Best Free Cloud Backup

Best Free Cloud Backups

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Top 5 Best Free Cloud Backups

They say the best things in life are free – and that can apply to cloud storage too.

If you are looking for the Best Free Cloud Backup providers, you have seen the sea of choices. Many providers get away with their “free” services by offering limited availability, poor reliability or security. But, there are some providers out there who offer true free services with excellent features.

These free providers do have their limit. So, as long as you stay under their maximum capacity, you never have to pay for storage. These free plans range anywhere from 2GB to 15GB as storage – which may be all you ever need.

All of these Best Free Cloud Backup services are truly free. You’re not being doped with a free trial. Instead, you sign up for a lifelong free account.

Rated #1



8 Good
DropBox Review

No Credit Card Required!

OR $15/month 1TB (5 users)

Dropbox is the perfect place to park all of your digital files – from photographs to text documents to spreadsheets.

Dropbox has their free personal cloud back up that gives you 2GB of space.

With Dropbox, you can share your digital files with family and friends and keep it secure. With their mobile app, you can have your smartphone pictures automatically backup on Dropbox as they are taken. And, you can access all of your files on the go using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Add users to Dropbox folders to make sharing a breeze or just send them a sharing link to a specific file. Synchronizing is difficult with Dropbox and you may find yourself with a few conflicted copies.

A Few Details about this Plan:

The free plan comes with 2GB storage. But, you have multiple ways to increase your free storage capacity. For every friend you refer, you can add an extra 500GB of storage for up to a max of 16GB total. Also, downloading and setting up the mobile app gives you bonus storage.

Dropbox is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Afraid you will run out of space? You can sign up for 1TB of storage space from Dropbox for just $9.99 per month and you can still add extra storage with referrals and mobile app downloads.

Rated #2



8.3 Very Good
SpiderOak Review

No Credit Card Required!

OR $10/month for 100GB

For a free cloud backup, SpiderOak has very few issues. It’s very easy to use, reliable and secure.

With the free version, you get all of the features of the paid version, but limited to 2GB.

Deleted files will be stored and open files are still backed up with SpiderOak – something most cloud storage providers have issues with. SpiderOak’s innovative system recognizes if a file is being changed and will wait to back up the version so that you can limit conflicted copies.

You can synchronize files across multiple computers and devices and create ShareRooms to share your files.

A Few Details about this Plan:

Once you reach the maximum capacity, you will have to upgrade. They have plenty of help guides and FAQs on their site for those using the free version too.

SpiderOak is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linus, Android and iOS.

Worried about security? SpiderOak’s security protocols are so unique their own employees and servers do not have your password. So, whatever you create, don’t lose it – because they won’t be able to help you. But, the good news is, it is impossible for someone to access your account.

Rated #3



7 Good
Mozy Review

No Credit Card Required!

OR $5.99/month 50GB

Mozy is the ideal choice for those who want a simplified backup plan free.

With Mozy, you get 2GB free storage. It can even backup open files and Outlook files. You can also back up files locally or online. This is important if you need to quickly locate or restore files without wanting to wait for the online service.

Files are synced across multiple devices and with scheduled backups, you’ll never have to worry about files being lost.

A Few Details about this Plan:

You only get 2GB for free and then the next plan is 50GB for $5.99 per month per computer.

Files are only kept for a limited time with Mozy; therefore, if you do not backup regularly or your account becomes inactive, you could lose your data for good.

Mozy is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Got a family network drive? Mozy can download information from your household NAS drive so that you don’t lose anything on the family network.

Rated #4

Google Drive


Google Drive Review

No Credit Card Required!

OR $1.99/month 100GB

Google Drive is not exactly a true backup service, but they offer online cloud storage and it is free.

With Google Drive you get up to 15GB of free storage space and you have access to their robust collaboration suite – which includes file sharing and syncing.

You can automatically backup anything you edit within the collaborative suite, and when you update your files online, they automatically sync across all devices with the Google Drive app installed.

A Few Details about this Plan:

You get up to 15GB of free storage space. After that you can upgrade to 100GB for just $1.99 per month.

Dealing with stuff that is strictly private? Google Drive makes it clear in their policy that they collect and store information that you store in your Google Drive. Since no one knows exactly what that is, you may want to keep your free storage full of items you don’t mind sharing with Google.


Elephant Drive


9.1 Outstanding
Elephant Drive Review

No Credit Card Required!

OR $9.95/month 100GB

While you don’t get a lot of storage for free with ElephantDrive, they have excellent features, security and backups that make the 2GB of free storage space worth it.

ElephantDrive makes it easy to share and sync files too and if you have a NAS you can still store your network files on ElephantDrive.

ElephantDrive allows up to 10 devices per plan – and if you aren’t looking for a lot of free storage space, 2GB might be all you need.

A Few Details about this Plan:

You get up to 2GB of free storage space free. Then, you can upgrade to 100GB of free storage for $9.95 per month.

Need more? Upgrade to the 100GB plan for just $9.95 per month.

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