My Experience With Angels Cup Coffee Club

My Experience with Angels Cup Coffee Club
We Tried Angels Cup Coffee Club - We Loved it, and we know you will too!
When you think about joining a coffee of the month club, what comes to mind?

New coffees to try, sure.

Gourmet coffees, naturally.

But, what about the experience?

Most coffee of the month clubs do offer an “experience,” but none can compare to the fun and mystery that Angels Cup puts into their club.

When that sleek, black box arrives, you find yourself almost giddy at what you will find. Will there be light coffees? Washed coffees? Espresso? And, they keep it a mystery even after you open it. If you wanted, you could do a blind taste test and never know what you are drinking until you’re done.

Welcome to your new life as a coffee hunter my fellow coffee friend.

With Angel’s Cup, you never know. That’s the fun of it. Pure mystery.

What Coffee Did I Receive?

Just looking at the box Angel’s Cup uses makes you excited.
Angels Cup Coffee Club Box

They do one heck of a job when it comes to branding. While simple, you know what you’re receiving.

Angels Cup Box Contents

Angels Cup Box Contents

This is what builds the excitement. Your box’s label.

Here you are told that there are four samples and that each one is a mystery. To unravel the mystery, you must taste the secrets.

Seriously, how could you not get excited over this?

Angels Cup Initial Open

Initial Box Open

When you first open the box, you find your tasting cards. They are turned face down so that if you want to stick to the mystery, you can do a blind taste test. Then, after you’ve sipped, you flip the card over to see what you’re drinking.

Seriously. Awesome. Guys.

Angels Cup Brewing Instructions

Brewing Instructions

The bottom of your box has the brewing goodies. This is important. When a club doesn’t tell you how to brew coffee, you could end up with something stronger than intended or worse, watery.


Angels Cup Bags in Box

Bags in the Box

All four coffees come in their own sleek, silky black bags. Don’t ask me to explain it, but you almost feel like you’ve been given some super expensive gift when you run your fingers over these bags — even though you paid for it.

Angels Cup Sample

Angels Cup Sample Number

The bags have a sample number, which correlates with the tasting cards.

Angels Cup Roasting Date

Roasting Date

On the other side of the bag you’ll find the date the beans were roasted. Yes, they send whole beans, but in the club you can pick between beans, grounds, etc.

Angels Cup Coffee Tasting App

Coffee Tasting App

They sent me an info sheet about their app, which is super cool.

Yes, I tried it out too.

What’s cool about this app is you can input your own tasting notes. What they are doing here is teaching you how to taste coffee. You input what you taste in the app, then you compare your notes with the roaster’s tasting notes. It helps you develop a coffee taste skill.

Don’t roll your eyes.

Coffee tasting is not something you just do instantly — I don't care how much coffee you drink each day. It is a skill that you must learn and refine. So, hats off to Angels Cup for teaching their subscribers HOW to taste coffee.

Angels Cup Tasting Note Cards

Tasting Note Cards

If you want to spoil the mystery — or look later — you have tasting notes on the other side of the card. The tasting notes tell you the roaster (they usually feature two coffees from two different roasters in a box), the elevation of the beans, the processing method, the region they were acquired, flavors you should find, and notes.

Side note: the paper they use for this club is friggin amazing (for lack of something that sounds more educated). This company tries to give you a luxurious travel experience through a mug, and they carefully craft the experience with each thing they send you — right down to the luxury linen finish on their paper.

I can testify it does make a difference. Even if it is just a paper to some.

So, How Did It Taste?

If this isn’t the first blog you’ve read from me, then you know I’m not a fan of washed coffee. So, it was just my luck that this month’s Angels box was…..all washed coffee beans.

Hey, I’m a professional. I buckled down, ground the beans and tackled those washed coffees!

And, I’m glad I did.

I was surprised at the flavors and the complexity within these coffees. Here’s how they broke down:

Angels Cup Quills Coffee

Quills Coffee

The first was from Quills Coffee. It was a washed bean from Kayon Mountain. I didn’t look at the tasting notes until after I drank the coffee — yes, it’s more fun that way.

I instantly tasted orange and floral notes. The orange was by far the most prominent flavor. It was sweet, light, and reminded me of a tea, but with a slight kick.

Unlike other washed coffees, this one wasn’t as acidic. The finish was very smooth too.

Not bad. I’d probably drink it again.

Angels Cup Quills Columbian

Quills Columbia

The second was another from Quills Coffee. This washed bean came from Columbia.

I instantly tasted something raisin-like and what do you know, the tasting card said you’d taste raisin, fig and possibly pear or plantain. I didn’t get anything except raisin.

It was….interesting.

Angels Cup Verve Coffee


The third coffee I tasted was from Verve Coffee. The beans came from Honduras.

This coffee was darker than the other washed beans I tried, and as I sipped it, I could taste something citrusy and got hints of cinnamon. Flip the card over and hey, I was right.

This coffee was meant to taste like lemongrass (citrus), cinnamon, peach, possibly apple and maybe green tea.

This coffee, while darker in color, was more tea-like than all of the coffees I tried. It wasn’t overly sweet, but it was acidic and once cooled completely, too sweet for me.

Angels Cup Coffee Club

Verve Kenya

The last coffee I tried was also from Verve Coffee, and was a washed bean from Kenya.

This one had a milk chocolate-like color, and the flavor I could instantly recognize as raisin and something super sweet.

The tasting notes said you would catch raisin (yup), tropical fruit, and honeysuckle.

Would I Drink Again?

Considering I’m not a washed coffee fan, you cannot judge me for saying no. But, I probably would drink the first coffee again — because it wasn’t as sweet and acidic as most washed coffees.

Would I Recommend Angels Cup?

Oh yes, oh yes.

Angels Cup is by far the only club that acts like a coffee of the month tasting club. They make it a mystery, they build it up, they get you so excited, and by the time your coffee arrives, you’re down to taste and try anything.

It’s an excellent ploy.

They encourage experimentation and they will make sure you try something new.

Despite the fact I got all washed beans, I wasn’t disappointed — nor did it make me think less of this club. Instead, I was impressed. They curated some amazing coffee varieties from around the world — and hey, I still drank them.

The sheer mystery and tasting experience from this club is reason enough to try them out. They don’t send washed coffee beans each month, but if they do, you might enjoy it.

Even better, you will find that you jump into character.

Becoming a coffee hunter.

You’re scrutinizing flavors you didn’t know existed in coffee and learning how to taste coffee. You are tasting your way through the world (literally), trying new types of coffee beans, and even coming together with the community of Angel’s Cup testers — all for less than $25 per month.

What other club does that?

I’ll tell you, none.

I say try it out. There’s no contracts, and I have a feeling you will enjoy every minute of it like I did.

So, on your way adventurers!

Want to learn more about Angels Cup Coffee Club? Read our full review and find out how they scored in all categories.

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A fun mysterious coffee of the month club that offers 4 - 12oz bags of exceptional coffee delivered weekly, every two weeks or monthly. Free Shipping ...
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