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7.1 A more refined wine club.
Crashplan Review
For $5.99 /mo

$13.99/month Family (2-10 Computers)

Discounts for yearly subscriptions

free trial 30 Days
No Credit Card Required for Free Trial!

CrashPlan offers excellent redundancy and is still easy to use. While it doesn’t have any file syncing or sharing capabilities, it is an excellent backup solution for home users. For a low monthly fee, you get unlimited storage capacity, no file size or bandwidth restrictions, and the ability to set your own custom backup schedule.

Most importantly, CrashPlan is one of the few providers who offer a truly unlimited backup. They don’t have ridiculous bandwidth or file size limitations so that you get the unlimited potential you paid for.

CrashPlan works on Windows, MAC and Linux systems and restoring files is a breeze. They even have mobile apps for iOS and Android – so that you can back up anything from anywhere.

A Few Details about this Plan:

There is a free version of CrashPlan that lets you backup for 30 days. After that, you will have to sign up for the unlimited plan, but this only costs $4 per month for a single user or $9 per month for a family plan that lets you backup two to 10 computers.

CrashPlan has amazing help and support. You can speak to a tech online, via email or over the phone.

Got a NAS? CrashPlan does support NAS drives, so you can back up your entire family network with ease.

Rated #2



8.6 Good
OpenDrive Review
For $19.95 /mo

Unlimited Computers, Unlimited Files

free trial 5GB Forever
No Credit Card Required!

OpenDrive offers unlimited cloud backups and features that you would expect when paying for unlimited storage capacity.

You can upload everything from your photos to documents to movies and more with OpenDrive.

OpenDrive also features automatic and continuous backups so that you never have to worry about losing a single version of your files. With their file sharing and syncing capabilities, you can store items on the cloud, but never feel like they are stuck on the cloud.

While OpenDrive does have non unlimited plans, you get the most value for your buck just going with their unlimited option.

A Few Details about this Plan:

OpenDrive offers unlimited restrictions and unlimited devices as well as unlimited storage for just $19.95 per month.

Want to try it free first? You can try OpenDrive for free for up to 5GB of storage, but some features may be disabled.

Rated #3



8.4 Excellent
backblaze review
For $5.00 /mo

Discounts for yearly subscriptions

free trial 15 Days
No Credit Card Required for Free Trial!

BackBlaze simplifies the backup process. It can automatically backup everything – unless you tell it to not backup a particular file.

File types accepted by BackBlaze include music, pictures, documents, movies and more. There are no file size restrictions and you can back up external drives. There are automatic updates too – which makes it easier to backup files.

BackBlaze does support Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

The only drawback to BackBlaze is that there is no file syncing or sharing, but that is because they are a true backup service. But, you can print images and documents stored on your BackBlaze account.

A Few Details about this Plan:

For the BackBlaze unlimited plan, you will pay $5 per month or you can sign up for a one year contract ($50 total) or a two year contract ($95 total) for a discounted rate.

BackBlaze supports external hard drives, but cannot backup NAS devices.

Need to recover a specific version? BackBlaze stores multiple versions of the same file for up to 30 days so that you can restore different versions.

Rated #4

SOS Online Backup


8.6 Very Good
sos online backup review
For $5.99 /mo

$29.96/month (5 Computers)

Discounts for yearly subscriptions

free trial 14 Days
No Credit Card Required for Free Trial!

SOS Online Backup is all about speed and affordability – something most home users want from their backup service.

One unique feature about SOS is their archived forever feature – which means files are archived for good until you manually delete them.

The family plan offers unlimited storage capacity for up to five computers and there is no file size or bandwidth limits.

SOS Online Backup is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android – so you can backup from anywhere and any type of document you need.

A Few Details about this Plan:

There is a 15-day free trial so you can see if you like SOS Online Backup. This is important; because they do not refund plans once they are purchased.

After the free trial, you will pay $59.99 per year for one computer or $299.96 per year for up to five computers – all with unlimited storage.

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5.7 Fair
Carbonite Review
For $59.99 /yr

$99.99/month HomePlus
$149.00 HomePremier

Discounts for yearly subscriptions

free trial 15 Days
No Credit Card Required for Free Trial!

Carbonite is known for their compatibility issues, but they offer a cheap rate for unlimited storage.

The service can be slow when it comes to backing up data, but the company’s service is still reliable and they have a lot of support from big tech companies, like Microsoft and Lenovo.

Their home use backup plan is very easy to use and figure out too. With Carbonite, you get unlimited storage as well as the ability to sync and share files – something other unlimited providers don’t offer.

They do support Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android as well – so you can back up all of your data regardless of where it is located.

A Few Details about this Plan:

You can try Carbonite free for 15 days. You will want to take full advantage of the free trial, because once you buy, there are no refunds on the yearly plans.

After the trial, you have a few plan options, which include the Home ($59.99 per year per computer), HomePlus ($99.99 per year per computer) or the HomePrime ($149.00 per year per computer).

You can have as many computers as you want, but you will pay an annual fee per computer.

If you sign up for multiple years, you get a discount of 5 percent for two years and 10 percent for three years.

Not very tech savvy? We recommend signing up for the Plus or Prime account for fully automatic backup so you can save yourself the hassle.

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