Top 6 Reasons to Use Cloud Backups at Home

dreamstime_xs_27766530Ah, the intangible, omnipresent cloud. The term is thrown around a lot, especially for businesses. But the cloud, especially cloud backups, can be just as useful for regular Joes as it is for business owners.

While you may be vaguely aware that some of your devices, like cell phones, back up data to the cloud, you might want to consider backing your computer up to the cloud as well. Why, you say? What’s wrong with your monthly scheduled backup using the bricklike block that is your external hard drive? Here are four good reasons to lose the brick – or at least supplement it with cloud backups.


1. Ease

You probably know that you should back your data up as often as possible. But doing so is a pain. You would rather stream the latest episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. We get it, and so do cloud backups.

The beauty of the cloud is that all you need to perform a backup is internet access, so there’s no need to haul out the hard drive. Additionally, you can actually program cloud backups to happen automatically. So you can stream the latest episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey while the cloud automatically backs up your data. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Accessibility

Going on vacation or a business trip? If you back up your data on the cloud, you’re in luck. Even if you don’t bring a laptop along, you can access all of your files and save vacation photos from any old computer. Same goes for other data, including personal documents and archives. If you do bring along your device, it can perform cloud backups as usual while you travel.

3. Simple to Share

Sharing may be tough for toddlers, but you’re better than that. Your handy cloud backups allow you to share specific files with family and friends. So after you upload those vacation pictures to your backups, you can immediately give relatives access so they can envy you.

4. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Again, the cloud is great because you can access it from anywhere… and from anything with a screen and an internet connection. If you suddenly need to access a private file, you can get to it using a tablet, a mobile device, whatever you have handy.

5. Security

Unlike an external hard drive, your cloud backups are being watched over by your cloud backup provider. That provider has access to resources, including powerful generators and state-of-the-art security, that private citizen you probably cannot afford. Your external hard drive can get smashed, waterlogged, stolen, or otherwise spoiled, but your cloud backups are safe and sound with the big guys.

6. Size

Another thing the big cloud backup companies have access to that you don’t is unlimited capacity. Cloud backup discs are enormous, so you can forget about buying an expensive new hard drive to save your growing collection of data. No matter how much stuff you need to store, cloud backup systems have room.

Put simply, cloud backups can accommodate your location, device, and data load in a way that external hard drives just can’t. So don’t feel too bad ditching your clunky drive and ascending to the cloud – just sit back and enjoy the hassle-free view.

Lynn is the founder and chief editor at She is responsible for strategy and business development. Her background is in software development, marketing, and project management. She loves camping, traveling, and all things soccer related. She has been married for over 30 years to one great guy and has two adult children. Lynn is also the human companion to two cats - Jynx and Spanky. She is based in Minnesota, USA.

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