Best Gourmet Brownie Shops

Brownies now come in all kinds of flavors, varieties, and sizes. Gourmet Brownies are truly something that will delight your taste buds! Whether you are getting them to give as a gift or just getting them for yourself, we've compiled a list of the best gourmet brownie shops worth checking out!

We researched over 20 different gourmet brownie shops and came up with 17 that are worth a closer look, with FairyTale Brownies leading the pack because of their great selections, affordable pricing, fabulous gifting options, and outstanding customer service.

Our Top 5 Best Gourmet Brownie Shops

Check out all our Gourmet Brownie Shop Reviews and use our filtering and sorting features to narrow down the clubs that best suite your needs!

Our Lists of the Best Gourmet Brownie Shops

Compare Gourmet Brownie Shops

Compare Brownie Shops

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How we chose the Best Gourmet Brownie Shops

While researching and reviewing each merchant we developed specific criteria to base our scores on. Below you will find the features we thought mattered most when selecting a brownie shop to purchase from.

Brownie Selections and Varieties
  • What types or varieties of brownies do they offer (for example: do they have walnut, cream cheese or even mint brownies)?
  • Do they offer sampler packs?
  • Do they offer fun and unique varieties – such as s'mores or pineapple upside down?

Shipping and Packaging
  • How are brownies protected during shipping to prevent crushing or breaking?
  • How are brownies shipped ensure freshness?
  • Do they offer same day baking and shipping?
  • Do they during the summer?
  • What are the shipping charges or is it free?
  • Is the packaging appealing?

Customer Service
  • How can you reach customer service?
  • Are their phone #'s readily available?
  • Is there a FAQ page?
  • Can you send a message through the website?
  • Do they have a 24/7 chatline?
  • How responsive are they to inquiries or complaints?

Specialty Brownies
  • Do they use exotic ingredients?
  • Do they offer fun seasonal items or even gluten-free or vegan varieties?
  • What makes their brownies stand out from just any brownie you could make at home?

Gift Options
  • Do they offer gift options?
  • Do they offer special gift wrapping?
  • Do they offer special boxing/labeling for Corporate Gifts?
  • Do they offer gift certificates?
  • Do they offer special types of gifts (personal, holiday, sentiment or special gifts)?

Club Membership Options/Pricing
  • Do they offer a Brownie of the moth club?
  • Are they competitively priced?

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