My Experience with Blue Bottle Coffee Club

Blue Bottle Coffee Club Experience
We tried Blue Bottle's Coffee Club - But was it love at first sip or not?!
Have you heard of Blue Bottle?

I know it gets confusing with all of these coffee of the month clubs popping up.

Think how we feel! We have to hunt them down too.

Blue Bottle isn’t new to the coffee scene. In fact, they’ve been around for 15 (or so) years.

While they have a local store, they started to make a name for themselves when they created their coffee of the month subscription.

Blue Bottle focuses on expertly curated coffees that are distributed within 48 hours of roasting. Coffee beans are selected for their source, roast, taste and preparation all with a keen eye.

You can request a free trial from Blue Bottle — and you can bet we sure did.

Let’s see how it brewed up, shall we?

What Coffee Did I Receive?

I ordered up the free trial from Blue Bottle. When you do, you can pick between an Espresso, Blend or Origin.

I tried an Origin, since this is their most refined selection; and obviously, what I should be testing.

The free trial will ship you a single 2-ounce bag of coffee with their latest roast. After you receive that shipment, it transforms into a regular subscription (unless you cancel).

Blue Bottle Coffee Washed Beans

Washed Coffee Beans

I received Deri Kochoha from Ethiopia. It was a washed, whole bean coffee. You can always tell washed coffee from natural, because it is much lighter in color.

You should note that the beans came in a clear package. This, in my opinion, is a big no-no. Clear packages mean sunlight can penetrate and sunlight isn’t good for beans. That’s why all of the coffee you receive normally comes in dark, lined bags. So, this wasn’t exactly a good first impression.

Blue Bottle Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

With my beans, which didn’t come in any special packaging, I received tasting notes.

These notes went over the details about the beans, how they were created, and then the tasting notes. For this particular variety, I should taste honey, lemon curd, and it should all come together in a harmonious finish.

Here’s the thing….

There were no brewing instructions, no interesting tidbits, etc. Overall, the tasting card was bland and didn’t excite me in the slightest to even try the coffee.

Blue Bottle Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee

I ground up the beans immediately. You could smell the lemon while grinding — that is one beauty to those washed beans.

So, How Did It Taste?

Blue Bottle Coffee Brewed

Blue Bottle Coffee

I wasn’t impressed.

Not going to lie.

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of washed coffees, but I’ve had my fair share and there are plenty out there with great flavor that I would drink again (and again).

This one was watery, muted and tasted more like a robust tea than coffee.

The aftertaste is definitely worth noting. Nothing was harmonious here. Nope. Instead, it felt as though honey and lemon were in an epic battle for tastebud domination — and no one was winning.

I had a bitter, lemonish aftertaste that didn’t want to release my palate. It was almost aggravating.

The coffee itself was very smooth, but also very acidic. The color was a lighter caramel color and you could smell the honey and lemon curd while it brewed.

Would I Drink It Again?

Definitely not.

Even my mother, a tea lover, couldn’t stand the taste.

So, it wasn’t just my biased against those washed beans.

Would I Recommend Blue Bottle Coffee?

From one measly 2-ounce sample, it’s hard to say if I would repeat.

That being said, there’s clubs that sent 2 ounces and I could easily say I’d try them again. But, that was because they also offered an experience.

The sampler from Blue Bottle wasn’t special. No special packaging, clear bags, minimal notes. At least other “sample senders” gave me a glimpse into what the club would be like if I continued with them.

From the overall experience, and taste of Blue Bottle, I’m not impressed.

So, no. I probably wouldn’t try Blue Bottle Coffee again.

That being said, you can order up your own free trial and give it a whirl — it’s free, and there’s no catch there.

Did you try a free sample from Blue Bottle? Share your experience! We’d love to see how your free sample turned out.

Want to know more about Blue Bottle Coffee Club? Read our Full Review and find out how they scored in all categories.

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