Cookies By Design Review

Cookies by Design started out as the original cookie bouquet – having over 30 years of experience baking sugar cookies, icing them, and preparing them to ship so they arrive intact with no broken cookies or destroyed bouquets. Cookies by Design doesn’t just offer Cookie Bouquets, they also offer brownies, chocolate truffles, cookie baskets, and cookie cakes.

The original cookie bouquet company – specializing in bouquets for any occasion.


Rating and Scoring

Selections & Varieties: (Rating: 9/10)

Cookies by Design offers many different cookie bouquets, cookie baskets, cookie boutrays, cookie trays, cookie favors and cookie cakes decorated for any type of occasion from Happy Birthday to New Baby to Teacher Appreciation and anything in between. They also offer corporate gifting options that include gift tins, logo cookies and specialized corporate cookie gifts.

One of the funnest options we found is their custom photo cookie option. They take a photo of your choice and include it as the focal point of any cookie arrangement. These would make amazing gifts for a new baby bouquet featuring the babies picture, or a retirement bouquet, birthday bouquet, etc. This would a truly personalized cookie gift!

Their sugar cookies are very large and thick, measuring 4″-6″ tall, 3/8″-1/2″ thick, and 4 oz. YOu have the option of ordering from 1 to 11 cookies in each arrangement – making it very flexible to select just the right bouquet for that special occasion.

They also offer gourmet cookies that feature classic flavors like red velvet, chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, and oatmeal raisin plus decadent chocolate and millionaire cookies. These are available to give in boxes, platters, tins or gift baskets.

Cookies by Design isn’t just cookies though, they also offer chocolate truffles, gourmet brownies (traditional fudge only) and any combination of truffles, brownies or cookies you could dream up.

Specialties: (Rating: 8/10)

Cookies by Design specialize in ornately decorated sugar cookies for just about any occasion or holiday you can think of, as well as specialized corporate gifting, picture cookies, and cookie cakes. This is by far their main focus over any type of special or exotic ingredients.

They do offer over 40 different gluten free bouquets, boutrays and cookie basket options, however. They do not offer any vegan options.

Freshness/Flavor: (Rating: 7/10)

Do they have a brownie of the month club? If so, give the details about the club, how much it costs, etc. If they don’t, mention that they do not have a club and give them a lower score – because this is a perk.

For our review we ordered the Mother’s day 7 cookie bouquet (because it was close to Mother’s day) and a dozen gourmet cookies. We chose the standard shipping – so we ordered it on April 20th, it shipped on a April 23rd, and we received it in the afternoon of April 26th. So for our location(MN) it was 6 days from order to receipt.

As far as freshness goes, the sugar cookies in the bouquet were just “ok” when it came to freshness – they were a bit dry and crumbly but then some people like their sugar cookies that way. Personally, I prefer a softer sugar cookie, but then I also realize those would be impossible to put on a stick in a bouquet as well. They were iced with royal icing that hardens to make them easier to ship and stay presentable.

The bouquet itself was beautiful and I would have loved receiving it as a gift. However the flavor of the sugar cookies in the bouquet was a bit “off”. They left a strong “plastic” taste in your mouth. I’m not sure if it was the cookie itself or the icing. It’s possible they picked this up from the shrink wrap plastic that each cookie is wrapped in, or from the heating process used in that process, but it definitely wasn’t an appealing flavor. Also not sure if it was just the bouquet we received of if all their bouquets are this way. It’s truly unfortunate because the bouquet itself was beautiful as we stated.

Update: I did end up taking the cookies out of the plastic wrap and putting them into a plastic zipper bag. That actually seemed to help quite a bit. I no longer noticed that icky plastic taste. It also softened up the cookies as well. So I would suggest anyone getting or sending these to follow up and take the cookies out of the plastic shrink wrapping as soon as possible.

The freshness and flavor of their gourmet cookies, however were amazing. They were soft, chewy and full of flavor. My favorite of course was the Double Chocolate, but then I’m a choco-holic! The oatmeal raisin, red velvet, and chocolate chip were all equally flavor filled and delicious. I’m glad I ordered these because they made up for the disappointment of the actual flavor of the bouquet cookies.

Pricing: (Rating: 8/10)

Pricing runs a bit high for any of their bouquets, especially when you consider that shipping is a cost over and above the bouquet pricing. Bouquets start at around $11.50 for one cookie – but that’s not much of a bouquet – and go up from there. The 7 cookie bouquet we ordered cost $59.99 with $15.95 in shipping. A similar 5 cookie bouquet would be $46.99. You normally have a choice between their standard base, and then an upgraded base for an additional fee.

Their gourmet cookies start at $25.99 for a dozen of assorted flavors with nuts, assorted flavors without nuts, or a dozen of any one of the same flavor – which they have six different flavors to choose from.

Their gourmet brownies gift box starts out at $29.99 for one dozen fudgy chocolate brownies.

Corporate gifting options depend upon the type of corporate gift you choose – logo cookies, gift box assortments, etc. – and quantity but start on the low end at $8.99 and go up from there. They do have extensive corporate gifting options available.

Shipping/Packaging: (Rating: 9/10)

Shipping is expensive, starting at $15.95 for flexible shipping (normally 3 to 4 days), $25 for two day shipping, $35 for overnight and $37 for Saturday delivery.

We chose the flexible shipping, and from order to receipt it took 6 days for us to get our bouquet, but then again we ordered on a Friday so I’m sure that extended the time. They actually shipped our order on the following Monday, so realistically it took 3 days from shipping to receipt.

When we placed our order it gave us the next available delivery date based on the type of shipping we selected.

They do offer same day delivery in certain areas of the country and for select products.

The packaging on our order was great. The bouquet come wrapped in think bubble wrap and laid down in the box. Then the bouquet itself is wrapped in a plastic bag and tied at the top with a colorful ribbon. None of the cookies were broken or off their sticks. I was truly amazed, because I was expecting some damage from shipping, but nope, they were all in perfect condition.

Each of the gourmet cookies came individually packaged and labeled, then inserted in a cookies by design decorated box. I appreciated the individual packaging on these cookies, as it prevented them from drying out. They were still very soft and wonderful.

Gift Options: (Rating: 10/10)

All of Cookies by Designs items are intended for gifting. They cover almost every possible occasion, as well as holidays – including holidays like teacher appreciation, and nurses week.

They also offer sports themed and animal themed bouquets. So if your recipient has a favorite team, or is a dog or cat lover, Cookies by Design has you covered.

They do offer corporate gifts that include everything from logo cookies, to gift box assortments and gift tins.

You can have a special message included with any order. On most orders you are given a choice in the type of base you want – whether you choose the standard base, or a mug, or a gift basket it’s up to you.

Customer Service: (Rating: 8/10)

Cookies by Design offers phone and email support. As of the writing of this review they don’t offer live chat. They also don’t list available hours for customer phone support. Their email support states to allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.

They have a FAQ’s section, as well as a sections on shipping information, nutritional information and product descriptions.

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Who Would Cookies By Design Most Appeal To?

Cookies by Design will appeal to those looking to give a fun, unique and edible bouquet as a gift to friends and family who have a sweet tooth. They will also appeal to those looking for a gluten free gift option that is still fun and delicious! Companies looking for corporate gifting options will find Cookies by Design a unique option. Or possibly for companies looking to offer logo or company themed cookies for meetings, conferences, or company outings.

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Cookies By Design Pricing

Cookie Bouquets: start at around $20 for a 2 cookie bouquet and go up from there.
Cookie BouTrays: start around $60
Cookie Baskets: start around $34
Cookie Cakes: start around $36
Gourmet Cookies: start around $26 for a dozen
Chocolate Truffles: start at $17 for nine
Gourmet Brownies: start at $30 for a dozen

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Cookies By Design Specifications


Pricing and Basket Types

Average Price Per Basket: $40

Pre-made Baskets

Gift or Personal Message Included

Price Groups

Under $30

Under $50

Under $75

Shipping and Delivery

Ground Shipping Cost Range: $15.95

Delivery Date Specification

Ship to APO/FPO

Same Day or Next Day Shipping

Themes or Sentiments


Gluten Free



New Baby






Get Well




Customer Service




Exchanges or Refunds

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What We Like About Cookies By Design

Many, Many different bouquet’s to choose from. They have over 200 different bouquets to pick from for almost any occasion, sport, or hobby. Then add to that the option for boutrays, cookie cakes, brownies, gourmet cookies, and chocolate truffles and the options are limitless.

The decorating is very detailed and because of the royal icing it remains intact even after shipping. The decorating on our cookies weren’t smudged or ruined in any way.

The cookies are BIG and think. These aren’t your typical wimpy little sugar cookies. We had a hard time even finishing one cookie. But luckily I had plenty of taste testing help waiting to help me out!

You can mix and match their gourmet cookies – red velvet, chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin, decadent chocolate and millionaire – with their bouquets to give the best of both options. These are available in both the boutrays and cookie baskets.

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What We Don't Like About Cookies By Design

Unfortunately we were a little put off by the plastic taste of the first cookie we tried. It left a nasty after taste in your mouth. We did find out that if you unwrap the decorated cookies and put them in a zipper style plastic bag, that whatever this flavor was that they picked up from the wrappers does dissipate, however. It also helps soften the cookies a bit as well.

When you add in the cost of shipping along with a typical sized bouquet of like 5 cookies, it is a bit pricey – starting around $62.

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Final Thoughts

Overall Cookies by Design makes for a great gifting option when you are looking for something edible, want something just a little different. They have bouquets for just about any occasion – even sports themed, and animal themed bouquets – which makes it easy to pick a fun bouquet for that special occasion or person. In particular we think their picture cookie bouquets would make a wonderful touch for a new baby, or engagement, or bridal and baby shower. You can combine a picture of the special person or couple with a wonderfully decorated bouquet of cookies.

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Cookies by Design is the Original Cookie Bouquet Company offering bouquets of any size from 1 to 11 cookies and for just about any occasion you can ...

8.4 Total Score
The Original Cookie Bouquet Company.

Wonderfully detailed Cookie Bouquets and gourmet cookies for any occasion.

Selections and Varieties
Gift Options
Customer Service
  • Cookies decorated for any occasion
  • Most bouquets have option for personalized cookie message
  • Very detailed and beautiful frosting designs
  • Can choose from 1 to 11 cookies in each bouquet
  • More expensive than others
  • Shipping costs extra
  • Cookies wrapped in plastic picked up the plastic taste

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