Top Meal Kit Delivery Services - 2019

Today’s dinner has changed. Before you would have to plan meals, grocery shop and prepare everything just to create a so-so meal at home. Today, you can order up chef-curated meals that are handpicked based on your tastes and budget and skip the hassles of meal planning, grocery shopping and even chopping your vegetables – all without breaking the bank.

Dinner kit services create the recipes, pick up the ingredients and deliver everything you need to your door once a week. With fairly affordable per serving prices and recipes that expose you to new flavors, dinner kits are the answer to “what’s for dinner?”

At Revuezzle, we have carefully scrutinized and personally tested each of these meal kit delivery services featured on our site. You can read our in-depth reviews or check out – which our editors found to be the very best dinner kit online so far.

Our Top 5 Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

Our Lists of Best Meal Kit Delivery Services by Feature

Our Actual Experiences with Each Service

Compare Meal Kit Delivery Services

Compare Meal Kit Delivery Services

How We Chose the Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

While researching and reviewing each merchant we developed specific criteria to base our scores on.  Below you'll find what features we thought mattered most.

Meal Options
  • What type of meal choices are there (i.e. vegetarian or meat)?
  • Can you pick from the week’s menu choices?
  • If so, how many options are you given (such as six options to pick three meals from).

Food Variety
  • Do the ingredients elevate the recipe?
  • Are recipe items basic or do they encourage experimentation?
  • How interesting are the recipes and combos in general?

  • Provide Detailed Costs – Including Cost Per Plan
  • What is the cost per person?
  • How many meals are included per week?
  • Do you pay weekly or monthly?

  • How are items kept cold?
  • Are meal kits separated?
  • Is everything protected during shipping?
  • What type of packaging is used?
  • How effective was their packaging method?

Customer Service
  • How can you reach customer service?
  • Do they offer online chat, phone, email?
  • What hours are they available?
  • Is there a refund/return policy or freshness guarantee?

  • Can you substitute a menu option?
  • Are there combination limits?
  • Can you skip a week or are you locked into a weekly contract?

  • What is the quality of the ingredients?
  • Where do they source them from?
  • Do they tell you the nutritional value of the recipes you’re creating?

  • What do the recipes look like?
  • Are there pictures and step-by-step instructions?
  • What info is included (i.e. cooking time, prep time, exact measurements, ingredients needed, etc.).
  • Are they easy to follow?

  • How often are meals delivered?
  • How are they packaged (are items separated so you can tell what goes with what recipe).
  • Are meals delivered separately or in a weeks’ batch?
  • How is food shipped and protected.
  • What areas do they ship to (and not ship to).
  • How much is shipping.
  • Do they ship during summer.

  • What Gifting Options are available.

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