Hawaii Coffee Company Coffee Club Review

Hawaii Coffee Company Coffee Club Review
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Coffee Choices


Coffee Types

Whole Bean, Ground, Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Espresso, Single Origin

Coffee Delivery Frequency

Every 2 Weeks, Every 4 Weeks, Every 6 Weeks, Every 8 Weeks, Every 12 Weeks

Coffee Package Size

Five – 7oz to 10oz Bags

The Hawaii Coffee Company is one of the country’s oldest coffee companies. Starting up in 1864, this historic coffee company has been using regal standards for selecting their beans, roasting their coffees, and always ensuring their customers receive the freshest coffee possible. Today, they offer up their Coffee Club which allows you to pick from their most refined coffees, mix-and-match favorites, and have them delivered as often as you like so that you can always enjoy Hawaii Coffee Company regardless of where you live.

A coffee club spearheaded by one of the oldest and most refined coffee companies in the world.

  • Mix and Match Options
  • Full Bags
  • Free Shipping
  • Custom Clubs Available
  • Large Bags Only
  • Expensive
  • Must Pick Five Bags Minimum
  • Must Commit to Three Shipments
  • Not a True “Club Experience”

Coffee Selection: (Rating: 8/10)

The Good

There are six club options, each with their own selections of coffee. They offer everything from single origin coffees to decaf to flavored to espresso and every roast imaginable. They even have tea that you can add in or order on its own.

When you pick a club category, you will be greeted with an extensive list of coffees to choose from. The Hawaii Chef’s Club, for example, has 11 different coffees to pick from. For the club, you pick five coffees to have auto-delivered. The Lion Flavors Club, as another example, has eight selections to choose your five out of, and the Lion Gourmet Club has seven.

If you don’t like the choices in a specific category, you can also call Hawaii Coffee Company and have them create a custom mix with five coffees from different categories.

The Bad

You are only receiving Hawaii Coffee Company coffees. You will not be exposed to other coffees and you will be stuck with the same five bags of coffee for a three month period. While they have an extensive selection, you still must have those five same bags delivered for three shipments, which limits you in terms of variety or even the experience of tasting different coffees.

Coffee Bean Freshness: (Rating: 9/10)

The Good

Hawaii Coffee Company curates their own beans and roasts. All of their coffees are delivered at peak freshness, and their two-way valve design allows their coffees to sit on the shelf in your home for up to 12 months.

Hawaii Coffee Company specializes in Kona Coffee, one of the most refined coffees on the globe. They handle the growing and roasting — something other clubs cannot offer.

Orders are shipped typically one to two business days after the order is received. They will notify you of any delays or out-of-stock issues.

The Bad

Despite the fact they do everything in-house, they don’t specify how quickly after roasting coffees are shipped. They do have a one-year shelf-life though, so the coffees should remain fresh regardless of when they’re received.

Coffee Quality and Taste: (Rating: 9/10)

The Good

I was quite impressed with the selections I received from Hawaii Coffee Company.

I got to try some of their flavored coffees, as well as a classic and espresso.

Hawaii Coffee Company Espresso

Espresso with Cream

The espresso was excellent from Hawaii Coffee Co. I’m picky about my espresso blends, and this one was smooth, but still had the perfect punch.


I also tried a few flavored coffees, including their Vanilla Macadamia Nut, Chocolate Macadamia Nut, and Toasted Coconut. I personally enjoyed the toasted coconut the best. The smell while brewing was authentic — not preservative-like. Even better, the flavor was amazing and it built up in your mouth, but wasn’t overwhelming.

You can check out a full list of my experiences with all five bags received from The Hawaii Coffee Company in my experience blog.

The Bad

I really had no complaints with Hawaii Coffee Co. coffee selections. They sent me an excellent variety and I’ve always been a fan of Kona coffee (some of the best coffee in the world by the way).

One thing I wish they included were tasting notes. Even Kona coffee can vary in taste depending on the roast, when it was harvested, flavors added, etc. While I’m good at tasting coffee, others may need a little more of a jumping off point for how to describe what they’re tasting/experiencing.

Memberships/Pricing: (Rating: 7/10)

The Good

You have TONS of choices when it comes to coffee for this club. When you first go to sign up, you’re presented with six club options: Decaf Club, Hawaii Chefs Club, Kona Coffee Club, Lion Flavors Club, Lion Gourmet Club, and Royal Kona Flavors Club.

Once you select the club you’re interested in, you will pick five bags from seven to 11 available selections. The price of your membership will depend on which bags in that club you select.

Bags from each vary from $6.99 to $23.95 per bag. Once you’ve selected your five, your total monthly subscription amount will be assessed. Bags range from 7 ounces to 10 ounces and come in whole bean as well as ground.

To join the club, you must commit to three shipments minimum. After that, you can cancel at any time.

Also, if you don’t like the selections in each club, you can contact Hawaii Coffee Co. and they will create a custom club just for you.

The Bad

One drawback to Hawaii Coffee Company is the fact that you must order five bags and must commit to three months minimum. Each monthly shipment comes with a hefty price tag — especially if you’re partial to those royal brands.

Additional Club Perks: (Rating: 6/10)

The Good

With Hawaii Coffee Co., you get free shipping on club memberships only. They do have a coupons and specials page, but these are for ordering outside of the club.

The Bad

There’s no free trial or opportunity to earn free coffee. They don’t have many perks on their site and with the club, you don’t receive a newsletter or any information about the beans specifically — other than what there is about the company on the bag.

Shipping/Packaging: (Rating: 8/10)

The Good

Orders ship out quickly with Hawaii Coffee Co. In fact, it takes 1-2 days to process and then your coffee is on its way.

When you order three shipments in the club, you get free shipping.

Hawaii Coffee Company Selections

Coffee Seletions

All of the bags come in a box.

Hawaii Coffee Company thank you note

Thank You Note

And, they do include a thank you note.

You can request three-day expedited shipping — something most clubs cannot offer.

Hawaii Coffee Company Coffee Ingredients


Every bag tells you the ingredients used. Always a nice touch, especially when drinking flavored coffees and you want to make sure you don’t have artificial ingredients used.

The Bad

The package wasn’t stimulating like other clubs. It was just five bags of coffee placed in a USPS box.

Gift Memberships: (Rating: 7/10)

The Good

Yes, they do offer gift subscriptions. You would just enter the gift recipient’s information in the “delivery” section. Then, add a short gift message and they will handwrite the message for you on a card. This is a nice touch, since most gift companies print out everything instead of handwrite the card.

The handwritten card goes in the first shipment.

The Bad

The gift giver still needs to cancel after three shipments are completed. Unlike other clubs where the gift automatically cancels.

Also, they don’t have gift cards at this time or any special wrapping for their gift memberships.

Website: (Rating: 6/10)

The Good

They definitely have plenty of information on their products. You can find tasting notes, information about the beans, and even the roasts.

The Bad

There is no blog or brewing information on their website.

Also,the FAQs section is extremely thin. Most clubs go more in-depth — with Hawaii Coffee Co. there may be a lot their FAQs section doesn’t answer.

Lastly, it can be difficult to find information about gift giving. In fact, the only way I found it was to click on a club as if I was going to buy it. So, their site could use some work for functionality too.

Customer Service: (Rating: 8/10)

The Good

Hawaii Coffee Co. is one of the few clubs to actually have a phone number. Their toll-free line is available during normal business hours going Monday through Friday from 6am to 3pm. They even show you what time it currently is in Hawaii.

You can also submit an online inquiry for an order or product question and they give their mailing address for press inquiries.

While they have a few shortcomings, they are still very quick to respond to customer inquiries — always a bonus.

The Bad

There is no live chat and their FAQs section is extremely small. They answered barely six questions and none of them had to do with their club.

Hawaii Coffee Company Pricing

All plans come with free shipping and three-month commitment.

Decaf Club: Includes five bags of coffee (8-10oz) delivered monthly. Starts at $8.99 to $18.95 per bag.

Hawaii Chefs Club: Includes five bags of coffee (7-8oz) delivered monthly. Starts at $7.99 to $16.25 per bag.

Kona Coffee Club: Includes five bags of original Kona coffee (7oz) delivered monthly. Starts at $17.95 to $23.95 per bag.

Lion Flavors Club: Includes five bags of flavored coffees from the Lion Club (10oz) delivered monthly. Starts at $7.99 per bag.

Lion Gourmet Club: Includes five bags of Lion original coffee (10oz) delivered monthly. Starts at $6.99 to $13.25 per bag.

Royal Kona Flavors: Includes flavored coffees using the infamous Kona coffee. Choose from five bags (8 oz) starting at $7.99 per bag.



Monthly Price Range: $37.95 to $89.95

Pkg. Size: 7oz to 10oz

How soon after roasting do beans ship: Not Specified

Free Shipping

Shipping Frequency

Every 2 Weeks

Every 4 Weeks

Every 6 Weeks

Every 8 Weeks

Every 12 Weeks

Club Duration

3 Months

Coffee Types


Whole Bean


Light Roast

Medium Roast

Dark Roast




Membership Options

Gift Memberships

Random or Selective Coffee Choices: Selective

Ability to Pause/Skip Shipments

Customer Service




Who is This Coffee Club Best Suited For?

Hawaii Coffee Company's club is more of an auto-delivery, so if you’re looking for a club-like experience, you may not find Hawaii Coffee Co. right for you. But, if you like to get bulk orders of coffee and you’re a fan of Kona coffee, you’re going to love this club.

What We Like About Hawaii Coffee Company

Tons of Choices: Hawaii Coffee Company has by far the biggest selection of coffees to choose from. You get to pick five bags with dozens of choices in total.

You’re in Control: Unlike other clubs, Hawaii Coffee Company lets you pick which flavors and types of coffee you want — so you can rest assured you’ll always get something you want to drink.

What We Don't Like About Hawaii Coffee Company

Three Months Required: You are required to sign up for three months total if you want to join auto-delivery and get free shipping. This may be too much of a commitment for some.

Auto-Delivery Instead of Club: While it is called a “club,” you don’t get a newsletter or the club-like experience you’re used to with other clubs. Instead, it works more like an auto-delivery.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Hawaii Coffee Company lets you enjoy your favorite coffees from Hawaii and Lion coffees each month with free shipping and tons of variety. While it may not be a true club, you can mix and match and find the coffees you like and have them delivered to your door right from Hawaii.

7.6 Total Score
A distinctive club featuring Hawaiian coffees.

With the Hawaii Coffee Company Coffee Club you can mix and match and find the coffees you like and have them delivered to your door right from Hawaii.

Coffee Selection
Coffee Bean Freshness
Coffee Quality and Taste
Additional Club Perks
Gift Memberships
Customer Service
  • Mix and Match Options
  • Full Bags
  • Free Shipping
  • Custom Clubs Available
  • Large Bags Only
  • Expensive
  • Must Pick Five Bags Minimum
  • Must Commit to Three Shipments
  • Not a True “Club Experience”

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