fluffy Samoyed, Echo, and travel as much as possible. Her favorite place to be is in the mountains and the rolling green hills of New Zealand where she lived for 6 months in college.

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