5 Secret Coffee Hacks Guaranteed to Kick-Start Your Day!

5 Secret Coffee Hacks Guaranteed to Kick-Start Your Day
We absolutely love these Secret (...shhhh...) Coffee Hacks, and we are sure you will too!
Coffee is like a morning ritual for me – and probably most of you that enjoy a cup of coffee to start the day. There’s something about the smell that quickly takes over a kitchen or how when it slowly drips out of the Keurig in my kitchen I find myself dancing in anticipation. Sure, you could say I rely on my cup of coffee in the morning and if I were to go without it (which never happens by the way), I’m almost positive my day would be ruined. I don’t just use coffee for a pick-me-up, I use it as a component of my morning routine. Without that cup in hand, I just don’t feel like I’m off to a good start.

For all of those coffee aficionados out there, I want you to know that there is much more to coffee than a good mug or even a killer k-cup. In fact, there’s ways to create one amazing cup of coffee each day that will knock your socks off and possibly even make your life better. From healthy add-ins to just twisting it up here and there, I have a few of my own personal coffee hacks I want to share with you all.

So, quickly brew a cup (I’ll wait…) and get to know my favorite must-have hacks for coffee.

Coffee Hack #1: Make Your Own Creamer

This is a lot easier than you think. While I’m partial to the Nestle Natural Bliss in Cinnamon Cream, it is really easy to replicate at home. Most ready-made creamers aren’t even made with milk and cream – and they’re full of some funky additives. If you want to save yourself the bucks, you can quickly make your own creamer at home.

Here’s how you start:

Equal Parts Milk + Cream (Heavy Cream)

Seriously, how easy is that?

Next, add in granulated sugar or honey (until the creamer is sweetened to your liking). I’m not a big fan of tons of sugar – so I add about a tablespoon to 8 ounces milk and 8 ounces cream and I’m good to go.

Last, add your flavor. Like vanilla creamer? Add some vanilla bean paste (don’t tarnish your creamer’s capabilities with imitation extract please!).

Like cinnamon cream? Add pinches of cinnamon until you get to your desired cinnamon level.

Coffee Hack #2: Grind Your Own Beans

Freshly ground coffee has such a robust flavor that once you start grinding, you cannot go back to pre-ground coffee. All you need is a bag of great whole bean coffee (check out a few of these coffee of the month clubs that deliver whole beans), a grinder (which shouldn’t cost you more than $20) and a good plastic storage tub (for those days you grind too much). You can grind it as fine or as coarse as you want so that you can add it to a reusable K-cup, French press or a regular drip machine.

Here’s a quick guide on how/what to grind:

  • Extra Fine Grind – Almost ground like sugar and used for espresso roasts (Yes, you can make your own espresso at home).
  • Fine Grind – Looks like table salt and is used for pour over coffee.
  • Medium Grind – Looks similar to coarse sand and is used for drip coffee.
  • Coarse Grind – Similar to Kosher salt. This grind is what you would use in your French press.

And, just for the record, a finer grind doesn’t equate to a stronger cup of coffee. The caffeine content comes from the roast – darker the roast, less caffeine. So, if you need a heavy pick-me-up, aim for a light roast bean.

Coffee Hack #3: Drop in Coconut Oil

Want to give your morning coffee a little health boost? Drop in 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil, give it a mix with a milk frother (incorporates it way better than a spoon FYI) and add your creamer (if you need it still at that point) and enjoy.

Why coconut oil? Adding it to your morning coffee ritual offers up a few benefits according to The Alternative Daily, including:

  • Reducing cavities
  • Improving skin and scalp
  • Preventing wrinkles
  • Improving metabolism
  • Boosting energy

You can use it instead of creamer or with your favorite creamer – you still get all the great benefits.

Did you know that adding coconut oil to your coffee can actually help with weight loss? And who isn't looking for easy weighs to keep the pounds at bay? You can learn more about this and get some great, easy coffee recipes that use coconut oil from Alex at Home Grounds!

Coffee Hack #4: Clean and Descale Your Coffee Pot Regularly

When is the last time you descaled your Keurig or cleaned your coffee maker? If you can’t recall, then you have a problem. Even with soft water, you should be cleaning and descaling your machine (regardless of brand or function) every three to four months – especially if you brew daily. A poorly kept machine will not brew as efficiently and most likely will breakdown a lot faster. And, there is nothing worse…let me repeat that: NOTHING WORSE…than waking up and your coffee maker is broke.

Also, by cleaning and descaling it, contrary to popular belief, you will find that it brews a better-tasting cup of coffee.

Coffee Hack #5: Add Spices to Your Coffee

Yes, there’s more to coffee than cream and sugar. In fact, you can add a plethora of spices to not only add in some flavor, but give you an extra boost in the morning. If you’re a coffee purist, this list probably isn’t for you – but I still suggest taking a gander and seeing what you’re missing out on.

Here’s a few of my personal favorites to add to coffee:

  • Cardamom – Grind it up with your coffee beans or just sprinkle it into a freshly brewed cup. It is commonly added to coffee in the Middle East and naturally neutralizes the stimulants of coffee – perfect if you want to enjoy a cup late at night and still sleep.
  • Cinnamon – Sprinkle it into your freshly poured cup for a natural replacement to sugar and sweeteners but also boost your immune system.
  • Butter – Skip the fat and calories of cream and add a little butter. It’s Paleo friendly and is the original ingredient behind “Bulletproof” coffee.
  • Ginger – Used as a natural digestive aid, adding ginger to your coffee cup could actually help if your stomach is naturally irritated by coffee. You can add ground ginger or even drop in a few slices of fresh ginger.
  • Peppermint Oil – I use this around the holidays and during the winter. Peppermint oil is naturally packed full of vitamins and minerals – and naturally adds that “holiday” taste without the calories of minty creamers.

There you have it, my favorite hacks.

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Happy Drinking!

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