My Experience With Hawaii Coffee Company

Hawaii Coffee Company
We tried the Hawaii Coffee Company's Coffee Club - If you LOVE coffee from Hawaii then this may be the club for you!
We all know it.

Well, us refined coffee drinkers do at least.

Hawaii kicks out some of the best coffee.

So, you shouldn’t be surprised at how giddy I was to try coffee from….you guessed it.

Hawaii Coffee Company does their club a little differently — and I mean that in a good way.

With them, you don’t get small measly bags of coffee. Instead, they send you gigantic bags of coffee and I’m here to tell you, it’s worth every penny.

Hawaii Coffee Company was gracious enough to send me a few samples from the Lion Flavors Club and Lion Gourmet Club options.

Let’s see how they turned out, shall we?

What Coffee Did I Receive?

Like I said, they were gracious enough to let me test out five 10-ounce bags of gourmet coffee. They shipped two from their Lion Gourmet Club and three from the Lion Flavors Club.

Now, you should know that Lion does let you customize. So, if you don’t like the selections in their club offerings, you can call and mix and match between them — a good thing to know if you’re a picky coffee drinker….like me.

OK, let’s dive in.

Hawaii Coffee Company Selections

Coffee Seletions

I received five 10-ounce bags: vanilla macadamia nut, toasted coconut, chocolate macadamia, the original Lion Coffee, and Diamond Head espresso.

Hawaii Coffee Company thank you note

Thank You Note

I even received a “thank you” card with $10 off my next purchase. That’s a cool perk to receive.

Hawaii Coffee Company Coffee Clip

Coffee Clip

I want you to check out these clips — because they are awesome. Once you open vacuum-sealed coffee, you need to close it back up. Most bags come with this exceptionally annoying plastic clips built into the bags. And, seriously, who wants to fine-tune the art of rolling (in the right direction nonetheless) just to use those things?

Hawaii Coffee Co. sent these fancy clips for their bags — all free of charge. You can reuse them for your other coffees too.

Hawaii Coffee Company Brewing Instructions

Brewing Instructions

Each bag has suggested brewing instructions on the side. I’m sure you’ve had this drilled into your head countless times by me, but I’m doing it again: EVERY coffee is different. One company could get away with 2 tablespoons at 8 ounces of water, while for another, it will taste like watered down nastiness.

Lesson here? Read the instructions for the coffee you’re enjoying.

You’ll thank them (and maybe me for constantly reminding you) for this later.

So, they don’t include roasting info or newsletters. Instead, this club focuses on sending bulk amounts of coffee and they don’t feature coffees from all over; instead,they are curated and roasted in their facility. So, you will stay within their brand and lines of gourmet coffees.

This isn’t a big deal. It’s just a less club-like experience.

So, How Did It Taste?

Well, I had five beautiful bags to work my way through.

Not complaining. It was exciting to not only test, but then know I had tons of coffee left over too!

Hawaii Coffee Company Chocolate Macadamia

Chocolate Macadamia Coffee

First, I tried the Chocolate Macadamia Nut variety. I was intrigued by this flavor combo alone. When you opened the bag, the chocolate nuttiness takes you over. It’s rich, smooth and smells like heaven.

While it brews, that smell you got opening the bag amplifies.

Taste-wise, if it’s super hot, you’re not going to get the flavor. Plus, it does take a few sips to get the flavors to build up. But, yes, you get chocolate (a rich chocolate no less) and toasted macadamia nut.

Hawaii Coffee Company Vanilla Macadamia

Vanilla Macadamia

Keeping up with the theme of flavored coffee, I moved over to the Vanilla Macadamia Nut variety. I’m not a huge fan of flavored coffees, but I will still drink them.

If it’s got caffeine, I’ll be there.

The vanilla is very powerful in this one. That’s the first smell you get when you open the grounds and it stays with you.

When you drink it, the vanilla is subtler and you get that nutty finish from the macadamia nut. If you add some sugar and a little heavy cream, this is so dreamy. Smooth, delicious and not acidic at all.

Hawaii Coffee Company Toasted Coconut

Toasted Coconut

My husband about died with delight when he saw this bag.

When you open up the Toasted Coconut variety, you get a rich, coconut smell that is by no means artificial. It reminds me of Christmas when I toast coconut for treats.

Once brewed, the first few sips aren’t as coconut-like as the smell. But, the flavors build as you drink. Add creamer to this bad boy and oh man, it’s amazing.

Hawaii Coffee Company Espresso

Diamond Espresso

I’m a sucker for home-brewed espresso. I have a Keurig, but all it takes is a reusable filter and some swizzle stick action to become a barista in my kitchen.

I first brewed the espresso as-is and gave it a sip (or three) black.

Wow. Just wow. This is by far one of the best espressos I’ve had in awhile. The flavor was smooth, not bitter and it was packing one serious punch.

Hawaii Coffee Company Espresso

Espresso with Cream

Now, to be true to the “espresso” junkies out there, I added some frothed milk and sugar.

This took it to an entirely different (amazing) level.

Yes, I had a few more of these throughout the week. So long Starbucks! Okay…maybe not. But, it was very good.

Hawaii Coffee Company Original Coffee


I’m glad they sent their original brew. This medium roast is still very flavorful, but lighter than other medium roasts. It wasn’t acidic and it was extremely smooth.

Honestly, the flavor was so great, you could go black on this one or dab in a little (very little) amount of half and half.

Would I Drink It Again?

For the flavored coffees, yes, but only when I’m in the mood.

For the espresso, oh oh yes. I did drink it again. And again. I’m going to be seriously depressed when that bag runs out.

As for the original Lion, yes, I’d drink it again too. While I’m partial to dark, robust brews, this one still had excellent flavor and wasn’t acidic. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Would I Recommend Hawaii Coffee Co. Clubs?

Oh yes, I would. They have several clubs to choose from, and while I didn’t test them all, I can tell you the selections I did receive were excellent.

They have six clubs to choose from (each comes with five 10-ounce bags) and one is a decaf club. So, there’s plenty of variety. They even have premium clubs that have slightly smaller bags, but superior Hawaiian coffee.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with Hawaii Coffee Co.

While they don’t do the usual clubby experience and bombard you with materials, they sure deliver excellent coffee. So, if you’re shopping for a no-frills club, this is one I highly recommend starting with.

Want to learn more about the Coffee Clubs from Hawaii Coffee Company? Read our review and find out how they scored!

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