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ElephantDrive Review

Elephant Drive Review

Get 1TB for less than $10/month. Simple and powerful cloud backup is what ElephantDrive is all about. Keep all of your most important files protected online and have ...



ElephantDrive allows users to create accounts online for protecting their data. Using infrastructure-on-demand, this company first started to gain momentum when they began offering NAS drive capability. While you do not have to have a NAS to use ElephantDrive, it is a bonus for those who run their family computers on one.

A cloud backup provider with multiple membership options and high-capacity storage.

  • Free 15-day trial
  • Always free 2GB of storage space
  • Automatic backups
  • Sync and sharing capable
  • Up to 10 devices covered per plan
  • NAS and Linux supported
  • Discounted pricing if you pay per year
  • Higher price per gigabyte
  • No unlimited storage plans
  • No remote wipe feature
  • No Local backup
  • Bandwidth restrictions may be an issue
  • File size restrictions of 1GB (200MB on Free Accounts)
  • More expensive than backup only services

Access: (Rating: 10/10)

You can log in and access your ElephantDrive files and account all via their web portal. They do not require a downloaded software program to access files, but it makes backing up easier if you have the software on your computer or device. With the downloaded software, you can just add things to your ElephantDrive – as if it were part of your hard drive. So, any files you save to the software are automatically updated – and you can access them on your computer or any device with the software. The ElephantDrive icon is on your desktop and system tray, so you can click to access it right away or see the progress of its update and sync.

Backup: (Rating: 8/10)

Backups with ElephantDrive can be automatic and incremental – depending on how you want it to work. You can also manually update a file if you want to make sure it has saved. ElephantDrive lets you choose a backup category, such as selecting “My Documents” for ElephantDrive to monitor and backup as they change. You can also add a specific file to the ElephantDrive section on your computer. With their service, you can back up on Windows, Linux, NAS drives, Mac OS X and Java Runtime Engines. While you are not limited to file size or types, you cannot backup operating systems. You can choose how much bandwidth to use to speed up your backup, but there are limitations. There are no local backups with ElephantDrive.

Restore: (Rating: 9/10)

Restoring files with ElephantDrive is easy. You can login to your online account, find the file and manually download or just find it through the downloaded software. ElephantDrive leaves you up to versioning. So you can choose how many versions and up to how long of a history you want the system to store. For a full system restore, you would set up a “Restore Job” which slowly restores to your computer. If you were to turn off the computer, Restore Job would pick up where it left off. ElephantDrive does not have a restore to your door feature – so you are at the mercy of the download speeds.

Share: (Rating: 9/10)

ElephantDrive does allow their users to share files and they make it fast and easy to do too. You have a few options to share with ElephantDrive. They recently allowed folder collaboration and sharing. You can add people to your folders and set permissions. But, you can also share a single file via a share link. If you want to share multiple files, you can copy and paste their share link. You can also add passwords to your share links to increase protection. They do store conflicted copies if you have shared folders.

Sync: (Rating: 10/10)

All of your important files can be accessed on your other devices – including mobile devices. ElephantDrive got their sync service right and with the web access feature, you don’t even have to have the software downloaded to access your files. Because they automatically synchronize, you can save a file and access it on the go to continue working on it. You can also share, edit and add people via your mobile devices.

Security: (Rating: 9/10)

Data is always encrypted with ElephantDrive. Before a file is transferred to the cloud it is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption, then stored using a 128-bit SSL secured channel. They do feature a hardened data center and have taken great strides to protect data stored on their servers.

Help & Support: (Rating: 9/10)

The online help guide and video tutorials are extensive with ElephantDrive. They have so many questions answered already – most people may never need to contact tech support. But, in the rare occasion you do need to speak to a human you can email or call their 1-800 number. At this time, they do have live chat support, but it is unclear what their hours are at this time.


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What we Like About ElephantDrive

Free Trial: Even though you can use ElephantDrive for free, they also give you the opportunity to try it for free for up to 15 days. That way you can try out all the features before upgrading to one of their paid plans. The free trial is only necessary, however, if you do need more space than 2GB.

Free 2GB: You can get up to 2GB of free storage space and still access all of the same features of ElephantDrive.

Automatic Backups: Users who don’t like to maintain their cloud storage will not have to worry with ElephantDrive. Everything automatically backs up – making it a lot easier to protect your data.

NAS and Linux: Not all cloud storage providers offer NAS support let alone Linux. But, ElephantDrive made a name for itself by offering NAS and even Java Runtime support. They offer a range of NAS support features and are so comprehensive, that top companies like NETGEAR, Western Digital and even Q-nap are all offering ElephantDrive suggestions because it is the easiest and robust tool to set up for their backups.

Sync and Sharing Capable: ElephantDrive is one of the few that allow you to synchronize and share your files. With their sharing, you have the option of adding people to folders or just sending them a link – but you can further the protection by adding a user password and setting permissions for those who gain access.

Annual Discounts: If you choose to sign up for a paid plan with ElephantDrive, you have the option of picking a month-to-month or annually. If you pay for an annual account upfront, they will give you 16% off. But, we suggest trying it first for a month before committing – refunds are not possible.

Extensive Help Guides: ElephantDrive wanted to really answer just about every question you ever have with their service. Their help guides are extensive and they even feature video tutorials that will walk you through step-by-step. They also feature phone, email and live chat support.

Control of Versioning and Archiving: While some cloud storage providers limit how long a deleted file is stored or how many versions they will keep on their servers, ElephantDrive puts you in control. You can change the settings to keep versions for as long or as little as you want – just realize that each version you store may take up some of your paid for space.

What we Don't Like about ElephantDrive

No Unlimited Storage Plans: While they do give users up to 2TB of storage space, they don’t offer an unlimited plan – which could be a deal breaker for those who don’t want to be limited on their space options.

Bandwidth Restrictions: They are not clear about their bandwidth restrictions, but give you the option to adjust bandwidth for faster or slower updating.

No Remote Wipe Feature: ElephantDrive has many security measures in place, but one they are lacking is the remote wipe feature. This means if someone steals your device, they still can access your data through the ElephantDrive software.

How to Backup with ElephantDrive

You can back up through the downloaded software as well as online with ElephantDrive – all depending on how you want to upload your files.

To Backup from Online:
1. Log in to the ElephantDrive online account.
2. Click on Backup/Restore tab, then Manage Backup Jobs.
3. Click Add Backup.
4. Create a name for the backup, then put a check in the Enabled box.
5. Input he folder path name that you want to backup. You can navigate to the path through your online backup too if you don’t know the path.
6. Once setup, it will start to back up the data then automatically back it up as it changes.

To Back up on the Device:
1. Open the ElephantDrive software from your menu or task bar.
2. Select Actions, then Add/Edit Backups. The Manage Backups window should then appear.
3. Select New Backup to add a new backup to your ElephantDrive task list.
4. Create a name for this Backup.
5. Select Add Folder, then pick the location of the file you wish to backup.
6. You can also opt for a category or type of file in a folder, such as Word Docs only or pictures.
7. Click Save to get ElephantDrive to start backing up your data.

You are able to change the frequency of the backup in your Scheduling section. You can also set exclusions in the Exclusion section if there are certain files you don’t want automatically backed up.

How to Restore Using ElephantDrive

Just like backing up, ElephantDrive offers two ways to restore: online or via desktop.

Restoring via the Website:
When restoring online, you can do so via the Download or Restore tab. If you are doing a full restore, then opt for the Restore tab. But, if you are just recovering or downloading a single file, you can use the Download feature.

For the Download option:
1. Log in to your account online.
2. Find the file or folder you wish to download.
3. Right click on that object, then select Download. You will need Java installed on your computer to use this feature.
4. Select the location where you want the file to be downloaded. You can then monitor the progress of that download online.

For the Full Restore option:
1. Find the folder(s) you would like to restore.
2. Right click on the object(s) and select Restore Folder.
3. Pick your Destination Device, then the Destination Path. The device must be added to your account to receive these files.
4. Select Start Restore Now or manually specify a time you wish the restore to start.
5. Once your restore starts, you will receive a confirmation.

Restoring via Desktop:
This option is ideal if you need to access data that is backed up, but you are not necessarily restoring something you lost. You can, however, use this method for a full restore too.

1. Click on the ElephantDrive program.
2. Select Actions, then Access Your Files.
3. In the Access Your Files section, select the files or folders you need. Then click on the Restore button.

If you plan to turn your computer off, set up a Restore Job instead. This allows ElephantDrive to pick up where it left off if your computer times out for any reason.

9.1 Total Score

ElephantDrive is all about providing simple, yet powerful online backup and sharing tools. With their online storage, you have the ability to keep your files safe, while still synchronizing them across all of your devices.

Help and Support
  • Free 15-day trial
  • Always free 2GB of storage space
  • Automatic backups
  • Sync and sharing capable
  • Up to 10 devices covered per plan
  • NAS and Linux supported
  • Discounted pricing if you pay per year
  • Higher price per gigabyte
  • No unlimited storage plans
  • No remote wipe feature
  • No Local backup
  • Bandwidth restrictions may be an issue
  • File size restrictions of 1GB (200MB on Free Accounts)
  • More expensive than backup only services


Get 1TB for less than $10/month. Simple and powerful cloud backup is what ElephantDrive is all about. Keep all of your most important files protected online and have ...



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