Best Cloud Backup for Music

Best Cloud Backups for Music

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Top 5 Best Cloud Backups for Music

Backing up music isn’t easy – it requires maximum storage capacity and of course, something that is reliable. But, for some people, backing up music also means having access to it when you’re ready to share it with others or just listen to it on another device.

Our list of the Best Cloud Backup for Music includes storage providers that have a reputation for excellent services, affordability, and even make it easy to access your music on different devices.

Rated #1



9.6 Outstanding
Crashplan Review
For $5.99 /mo

$13.99/month Family (2-10 Computers)

Discounts for yearly subscriptions

free trial 30 Days
No Credit Card Required for Free Trial!

CrashPlan is excellent for music backups.

Their service automatically selects your computer’s personal files, including music, and updates them in their cloud. You can also manually request what file type you want stored in the cloud – such as .mp3 – so that it only backs up files with that type of extension.

What is great about CrashPlan is that they offer unlimited storage. So, all of your large music files can still be backed up and you don’t have to worry about maxing out your storage capacity.

CrashPlan does not sync or share, but you can access the music from your mobile device – including an internet connected iPod. That way you can upload and retrieve music as you need it.

A Few Details about this Plan:

CrashPlan does offer a free 30 day trial, but with the free trial you cannot do the online backup; instead, you have to use the downloaded software. But, if you pay for a CrashPlan subscription, you pay just $4 per month for their Unlimited Single or pay $9 per month for their Unlimited Family Plan (which allows up to 10 computers).

Rated #2



8.3 Excellent
MediaFire Review
For $2.49 /mo

free trial 10GB - 50GB Forever
No Credit Card Required!

MediaFire has limited security, but it is still an excellent choice for those who want to store not-so-security-required files, like music.

With MediaFire you get online backup, but you can also store and access all of your music – whether you are using an iPhone, iPod, Android or even just your computer.

Backups are automatic with MediaFire – so if you add a new music file to your device and you have the MediaFire app, it will automatically sync.

MediaFire is also all about sharing – so you can easily share your music with others.

A Few Details about this Plan:

MediaFire offers 50GB of storage space for free – which may be all you need for your music collection. But, it is important to note that the free storage does have a lot of advertisements.

Don’t like the advertisements on the free membership? MediaFire is refreshingly inexpensive. You can get up to 1TB of storage for your music for just $2.49 per month!

Rated #3

Apple iCloud


7.3 Good
Apple Icloud
For $3.99 /mo

free trial 5GB forever
No Credit Card Required!

iCloud is part of the Apple family of apps and it can automatically backup your iTunes on the cloud – making it perfect for those who want access to all of their music no matter where they are.

iCloud and iTunes aren’t just for Apple devices anymore. In fact, they work on Android and Windows Mobile too – so as long as you have iTunes and iCloud on each, you can transfer your music with ease.

You can also integrate your iCloud account with Apple TV to stream music, movies and TV shows.

A Few Details about this Plan:

You get an automatic 5GB of free storage space. You can also get up to 1TB for $19.99 per month.

Don’t see iCloud on your Apple device? There is no iCloud app on Apple devices; instead, it is already baked in. So just go to settings and you will find it.

Rated #4

Amazon Cloud Drive


6.7 Good
For $59.99 /yr

free trial 90 Days

Amazon Cloud Drive is all about giving you access to your digital flies no matter where you are – that includes mobile phones, tablets and mp3 players.

If you have a Kindle, you already have Amazon Cloud Drive installed; so you can already access your music without hiccups.

With Amazon Cloud Drive, you can also stream your music and videos on TV via the Cloud Drive app and there are no file size restrictions – so you can upload even large music files.

A Few Details about this Plan:

Amazon Cloud Drive is free for an astounding three months. After that, you can pay for the Unlimited Everything plan for $59.99 per year.

Be careful what music you store. While Amazon Cloud Drive is great, they do have a policy that they are allowed to monitor what is stored. If you have illegal downloads (such as bit torrents), they may report you. And, if you were ever caught, Amazon will hand over your account. So, only use them if you plan on storing legally-acquired music files.




7.1 Good Unlimited Backup for Those Un-Afraid to Commit to a Year Contract
Idrive review
For $44.62 /yr

free trial 5GB Forever
No Credit Card Required!

iDrive does have a few shortcomings when it comes to security, but they are one of the best for music backups – especially because they can sync directly with your iPod and iPhone so you have constant access to your music files.

iDrive can also share your music with others just by sending them a shortened URL to access the file. It can also backup your Facebook and Instagram – if you need it.

When it comes to syncing your music files, iDrive offers a drag and drop as well as the ability to check the status of your synchronization via their iDrive software. You will need to download the separate iDrive software, but it is easy to do – and free with your paid subscription.

A Few Details about this Plan:

iDrive offers up to 5GB for free. Then you can choose from a 1TB Storage and Sync plan for $44.62 per year or a 10TB Storage and Sync plan for $374.62 per year.

Storing more than music? iDrive has the security capacity for music files, but when it comes to storing sensitive materials, you may want to consider a cloud storage provider like CrashPlan or SugarSync for maximum security.

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