What Makes Revuezzle Different?

When it comes to scouring the web for reviews and opinions, we know there’s plenty to choose from. But, what makes the team at Revuezzle stand out among the crowd is our unique approach to reviews. We aren’t driven by affiliate marketing or referral rewards or free products or services; instead, we are driven by our passion to find the best products and services for customers, PERIOD.

Real Consumers, Real Reviews, Real Opinions

As consumers ourselves, we were fed up with the inaccurate reviews posted online – and being constantly referred to the provider that pays the writer the most money rather than the provider that offers the best product or service. That was what drove our founder, Lynn Rockwell, to create Revuezzle. She wanted to bring honest, upfront reviews to consumers covering everything from gift baskets to wine clubs to web hosting and more.

When you place your trust in Revuezzle, you can rest assured you’re getting honest opinions. Our writers and researchers test the products, scrutinize from every angle and make sure that our reviews are factually correct. We never give high ratings for profit and we never give in to merchants requesting a higher rating for a payout. For example, JustCloud is at the bottom of our rankings and we advise readers to stay away from them, but you will find them at the top of most cloud backup review sites because they pay out big commissions.  Instead, we bring you exactly what you would expect from a review company: the truth.

In the interest of full disclosure, we do have affiliate agreements with some merchants – so if you do decide to purchase a product we would definitely appreciate it if you would use our links so we can continue to pay the bills and bring you more great reviews. 🙂

While the criteria we use to analyze each company will vary depending on the category, some things our researchers continually review include:

  • Plans, Packages and Prices:

    After all, you want to know the basic info before buying, right?

  • Help and Support:

    What good is a product or service if they cannot offer you great customer service, online tutorials or even 24/7 support where appropriate? Even better, our researchers assess the quality of that support so that you know what to expect next time you need to contact that company’s customer service line.

  • Safety or Security

    There are plenty of products and services out there, but not all of them take your privacy, safety or personal data security seriously. At Revuezzle, we do. We always assess a company’s ability to protect their customers’ data, avoid corrupted files and more.

  • Quality of Product

    Bottom line, you don’t want to pay for something that isn’t worth your money. Our researchers assess not only the price, but the quality of service or product you get for the price.

Constantly Revising, Improving and Adding

We don’t stop here at Revuezzle. Even after a review is completed, our team continues to check for new updates, products, services and of course, your opinions. Reviews never sit stagnant on our site; instead, they are constantly checked for factual accuracy and relevance.

Even better, we’re always on the lookout for new topics and we are always working on new categories in the background.

See for Yourself the Difference Revuezzle Makes

If you are looking for a new product or service, see what Revuezzle has to say first.

We promise to always:

  • Be accurate
  • Be honest
  • Be relevant

Have a category you would like to see covered in the future or a specific company? Contact Revuezzle today and give us your input! We love feedback and suggestions!

You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see what we’re working on or submit more ideas for our researchers and writers to tackle. And, if you ever have experience with a company reviewed on Revuezzle, please submit your feedback via the user reviews section for that merchant – you can find it at the bottom of every review we do.  This way readers don't have to just take our word for it, they can hear from other real consumers.

It’s because of our readers that Revuezzle has fine-tuned the art of consumer reviews. And, we promise to continue writing, researching and scrutinizing so that you have a trusted place to turn to when you’re ready to buy.

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