Top 5 Reasons to Start Using Cloud Storage

Cloud ComputingCloud storage has it all: a cool name, lots of attention in the press, multiple homes, and a #1 hit album. OK, maybe it doesn’t have the album, but cloud storage is (or should be) on everyone’s VIP list nonetheless.

Businesses big and small, along with private users, can tap into cloud storage and enjoy the perks. What perks, you say?

Here are the top 5 reasons to start using cloud storage.

  • Security: This is usually one reason why people are afraid to start using cloud storage. The internet is a scary place, they figure, and the ‘cloud’ doesn’t sound that secure. Someone can just reach through the vapor and steal all of that confidential information. Right?The truth of the matter is that cloud storage is a lot stronger than vapor. Cloud storage companies are aware of the dangers of the internet, and they invest huge amounts of money in buying servers and building up good reputations. They have no intention of compromising their business by letting viruses or malware in.As you might guess from this, cloud storage providers enlist the best internet security money can buy – security that is probably way over your budget. Hence, if you are using cloud computing, your data is safe and sound.
  • Space: One of the greatest advantages of cloud storage is that it can grow and shrink with your needs. If you outgrow your physical backup device, you have to purchase a whole new one for an annoyingly hefty price. If you run out of space using cloud storage, on the other hand, you can simply upgrade to more or even unlimited storage. No trip to the store, no hassle.
  • Price: Needless to say, paying a fee for unlimited storage in the cloud is way cheaper than buying and maintaining lots of hard drive storage space. Hard drives are physical devices you can drop, spill coffee on, and otherwise put out of commission. If you experience issues that are out of your control, your hard drive manufacturer may not even be willing to help if your equipment is out of warranty.Spilling coffee on a cloud computing device is, thankfully, quite impossible. You can also save money since, if problems arise, your cloud computing company will probably be happy to assist you.
  • Global Access: Do you travel for business, or have collaborators on a national or international level? If so, cloud storage is the obvious choice. Cloud storage is accessible anywhere from any time, so you or other can tap into your information when needed. This is excellent for travel, since you don’t have to haul around a hard drive.
  • Collaboration: Since cloud storage allows access to your information from anywhere, it is the perfect tool for global teamwork. Using cloud storage, workers can collaborate on projects simultaneously, providing instant updates and eliminating the danger of duplicating work. This also erases the need for long email chains with document attachments – the bane of any online worker.
  • No wonder cloud computing has such a great rep – it is cost-effective, safe, efficient, and globally accessible. So go ahead and join the cloud storage fan club. You will be in very good company.

    Where Should I Start?

    There are plenty of cloud storage companies to try out, but if you want to make it worth your while — and pick a company that will deliver all of the benefits above — you can start with our Best cloud storage lists. There you will find a list of our top-rated cloud storage providers based on performance, price and more.

    If you aren't sure where to start, we suggest trying CrashPlan, Elephant Drive or Dropbox first.

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