Cloud Backup Reviews – 2018

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CrashPlan Small Business Review

CrashPlan Small Business Review

Crashplan is a great option for users looking to create redundant locations for their backed up data, and won’t have any problems managing the complexity of it. It is not a file sharing or a file syncing tool, so users will need to keep that in mind. However, CrashPlan provides an unlimited backup solution at a reasonable price.

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2 ElephantDrive Review

ElephantDrive Review

ElephantDrive is all about providing simple, yet powerful online backup and sharing tools. With their online storage, you have the ability to keep your files safe, while still synchronizing them across all of your devices.

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3 SOS Online Backup Review

SOS Online Backup Review

SOS Online Backup prioritizes speed and affordability, making it one of the best backup services available that offers unlimited storage. They also archive deleted files forever, or until users manually delete the files from the company's servers. Overall, their features are exceptional, and the service has few downsides.

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$4.99 $3.74
4 BackBlaze Review

BackBlaze Review

BackBlaze is unique because it backs up everything except files specifically selected for exclusion. Backblaze backs up all the files, including music, pictures, and movies. It's a true backup service, rather than a syncing or sharing service. This is why we have rated it higher based on being a true backup service and not a sync/share utility.

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5 SpiderOak Review

SpiderOak Review

SpiderOak has very few shortcomings: it’s secure, extremely versatile, and affordable. The shortcomings it does have are fairly insignificant. Because of this, SpiderOak is a top pick in the online back category here at

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6 Acronis Review

Acronis Review

Acronis has its disadvantages, but overall it's a decent cloud service. They are the only provider to offer true system image backups. And geeks will love the service's advanced features because the software is highly customizable to meet the pickiest desires. Unfortunately, Acronis has a pay-to-use support ticket system, and their program takes up a whopping half gigabyte. It remains to be seen how Acronis will adapt to joining the cloud backup spectrum – we would like to see them streamline their software interface even more for beginners.

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$79.99 $49.99
7 IDrive Backup Review

IDrive Backup Review

Some of IDrive’s features are outstanding, but they do have a no refund policy on their auto-renew - which may make them less favorable than companies with refunds. If you have simple backup, syncing, and sharing needs that don’t involve sensitive information or interaction with Customer Support, IDrive might work for you.

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$69.50 $52.12
8 Mozy Review

Mozy Review

Mozy is a cloud backup hosting company that seeks to be exactly that. They keep only the latest backup of your data on their servers and everything is encrypted before it even leaves your computer. Mozy offers services to both free and paid users. It’s easy to set up with an automatic selection process, but selected files can be reviewed and easily modified to meet specific needs. With Mozy 2.0, new users also get 2xProtect, which is a local backup option for no additional cost.

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9 ADrive Review

ADrive Review

ADrive is a cloud storage provider that offers up to 50GB of free storage. While they do have a high free storage capacity, they still have a few shortcomings. But, for some people, the high storage capacity is all they need to make ADrive the solution for them.

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10 Carbonite Review

Carbonite Review

Carbonite has some compatibility issues, but the service is cheap at a mere $59 for 12 months. Despite some of its better features, like their super fast file restore, many customers are unsatisfied with the service. Still, it's a reasonably reliable backup service with a lot of support from big names like Lenovo and Microsoft.

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