5 Surpising Benefits of Meal Kit Delivery Services

These 5 benefits of Meal Kit Delivery services will surprise you!
Meal kit delivery services are more than just an opportunity to learn how to cook or even try something new. In fact, there are some surprising benefits to them that you may have not even realized. If you haven’t tried a meal kit at home yet, we highly recommend checking out our Top 5 Best – that way you get a good start on something fun, fresh and tasty. If you’re still on the fence, maybe these surprising benefits will help you make the leap and try them out (even if it is just for one week).

1. Perfect Portions

Portions are mysterious. When you make something at home, you aren’t sure how much chicken, grains or even vegetables each plate is supposed to get – and that is why us Americans are notorious for over-eating. After all, who wants to whip out a measuring cup just to portion out their meal?

Meal kit delivery services have each meal pre-measured and portion-ready. Once you’re done cooking, you know how much to put on each plate. Some companies give heartier portions, but they still count out the calories and nutritional information based on the portions – and you’d be surprised how much you get to eat for so little calories.

So, if you’re struggling with the perfect portions, these kits will help.

2. Less Food Waste

When you find a recipe and make it at home, you have to buy the ingredients at the store. When a recipe calls for half of an onion, will you use the rest? What if you have to buy a spice or ingredient you don’t normally use? Will you use up the rest before it expires?

With home dinner kits, the ingredients are curated and sent pre-measured. So, there is no waste, no useless ingredients left in your pantry and everything gets used up. Not only does this help you save on waste, but if you think about the bigger picture, you’re also saving on landfill waste and the total wasted food count in the country in general.

3. Healthy Cooking Made Easy

Cooking healthy isn’t always easy, especially if you’re dealing with kids and/or a busy work schedule. You may have the ambitions to cook up something healthy and equally delicious, but by the end of the day, boxed and/or frozen options are just so much easier.

With a meal kit delivery service, you can order up healthy meals – including low-calorie, low-carb, low sodium, Paleo, gluten-free and more. If you want healthy, we recommend checking out HelloFresh. Looking for Paleo or gluten-free? Sun Basket and Green Chef are good places to start.

These recipes are created by expert nutritionists and then designed by chefs to ensure you get flavor without sacrificing your diet (or health).

4. Time and Cost Savings

Yes, at first glance you will feel as though you are paying much more for a meal kit delivery service than going to the store, but when you add up ALL of the costs, you might be surprised at what you save.

Consider this:

  1. When you use a home kit, you save the time and costs associated with going to the store (including gas money)!
  2. When you have your meals pre-portioned and prepped and ready to cook, you save on the hassle of gathering ingredients, measuring and preparing them.
  3. You reduce the amount of wasted ingredients – no more buying a quart of something when you only need two teaspoons!
  4. You save time on weekly meal planning, because you no longer have to sit and sift through endless recipes.

5. Access to Ingredients Not Easily Obtained Locally

Some of the ingredients you get with your meal kits are not easily found locally. You may also not have access to as fresh of produce as you receive – especially for the companies that offer farm-to-table meal kits. If you don’t live on the coast, you may find the fish and seafood options fresher from a home dinner kit than what you buy at the store (which is usually frozen and then thawed in the display case).

Order Up a Meal Kit and Enjoy the Benefits

Meal kits offers you fresh ingredients, fun recipes and tons of convenience. If you haven’t tried a meal kit, now is the time to take advantage of special offers and make the answer to “what’s for dinner?” easier.

At Revuezzle, we personally tested each of the meal kits featured on our site. You can check out our in-depth reviews or even take a look at our taste test results to see which kit is right for your cravings!

Shailynn is a word slinger, chef, Pinterest addict and adult coloring book collector. As our Operations Manager and Senior Researcher/Editor, you will find Shailynn busy finding new companies and topics to research, but also handling the crazy day-to-day on the backend – and by crazy…we mean all of us. She attended the International Culinary Institute, where she studied pastry arts and she worked as an executive pastry chef before hanging up her chef’s hat and decided to work from home as a writer. She is a fanatic for a great cup of coffee or wonderful glass of wine! Shailynn is a mother of three and married to a handsome firefighter.

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