Plated vs. Blue Apron: Which Meal Kit Delivery Service is Right for You?

Plated vs. Blue Apron - Which Meal Kit Delivery Service is Right for You?
Plated vs. Blue Apron - We tested them both. Find out who was pricier and who had consistent shipping issues!

Meal subscriptions have taken the world by storm. They are fun, convenient and almost a new way of life. They basically solve all of the “what’s for dinner” problems for busy couples, singles and families alike. Naturally, they cost money. So you will want to make sure you’re picking the right company before you actually buy.

Today, we are comparing two of the big names in meal kit subscriptions: Plated vs Blue Apron.

Both have their perks – and equal number of drawbacks. Hopefully, after reading this, you can decide which one of these will work best. None of them suit your tastes? Then check out all of our meal kit delivery service reviews right here on!

Cost: Who is Better?

I will say this right now: cost should not be the only thing you use to assess these companies. I can tell you right now that one company here is cheaper, but lacked on the ability to deliver fresh (or even safe) ingredients at times. Therefore, you go cheap, you get cheap. Keep that in mind.

That being said, we all like to know what costs what.

Here is how Blue Apron’s pricing breaks down:

  • Two Person Plan: Starts at $59.99 per week (about $9.99 per serving) for three meals with six total servings.
  • Family Plan: Starts at $69.92 per week (about $8.74 per serving) for two to four meals and eight servings total.

Shipping is always free with Blue Apron.

Plated is a little pricier, though they give a slight discount when you order more. They break down like so:

  • 2 Dinners for 2 People: $48 per week with $6 shipping – or about $13.50 per serving.
  • 3 Dinners for 2 People: $72 per week – or about $12 per serving.
  • 4 Dinners for 2 People: $96 per week – or about $12 per serving.

Shipping is also free with Plated as long as you order three or more dinners.

Winner: If we are assessing price alone, Blue Apron obviously is the cheaper pick.


I cannot stress the importance of good packaging enough. Both have their ingredients separated into individually labeled bags, but when it came to how fresh the ingredients were and the quality upon arrival, there are serious differences.

Blue Apron had some shipping issues. Either I was just the most unlikely customer or they really need to reassess how they ship products. Both times my packages were warm. One time chicken had leaked all over the inside of the box – including on fresh ingredients. Second time I had broken eggs, leaking vinegar…you get my point here.

Plated’s food arrived perfectly chilled and their meats were double-packaged to prevent leaking – a note that Blue Apron should probably pick up on.

Winner: Plated by far. They delivered safe, sanitary ingredients that were still chilled and easy to identify.

Recipe Difficulty

Both companies are all about teaching you something new, which is a bonus. The only way to compare them is to assess the pros and cons of each meal kit’s recipes. So here's what happen when you pair Plated vs Blue Apron in terms of recipe difficulty.

Plated Pros:

  • Ingredients that you need as well as tools listed
  • Step-by-step photos included
  • Recipe tips included
  • Short cook and prep times

Plated Cons:

  • You don't learn new techniques
  • Writers assume you know how to work with ingredients – like knowing how to already chop a mango….who knows that without looking at YouTube??

Blue Apron Pros:

  • Step by step photos included
  • Ingredient amounts and tools included

Blue Apron Cons:

  • They emphasize their app too much – and give you little tips and tidbits on the card so that you’ll use the app
  • No recipe tips
  • Longer prep and cook times
  • Limited nutritional information

Winner: Plated. They offer more insider tips, better calorie information and they break down their recipes a little better.

Food Quality and Variety

Both companies use high-quality ingredients and steer away from antibiotics and hormones in their meats. They also offer better quality produce than what you find at the grocery store.

To better assess quality and variety, you will need to break down each one of these services.

Blue Apron

  • Specialty ingredients that are farm-fresh
  • Pre-measured ingredients to reduce waste
  • Naturally raised meats with no hormones or antibiotics
  • 500 to 800 calories per serving
  • Recipes are never repeated in the same year
  • Exciting, seasonal recipes created by chefs


  • Chef-created recipes
  • 20-minute quick prep recipes
  • Responsibly sourced meats and seafood
  • Farm-sourced seasonal ingredients
  • 600 to 800 calories per serving

Winner: It’s a tie. Both companies have reasonable servings and calorie counts, they both focus on reliable, sustainable products and they are both chef-curated.

Meal Options and Flexibility

Both Blue Apron and Plated have no contracts – so you can pause, skip or cancel whenever you would like. The only issue here is Blue Apron. They have combination limits; so you aren’t free to pick and choose from all of the recipes.

Blue Apron defaults their initial selections based on the information in your profile, but you can swap them around – within your combination limits. Just some recipes there were to choose from this week include:

  • Basque-Style Lamb and Beef Piperade
  • Chilled Chicken Ramen
  • Seared Cod and Summer Succotash
  • Summer Vegetable Gnocchi
  • Pan Bagnat-Style Sandwiches
  • Spicy Sweet and Sour Tofu

Plated certainly has more out-there recipes. Just some of what you could order up include:

  • Mediterranean Chicken
  • Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini Boats
  • Crispy Fish
  • Shrimp Tacos
  • Tomato-Shallot Galette
  • Balsamic Steak Sandwiches
  • Cuban Vegetable Bowl

Winner: Both Blue Apron and Plated have exciting recipe options. They try to mix in the obscure with the regular so that you aren’t struggling to find recipes that will please everyone. Therefore, I would have to say they tie in offerings.

Plated vs Blue Apron: Who Wins?

Honestly, it comes down to how much you want to spend and the cooking experience you want to have. Both offer fairly easy recipes to complete and they have exciting flavor combinations. If there was one defining thing here it would be the shipping – Plated consistently delivered, while Blue Apron had some serious shipping issues. That being said, others have had success with Blue Apron and my situation could have been a fluke.

Ultimately, it comes down to your choices. Luckily, both companies offer significant discounts on your first order – so you could technically try one each week and see for yourself which you prefer.

Don’t forget to read our in-depth reviews of Plated and Blue Apron, then check out our taste test results for Blue Apron and Plated too.

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