Happy National Donut Day – 10 Crazy Facts About Donuts to Chew On

Facts About Donuts

Each year, the first Friday of June is celebrated as National Donut Day – or as we like to say “Excuse-to-stuff-your-face-with-donut-goodness Day!”

Donut Day is a real holiday and it is an extension of the real Doughnut Day from 1938, when the Salvation Army’s members would provide military service members with donuts and coffee during the First World War.

A Little History

Donut Day is not a Hallmark Holiday and certainly wasn’t created by donut shop owners to encourage sales. Instead, the Salvation Army used their Donut Day celebration as a way to cheer up soldiers. Back home, Donut Day was used as a way to raise awareness about the war and to raise funds for the Salvation Army’s efforts overseas. The tradition of serving up donuts and coffee is still alive today.

The Salvation Army helps feed the poor and hungry and supports soldiers. While you may think they are a United States organization, they were actually founded in London in 1865 and slowly migrated to the U.S.

10 Crazy Facts About Donuts

As promised, here are a few facts about donuts that you may not have known:

  1. There are more than 10 billion donuts made in the United States each year.
  2. In 2011, there were 10 people in the U.S. with the last name “Donut” or “Doughnut.”
  3. There was a medicinal donut shop in Oregon that actually served donuts coated with Nyquil – and it was legal.
  4. Spudnuts are made from potato flour instead of wheat flour.
  5. Cops really do love donuts – but not for the reasons you think. Back in the day, donut shops were one of the few establishments that served coffee late at night and early in the morning (when cops are usually working).
  6. Boston has more donut shops per person living in the city than any other metropolis.
  7. Donuts were once known as the hit food of the Century.
  8. A New England Ship captain claimed he was the reason behind the hole in the donut.
  9. The donut was believed to come to the United States via Dutch immigrants in the 19th
  10. Donuts were originally called by their Dutch predecessors, “Olykoeks.”

How You Can Celebrate National Donut Day

Naturally, purchasing a donut and sipping on some coffee is the best way to celebrate. But, do not forget why National Donut Day was originally created! A few extra things you can do during your celebration of those delicious pastries include:

  • Volunteering at a local Salvation Army location or other non-profit organization chapter that works with the armed services.
  • Visiting your local VA Hospital and donating donuts and coffee.
  • Making donuts at home and sharing them with friends and family – educating them about National Donut Day in the process.

While you’re celebrating, enjoy a cup of coffee. After all, the tradition started by the Salvation Army was donuts and coffee. You don’t have to serve up just any coffee either. Pick up your donuts and come back home to brew a fresh cup of Joe from one of your coffee of the month deliveries. Coffee of the month clubs drop off freshly roasted, single origin beans and brews weekly so that you never run out of a great cup to start the day with.

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While you're at it, check out our Pinterest board dedicated to….you guessed it! Donuts!

And, of course, Happy Donut Day!




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