Shari's Berries has combined with Cherry Moon Farms to offer a full selection of Gift Baskets.

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Shari’s Berries are known for their sweet, juicy, and beautifully chocolate covered strawberries for every special ...

Shari’s Berries features fun, gourmet chocolate-dipped strawberries that can be rolled in graham cracker crusts, chocolate candies and even coconut. They are known for their decadent strawberries, caramel apples and dips, but what you may have not known is that they offer gift tins full of Shari’s Berries treats.

An online treat retailer specializing in chocolate-dipped strawberries and associated sweets.

  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Fast shipping
  • Serving tray-ready
  • High price
  • Unclear shipping rates

Basket Varieties: (Rating: 9/10)

Shari’s Berries focuses on chocolate covered strawberries, cookies and caramel dipped apples. They do also carry apples, chocolate covered cherries, cake and brownie pops, pretzels, salted caramels and handmade chocolates. Most of their baskets are really tins and trays – though some do come in basket form. They do sell baskets through their site as well as a third party, but these baskets are not made or shipped from Shari’s Berries – instead they come from their third parties such as ProFlowers or Cherry Moon Farms.

In terms of variety, you will be stuck with all sweets – unless you choose one of the baskets offered by an affiliated third party through their site.

Customization: (Rating: 8/10)

If you purchase one of the premade platters or tin gifts, you will not be able to add-on or customize it – other than a personalized gift card. The only qualm we have with their personalized cards is they charge for the card itself – while most gift baskets companies offer these for free. You can, however, design your own Christmas gift, Birthday gift, etc, but these focus on chocolate covered strawberries only and not on the gift baskets. In terms of baskets, you cannot customize them what-so-ever.

If you buy outside of the gift baskets, you can add on things like a holiday photo frame or even cake truffles.

Themes and Sentiments: (Rating: 9/10)

There is a hearty helping of themes and sentiments on Shari’s Berries. They cover all of the major holidays and even offer seasonal baskets. They also offer gifts for the occasion, such as birthday, anniversary, baby shower, housewarming, retirement, get well, wedding, etc.

Obviously, a company that specializes in chocolate covered strawberries wouldn’t carry sugar-free gifts – and we cannot fault them for that. They don’t, however, have gift baskets that are gluten-free specifically, Kosher-certified or vegan.

Corporate and Business Gifts: (Rating: 10/10)

Shari’s Berries does offer business gifting services. Their berries come in boxes that can be personalized with a message, but still feature the Shari’s Berries brand. They do have gifting concierges ready to take business orders or help make a business order just right. For larger orders they offer bulk ordering via their downloaded form. They don’t have specifics for corporate discounts, but they can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Pricing: (Rating: 10/10)

Prices are higher with Shari’s Berries, but that is because they specialize in chocolate gifts and sweets – which always carry a higher price tag than shelf-stable products. For strawberries, platters can go as high as $275 or more – depending on how many pieces and the type of strawberries included. Gift baskets go as high as $130, which is about average for most gift baskets we have found online.

Shipping and Delivery: (Rating: 9/10)

We wish Shari’s Berries had a pricing table like most of their competitors – it makes it easier to predict just how much you would spend if shopping with them. Because strawberries aren’t exactly shelf stable, you will want to upgrade to an expedited shipping for the freshest possible berries. Shipping starts at $9.99 for standard and goes as high as $17.99, but for faster delivery or guaranteed delivery, prices range from $4.99 to $14.99 in addition to the original standard delivery charge.

Packaging: (Rating: 10/10)

To ensure their strawberries are received fresh, Shari’s Berries does ship based on the sustainability of the product – and you are not able to predict how much you will spend in shipping. That being said, they take extra precautions to ensure their berries arrive in pristine condition and are ready for eating.

Return Policy: (Rating: 10/10)

They do offer a satisfaction guarantee, but you cannot return strawberries once they are received. If there is a defect or issue with the quality of the product, they will refund or replace the cost of the strawberries.

Customer Service and Support: (Rating: 9/10)

Shari’s Berries does have a FAQs section, though it could be boosted a little more with additional information. They also offer phone support and email for those that need it, but there is no live chat at this time.

Shari’s Berries is not BBB accredited and they have no rating with the BBB either. The business has been around for quite sometime, but usually a company will not be rated unless there are complaints or they are submitted to the BBB.


Under $50 – They do have a few gift baskets in this price range, but they are not as big. They will have a handful of chocolate covered strawberries or a few cookies.

$50 to $100 – The baskets in this range include up to a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and some will come with miniature cheesecakes or chocolate covered Oreos.

$100 to $200 – The gifts in this range are much more grand in scale and include chocolate covered strawberries, cherries, dips, caramel apples, cookies and even wines.

$200 and up – These include grand platters of chocolate covered strawberries for larger parties and groups.

  • Product
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Shari’s Berries are known for their sweet, juicy, and beautifully chocolate covered strawberries for every special ...


Pricing and Basket Types

Average Price Per Basket: $20 to $270

Design Your Own Basket

Pre-made Baskets

Gift or Personal Message Included

Price Groups

Under $30

Under $50

Under $75

Under $100

Shipping and Delivery

Ground Shipping Cost Range: varies

Delivery Date Specification

Ship to APO/FPO

Same Day or Next Day Shipping

Ship to Multiple Addresses

Themes or Sentiments





New Baby






Get Well




Customer Service




Exchanges or Refunds

Who Should Shop Here?

Those searching for chocolate-covered strawberries, romantic gifts or just something other than the traditional gift basket will enjoy shopping at Shari's Berries. They have corporate and personalized gifts – making them ideal for private and business shoppers.

What We Like

We like that Shari's Berries has chocolate covered strawberries. They are the only gift basket merchant to offer that. We also like their pricing. While higher, it is fair considering the gifts you are receiving. They strive to ensure their products are always fresh and because chocolate-dipped strawberries can soggy quickly, this is extremely important.

What We Don't Like

To get your order, you will still have to pay a lot in shipping. If you want something more non-edible, you will not be able to shop at Shari's Berries. Overall, it is hard to find anything to complain about.

9.3 Total Score
Chocolate-dipped strawberries and gifts.

Shari's Berries focuses on chocolate-dipped strawberries and chocolate gifts perfect for just about every occasion.

Basket Varieties
Themes and Sentiments
Corporate and Business Gifts
Shipping and Delivery
Return Policy
Customer Service/Support
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Fast shipping
  • Serving tray-ready
  • High price
  • Unclear shipping rates

  • Product
  • Photos
Shari’s Berries are known for their sweet, juicy, and beautifully chocolate covered strawberries for every special ...

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