My Experience With MixCups Coffee Club Tasting Notes and Experience

Let’s face it; there’s, not a lot of clubs out there that specifically cater to single-serve machine owners.

As a Keurig owner myself, I am usually stuck using those pesky reusable coffee filters and scooping out coffee to enjoy club options.

Enter MixCups.

MixCups is a single-serve coffee club that features hand picked coffees delivered to your door each month.

They were kind enough to send us over a sampler, so let’s see how it turned out.

What Coffee Did I Receive?

Mixcups Box Exterior

MixCups Box

MixCups sends all of your coffee in a branded box.

Mixcups Initial Box Open

Initial Box Open

When you open the box, you’ll find all of coffees for the month. The number you’ll get depends on the plan you pick. They have boxes that range from 10 cups to 60 cups, but I received the Mix of the Month Club box, which comes with 30 coffees.

Mixcups Samples

MixCups Sample Pack

Within my 30 coffees there were 10 different varieties, with three of each variety.

I had a good mix of flavored coffees, bold roasts, regular roasts, etc.

So, How Did It Taste?

I tried all 10 different varieties of coffee. Some of these coffees I’ve had before, while others I hadn’t ever seen.

MixCups Blues Cafe Coffee

Blues Cafe Coffee

The Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen has a Cool Cafe Blues coffee that was delicious. It was robust, but not bitter or acidic.

MixCups Cake Boss Coffee

MixCups Cake Boss Coffee

Next was a coffee I’ve never seen. It was the Italian Rum Cake pod from the Cake Boss. It was surprisingly good. As someone that normally doesn’t gravitate toward flavored coffees, I enjoyed this one.

It wasn’t sickeningly sweet, you could taste the rum and vanilla notes of cake, and it was even better when I added some half n’ half.

MixCups Crazy Cups Coffee

MixCups Crazy Cups Coffee

The Crazy Cups Frosted Oatmeal Cookie was delicious. You got the hints of vanilla, cinnamon and oats. When you add cream, it tastes just like a frosted cookie.

Again, the flavor wasn’t overpowering and it wasn’t too sweet. I enjoyed it.

MixCups Torani Hazelnut Coffee

MixCups Torani Hazelnut Coffee

The Torani Toasted Hazelnut was a little sweet for me, but I’m also sensitive to nutty coffees. With cream, it was good, but not my favorite.

Would I Drink It Again?

I tasted all 10 coffees from MixCups.

Out of the 10, I would probably redo 8 out of 10. And, that was only because of the flavored cups. All of the non-flavored cups were great and I was extremely impressed.

Even some of the flavored coffees I would repeat. But, the two I didn’t like were flavored coffees — that most people would probably enjoy.

Would I Recommend MixCups?

Yes, I would definitely recommend MixCups for single-serve coffee machine owners.

I really enjoyed the collection of coffees. While some people might want 30 different flavors in a 30-count box, I like that they repeat. After all, what if there is a flavor you really like and want to drink again? It’s convenient to have one there already instead of having to hunt it down at the store or online.

The price is great for K-Cups and I like that you can customize your box based on your taste preferences.

Overall, MixCups might be what you’ve been looking for if you want a club that works exclusively for single-serve.

Want to learn more about the Coffee Club? Read our Review and find out how they scored!

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MixCups – Mega Mix Club
6 years ago

MixCups – Mega Mix Club

MixCups – Mix of the Month Club
6 years ago

MixCups – Mix of the Month Club

MixCups – Mini Mix Club
6 years ago

MixCups – Mini Mix Club

A coffee club perfect for the Keurig owner that wants to add variety! Get 10 K-cups delivered every month with Free Shipping! Mixcups has ...
A coffee club perfect for the Keurig owner that wants to add variety! Get 10 K-cups delivered every month with Free Shipping! Mixcups has ...

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