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ADrive Review

Adrive review

For 1000GB of storage for just $2.50 per month, ADrive’s high storage capacity for super low prices is all some users need to make ADrove work for them, despite some ...


ADrive started in 2007 by veteran IT professionals who specialized in the network and online storage industry. They wanted to meet the demands of their data-intensive world and offer higher storage capacities and more features to accommodate today’s online storage customer. Today they offer their online storage to individuals, businesses and enterprises.

ADrive is an affordable alternative with an astounding 50GB of free space.

  • Up to 50GB of free storage space
  • Free 60-day trial for premium plans
  • Secure file transfer
  • Sharing and syncing capable
  • Online editing capabilities (with installed third party app)
  • Free version supported by ads
  • Security issues with free version
  • No Linux, NAS or external hard drive support
  • Limited tech support
  • File versions only saved for seven days
  • No desktop app with free version

Access: (Rating: 10/10)

ADrive, like most cloud storage companies, is easy to access. You can securely access, manage and restore files via the online app at any time and from anywhere. They also have Android and Apple mobile apps so that you can access your files on the go. They support Mac OSX and Windows, but do not support Linux. There is a downloaded desktop app, which is the easiest way to work with ADrive, because then it works like a virtual external hard drive – and you enable all the easy access and backup features that way too. Online, you can manage permissions, add users (if your account permits users), and more.

Backup: (Rating: 7/10)

Because ADrive operates like a virtual external hard-drive, backing up files is as easy as saving to an external. You just select the program and save your file to ADrive. You can also do a drag-and-drop into the online system as well as the downloaded desktop app. There are file size limitations, but it is 16GB at a time – which most users will not pass up. You can also edit your files via ADrive online, using the Zoho Editor installed app. You can also transfer files to your account via SCP, SFTP and Rsync. Backups are automatic, but only if you make changes in the ADrive account. Otherwise, they are daily. You cannot backup external hard drives or NAS drives.

Restore: (Rating: 6/10)

Changes and versions are only saved for seven days max on ADrive. Restoring files is easier, because all you have to do is download the desktop app to access your files right away. You can also access any file you want online. You can recover from the trash, but storage is limited and if you want to recover a version, it must be within seven days of originally editing it or it will be deleted from the server.

Share: (Rating: 9/10)

You are able to share folders and files from your ADrive account. You can create a share link via the online portal, then send that link to family and friends. When you upload files, you can opt for a file to be shared publicly too. These show up as a basic list of files, but the overall process is not very impressive. You can, however, set permissions and passwords for those you share files and folders with – ensuring everything stays secure. Conflicted copies may arise if two people are working on the same file from their desktop, but via Zoho Editor everything is synced automatically. You can also set expiration dates for shared files.

Sync: (Rating: 7/10)

As long as you have the desktop app, everything will sync automatically as you change it. Files will also sync if you make changes directly from the online portal via Zoho Editor. But, because files are incrementally backed up and synced via the desktop app, the latest version may not be available until everything is backed up fully.

Security: (Rating: 4/10)

Security is as it is expected with most cloud storage providers. ADrive offers client encrypted file transfer and storage, but again, you must remember to set your folders to private after uploading them. They do not own or maintain their own servers, but data is stored on geo-redundant servers in hardened facilities. At this time, they do not offer a remote wipe feature. Unfortunately, free accounts do not get the same security as Premium accounts. So, free users may actually be putting their personal information at risk using ADrive.

Help & Support: (Rating: 5/10)

ADrive uses the typical tech support ticket submission system online. Guides are difficult to access, so most users may have to rely on tech support for answers to their questions. While they say the offer phone support, the phone number to call is non-existent on their website. The user forums can also offer some insight.


Users can opt for a free 60-day trial for premium accounts before paying.

Personal Basic: Up to 50GB of free storage. Allows online file sharing, anytime access and file synchronizing, documents can be edited online and easy search tool is included. This version is supported by third-party advertisements and does not feature same security. This account is free.

Personal Premium: Up to 20TB of storage space, but starts with 100GB. Access all ADrive features, including security, secure file transfer, online editing/sharing/syncing, desktop app and more. Starts at $2.50 per month or $25 per year after free trial.


Storage Space









Help and Support




Full Restore

Restore Individual Files

Version History: 0 help


Link Sharing

Automatic Sync

Other Features


Geo-Redundant Storage help

Hardened Facilities help

Encrypted File Transfer

Encrypted File Storage




IOS Iphone/Ipad


Windows Mobile

What We Like About ADrive

Free Storage up to 50GB: ADrive does give a generous amount of storage space up for free. Users who have a lot of photos, music or videos can enjoy the free storage space until they run out.

Free 60-Day Trial: If you are weary about ADrive, the good news is you don’t have to commit to a contract or deal with the ad-cluttered free version. Instead, you can try their premium plan free for 60 days and see if you like it.

Fairly Affordable: When compared to others, their premium account starts at $2.50 per month for 100GB of storage and access to all of their security features, tech support, file sharing and desktop features. This price is rather affordable compared to other cloud storage providers.

What We Don't Like About ADrive

Free Account Comes with Serious Limitations and Issues: The free account, while great, has no SSL encryption. Users’ files are up for grabs, there is no tech support, the program is supported by third-party advertisements and the free account users can only access via the online app (no desktop or mobile support). All of the features that make ADrive great are gone with the free account.

File Versions are Limited: ADrive only keeps file versions for 7 days. As a company that boasts about their online sharing and collaboration, limiting people to just one week of versions defeats the purpose. A collaborative folder that needs to restore to an older version past one week may be better off using Dropbox or instead of ADrive.

Tech Support is Limited: While they claim they have 24/7 tech support, it is all via a ticket submission system. So, you cannot receive answers right away. They do not have a clear tech support phone number and their online forums are limited. The guides online are not adequate supplement and not as in-depth as other online cloud storage providers.

No Linux, External or NAS: When people search for online cloud storage providers, they may want to automatically back up their external or even a NAS drive. ADrive will not be able to help. And, if you have a Linux-based computer, you won’t be able to use ADrive.

Not Automatic: Backups are not automatic, exactly. If you use the online system and editor, then everything is changed from the moment you make a change. But, from the desktop app, everything is incremental. Which means you will only have access to the latest changes since the last full backup – which is only twice a day.

Trying to be a Collaborative Suite: ADrive tries to be a collaborative suite by offering online editing, but this is done via a third-party app, Zoho Editor. Other online collaborative suites offer better functionality and less hiccups.

How to Backup with ADrive

ADrive allows you to backup via desktop and the web. But, since free accounts do not use the desktop version, it is best to learn how to backup via the web first. And, the desktop app is straightforward – just drag and drop to save to ADrive. Because the desktop app doesn’t automatically backup, you may want to use the online app anyway to ensure changes are automatic.

1. Sign in to your ADrive account.
2. From the main menu, you can create automatic backups. Schedule them for daily, weekly or monthly – depending on how often you expect to make changes.
3. Click on Add New Job.
4. Name the backup job.
5. Choose the files and folders, then the remote folder you wish to store them in.
6. Schedule the backup.
7. Save the job and it will begin as scheduled.

How to Restore with ADrive

Because backups are incremental from the desktop, you will want to restore from the online portal rather than the downloaded software.

1. Sign in to your online account.
2. Go to My Files.
3. Locate the file or folder you wish to restore, select it and then click Restore.
4. Select location for restore or download straight from the web.

Remember that versions are stored for only seven days, which you can see under My Files or View Last Log to see changes.

6.9 Total Score

ADrive is a cloud storage provider that offers up to 50GB of free storage. While they do have a high free storage capacity, they still have a few shortcomings. But, for some people, the high storage capacity is all they need to make ADrive the solution for them.

Help and Support
  • Up to 50GB of free storage space
  • Free 60-day trial for premium plans
  • Secure file transfer
  • Sharing and syncing capable
  • Online editing capabilities (with installed third party app)
  • Free version supported by ads
  • Security issues with free version
  • No Linux, NAS or external hard drive support
  • Limited tech support
  • File versions only saved for seven days
  • No desktop app with free version


For 1000GB of storage for just $2.50 per month, ADrive’s high storage capacity for super low prices is all some users need to make ADrove work for them, despite some ...



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