My Experience With Bean Box Coffee Club

Bean Box Experience
We Tried Bean Box Coffee Club - but do they live up to Seattle's reputation for amazing coffee?
Oh Seattle.

The home of great seafood, breathtaking rainstorms, and of course, amazing coffee.

Seattle is home to some of the country (and dare I say the world’s) best roasters. They receive beans from all around the world and roast locally. From single-origin to organic to fair trade coffees, Seattle is the espresso lover’s mecca.

Somehow, tucked inside this metropolis, is an abundance of coffee roasters and companies. I myself cannot believe how many are in there. Just when I thought I knew them all, another pops up.

So, Bean Box was on the right track when they created their club — a club solely devoted to the art within Seattle coffees.

Don't’ think because they only specialize in Seattle coffees that you would be bombarded with repeats either. Bean Box takes time to curate their coffees and more importantly, they rarely repeat.

What Coffee Did I Receive?

I received the Bean Box Sampler. The sampler comes with four-1.8 ounce roasts (whole bean). You can choose from All Roasts, Light, Medium, Dark, Espresso and Decaf. Because I’m all about a bold roast, I went with the dark.

Bean Box Exterior of Box

All Bean Box products come in branded boxes.

Bean Box Initial Box Open

When you open it, you’re greeted with your four samples.
Bean Box Sampler Information Sheet

They also provide you with a guide about the roasts they’ve delivered. It tells you about the company/roaster and gives you some insight on why this brew is so important.

Bean Box Brewing Instructions

On the back are brewing instructions. Sure, brewing a cup of coffee feels as though it is second nature, but EVERY coffee has a different method for brewing. Some are best with 8 ounces of water and 2 tablespoons of coffee. Others need less water, more coffee, etc. So, if you ignore these instructions it’s on you. They are telling you how to get the best flavor here — so just read the card!

Bean Box Tasting Kit - Sampler Box

All of the bags are clearly labeled — always a bonus.

Bean Box Roasting Date

They also show the roasting date for that coffee. Coffees are roasted and shipped 24-48 hours. All three bags had one date and the other was roasted the day before.
Bean Box Whole Beans
Bean Box sends whole bean coffee. Most clubs do, so I suggest investing in a coffee bean grinder if you want to go club crazy.

Bean Box Fresh Beans

PS – a grinder is worth the investment. They are (gasp) $10 and you can even use them to blend up spices at home. So, seriously, shell out the $10. Plus, then you get the most out of your beans and their flavor. Don’t give into the ploy you need to spend a ton on a grinder. I have had the same $10 grinder for 6 years.

Bean Box Freshly Ground

So, How Did It Taste?

This was one of my favorite boxes to sample. Sure, I’m partial to those dark roasts — darker the better is my motto with coffee!

But, that’s not the only reason. The coffees were Ah-ma-zing. I liked them so much I stashed the extras away from friends and family. Yeah, I don’t share when they are that excellent.

Since there were four, I’ll break it down a little further:

Bean Box Brewed Coffee

Bean Box Breakaway Blend Coffee

This Sumatra was bold, buttery and nutty all in a single sip. I love Sumatra coffees and this one was beautiful. It was smooth, not bitter, no weird aftertaste and the best part: low acidity. I hate tons of acid to my coffees — this one easy to sip on.

Seriously, drink this one black. If you absolutely must add a creamer, go with half and half or straight up milk. Adding a flavored creamer here is just wrong. Wrong!

Bean Box Expresso

Bean Box Espresso Ecstasy

Making my own espresso at home makes me giddy for two reasons:

First, I love espresso, but hate driving. Best of both worlds!

Second, I hate spending money. Seriously, $5 for something I can make at home for a few cents.

The espresso from Bean Box was excellent. It was powerful and a true aphrodisiac in the morning. I whipped up some foamed milk and sugar and added it to the top (post-photo). Delicious!

I had another one this morning; if you couldn’t tell….

Bean Box Fundamental Sumatra Coffee

Bean Box Fundamental Sumatra Coffee

Another Sumatra, and I’m not mad at that in the slightest. One Sumatra isn’t the same as the others. So, get that notion out of your head right now.

This one was more herbaceous than the other (just as the little baggie promised). Again, add cream to this and you’re almost tarnishing the beauty of a perfect roast. But, if you must, I recommend a splash of half and half (i’m a purist, what can I say).

Bean Box Seven Roaster's Choice brewed coffee

Bean Box Seven Roaster's Choice Coffee

Seven’s Roaster’s Choice was dark, earthy and so smooth. Again, low acidity here, which is my go-to with coffee. I hate bitterness and while everyone seems to think “dark” equates to “bitter,” you be wrong!

Dark coffees aren’t bitter unless they’re roasted incorrectly. So, when you get a dark roast that is smooth, silky and as lustrous as this bean here from Seven, yeah….there’s just not enough adjectives out there to adequately describe it.

Sadly, I finished this bag off first. I was so depressed. I’ll move on, but will never forget how perfect this cup was.

This one here should never be tarnished with creamer. Nope. It’s perfect on its own. You get all of those bold, earthy undertones if you just leave her the way she was meant to be.

Would I Drink It Again?

Do I really need to answer that?

Okay, I will.

Yes. Every. Single. One.

Want to know more about Bean Box? Read our full review and find out how they scored in all categories of our testing process.

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Try Bean Box – One Time Shipment of Sample Box

Right now you can sample Bean Box without committing to a subscription or plan. You can get 4 – 1.8oz bags of coffee in their sample box as a one time shipment. If try this sample box, you will also receive a special offer on subscriptions to use if you decide to go with one. But hurry because it's only available for a limited time!

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Give a Bean Box Sample Box - no plans or commitments! Free Shipping!  Box includes Whole bean coffee • 4 bags x 1.8 oz • 7.2 oz ...
Coffee Choices


Coffee Types

Whole Bean, Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Espresso, Decaf, Single Origin

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Coffee Package Size

Four – 1.8oz Bags Sampler

Bean Box Subscriptions

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Save $20 on $60 order! Get Bean Box's Sampler Box of 4 - 1.8oz coffees delivered every month! Free Shipping! Coffee is just different in Seattle. ...
Order Now!
Coffee Choices


Coffee Types

Whole Bean, Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Espresso, Decaf, Single Origin

Coffee Delivery Frequency

Every 4 Weeks

Coffee Package Size

Four – 1.8oz Bags Sampler

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With Bean Box's Coffee of the Month you will get 1-12oz Bag of coffee per month - specifically selected to match your tastes. Coffee is just ...
Coffee Choices

Pre-Selected, Selective

Coffee Types

Whole Bean, Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Espresso, Decaf, Single Origin

Coffee Delivery Frequency

Every 4 Weeks

Coffee Package Size

One – 12oz Bag

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