Best Cloud Backup for NAS Drives

Best Cloud Backups for NAS Drives

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Top 5 Best Cloud Backups for NAS Drives

NAS or Network Attached Storage is a system that consists of one or more hard drives and an operating system. This system connects your household network – and allows everyone to access and share files from a single location on that same network.

Not all cloud storage providers, however, have the capability to back up your NAS drive. And, if your entire household operates on a NAS, you need a company that can back up the network’s data. We have found a list of the top cloud storage providers who accommodate NAS users and offer them exceptional prices, storage capacity and security.

Rated #1



9.6 Outstanding
Crashplan Review
For $5.99 /mo

$13.99/month Family (2-10 Computers)

Discounts for yearly subscriptions

free trial 30 Days
No Credit Card Required for Free Trial!

CrashPlan is a unique cloud storage provider that lets NAS users protect their data.

With their redundant capabilities and unlimited storage capacity, it is also one of the more affordable cloud backup options for households using a NAS drive. There are no file size or bandwidth restrictions with CrashPlan either and they support Linux, Mac and Windows PCs. Even better, you have unlimited storage capacity with CrashPlan.

If you have a computer crash or your entire NAS crashes, you can do a seeded backup or a restore to the door feature – so your network’s data is never lost.

A Few Details about this Plan:

You can try CrashPlan free for 30 days to make sure it works for your household NAS. After that, you can sign up for the Unlimited Family membership which is $9.00 per month and covers up to 10 computers.

CrashPlan is just for backing up, so if you are looking for a cloud storage provider that will also let you sync and share, you may not enjoy CrashPlan. But, because your home is running off a NAS, you already share via your network – so this should not be an issue.

Worried about recovery? CrashPlan does let you back up locally – so you can back up NAS data to another computer to make recovery faster.

Rated #2

Elephant Drive


9.1 Outstanding
Elephant Drive Review
For $9.95 /mo

Discounts for yearly subscriptions.

free trial 2 GB forever
No Credit Card Required!

ElephantDrive offers simple, but powerful online backup services and can support NAS drives.

They are one of the few online backup services to offer everything from external to NAS to Java Runtime Engines.

You can enjoy automatic backups of your NAS drive as well as other computer files. You can also restore up to unlimited file versions from your network – which is always a bonus if you are sharing or collaborating with other family members on the same drive.

A Few Details about this Plan:

You cannot backup NAS drives with the free plan, but if you upgrade to the 100GB plan, you will pay $9.95 per month for up to 10 devices (including NAS drives).

Like discounts? ElephantDrive offers discounts if you pay for your membership annually instead of monthly.

Rated #3

SOS Online Backup


8.6 Very Good
sos online backup review
For $7.99 /mo

$29.96/month for up to 5 computers

Discounts for yearly subscriptions

free trial 15 Days
No Credit Card Required for Free Trial!

SOS is a cloud storage provider that prides itself on affordability and efficiency. They also offer unlimited storage – which is ideal for those with a NAS hard drive. There are no file size restrictions or bandwidth restrictions with SOS either.

Unlike other cloud storage providers, SOS does offer a sharing service which allows you to share NAS data on your cloud with others. You can use whatever device you would like to check your files – including a mobile phone or tablet.

SOS also offers an online restore option or you can request a copy. Unlike other companies, SOS also features archiving forever and unlimited versioning – so you don’t have to worry about a family member accidentally changing a file that you cannot recover or making a mistake on a network file.

A Few Details about this Plan:

SOS does have an excellent free trial – up to three months free. Since you will be using a NAS, you will have to sign up for the Family Cloud storage which is $29.96 per month and covers up to five computers with unlimited storage capacity.

Just need one computer? If your NAS just supports you and no other computers, you can sign up for the Personal Cloud service for just $7.99 per month.

Rated #4



8.3 Very Good
SpiderOak Review
For $12.00 /mo

Discounts for yearly subscriptions

free trial 2GB Forever
No Credit Card Required!

SpiderOak is secure, versatile and very affordable compared to other online storage providers – and of course, they support NAS drives.

With SpiderOak you have unlimited version histories stored, all deleted files can be stored, and there are multiple support options for NAS users. SpiderOak can also backup open files and just uses a “read only” pass so that it doesn’t disrupt what you’re already working on.

Because it has unlimited versioning, you can restore based on the history in your cloud storage account and pick a specific file or that file’s version. You can restore by batch too if needed.

SpiderOak also is great for sharing and synchronizing files. You can create ShareRooms in your SpiderOak account, which are secure locations for sharing files with family or friends. Also, files are automatically synced across multiple devices and your NAS to ensure everyone has the latest files.

A Few Details about this Plan:

With SpiderOak, you get up to 2GB of free storage – but this may go quickly with a NAS drive. After that, you can upgrade to a 100GB plan for $10.00 per month. To increase by 100GB you will pay an extra $10.00 per month. But, these plans come with unlimited devices and computers.

Try it free first! We always recommend trying a cloud storage provider for free to make sure you like it. Even if your whole NAS drive cannot be stored, try storing a few files, editing them, and sharing them to get a feel for how SpiderOak works. Then, you can decide if it is worth upgrading to a paid plan.


Acronis True Image


8 Good
acronis review
For $99.99 /yr

up to 3 computers for $169.99/year

free trial 30 Days
No Credit Card Required for Free Trial!

Acronis is the only provider of true image backups – and if you are a techie, you will especially enjoy the unique features of this cloud storage provider.

For cloud storage, you can choose from unlimited for 1 PC, 250GB, 500GB and 1TB storage plans. You are not limited by bandwidth, file type or file size either.

Acronis also lets you backup your external hard drive as well as any NAS drives you use in your home.

For apps, Acronis offers their Android app through Google Play as well as a Windows Mobile app.

Acronis also offers sync and sharing – and you can create collaborative folders, share via links and enjoy automatic file syncs with this service.

A Few Details about this Plan:

While Acronis does not offer free trials, they do have multiple packages to choose from. All plans are required to have Acronis True Image installed.  However, with that you can get Unlimited Cloud backup for a total of $99.99 year.

Looking for a deal? Acronis is offering a buy one get one deal right now – which means you can get the cloud back up you need for multiple computers in the home without paying the per computer price.

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