5 Ways to Repurpose Used Coffee Materials

Creative ways to repurpose used coffee and filters.Find out how you can repurpose and give new life to your used coffee grounds, filters and even your k-cups!
You’ve brewed your coffee, enjoyed it, and received an incredible caffeine rush that’s catapulted you into mass productivity mode for about two or three hours. Now you’re left with a dirty coffee filter and a bunch of coffee grounds. If you have a desire to not be wasteful, this sandy black concoction can actually be of some use to you! Here are a few ways to repurpose used coffee grounds, filters, and other coffee-making materials.

Office Supply Storage – K-cups

K-cups are a convenient way to make coffee, what’s not so convenient is finding ways to repurpose these little things. If you have any paper clips or thumb tacks for the office, these are a great place to store them. At home you can also use them to store crafting supplies like beads and buttons. Whether these k-cups are from our reviewed companies like Caribou or Gevalia coffee, you can use them for more than a great cup of morning coffee.

Fertilizer – Coffee Grounds

We shouldn’t be putting coffee grounds in landfills; we should be putting our coffee grounds in the ground! Many people have found that coffee grounds are an exceptional fertilizer. And if you’re a part of one of the coffee clubs we review on the site, chances are you’re building up a big payload of coffee grounds

For one they’re packed with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, which is an incredible combination for soil and plants. There is one catch. The nitrogen is not immediately released because microbes and other soil organisms need to break it down first.

However if you’re looking for a long-term solution for your garden, the coffee grounds will break down eventually, lending you respectable amounts of nitrogen. The good news is that the phosphorous and potassium are immediately plant available, and don’t need to be broken down.

Composting – Coffee Grounds

One other quick use for coffee grounds is for composting. Because of their high nitrogen content, coffee grounds are considered a green composting material. Also, a few composting specialists from Oregon State University realized that coffee grounds maintained a high core temperature of 135 to 155 degrees—which is better than manure.

Skin Revitalization – Coffee Grounds

The ground isn’t the only place for coffee grounds—some say another great use is for our skin! When mixed with olive oil, coffee grounds can actually be a pretty good moisturizer. A quick lather in the hands will make them smooth and fresh.

There have also been studies that show coffee grounds can combat against cellulite buildup. A mixture of grounds, peppermint oil, and actual coffee will make a paste that’s perfect for rubbing on your skin to help hide cellulite spots. The results can improve the way you look dramatically.

Sachet’s and Cupcake Pan Liners – Coffee Filters

Don’t throw away your coffee filters just yet; you can actually use them to make a sachet. Just dry them out, fill them with herbs, and wrap a rubber band around the top to instantly repurpose your filters.

For those that like baking, coffee filters are great as cupcake pan liners too. We liked this suggestion because the filters will give your cupcakes a slight hint of coffee flavoring, adding a nice twist to old recipes.

We’ve given you enough uses for coffee grounds to justify your next coffee purchase, right? Of course we did. Take a look at our site for some great coffee club options to start building up your supply of coffee grounds today.

Thomas Kuegler is a Senior Editor/Researcher with Revuezzle and originally hails from Baltimore, MD, where he received his degree in Marketing. Despite loving Baltimore-indigenous pit beef and being an avid Oriole's fan, he recently decided to take residency in Orlando, FL. In his free time he enjoys reading, watching any movie that's being shown in theaters, and hunting down opportunities to take a picture with Pluto at Magic Kingdom. In the future he aspires to be a published author and write a movie script for the ages.

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