Best Affordable Cloud Backups

Best Affordable Cloud Backups for the Frugal Shopper

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Top 5 Best Affordable Cloud Backups

You are the type that puts price per gigabyte at the top of your list. You do not want to pay more than the other guy for adequate storage and you’re willing to sacrifice a few features here and there if that means you get something budget-friendly. But, what you value more than anything are those providers that offer a lot more for the buck – and of course, those that offer some free storage space so you can make sure it’s worth the investment.

Our list of the Affordable Cloud Backup providers evaluated them for reliability, ease of use and of course, their price per gigabyte so that you know where your dollars are going each month.

Rated #1 Best Cloud Backup




Crashplan Review

Unlimited Storage for: $500 /month

$13.99/month Family (2-10 Computers)

Discounts for yearly subscriptions

30 Day Free Trial
No Credit Card Required!

CrashPlan offers unlimited storage capacity for an exceptionally low price. If you want a true backup that offers excellent reliability without paying and arm and a leg for it; CrashPlan is a great option.

CrashPlan is extremely user-friendly. And, it can backup to multiple destinations – including other computers. If you need unlimited storage, you usually pay a fortune. But, CrashPlan is one of the few unlimited providers to offers such at a low price – and you’re not restricted with bandwidth or file size either.

While CrashPlan does not offer sync or share capabilities, they still are one of the biggest values for the buck. You can also try it free for up to 30 days.

A Few Details about this Plan:

CrashPlan offers a free 30-day trial. After that it is $4 per month for one device or you can pay for the Unlimited Family plan and get up to 10 devices for just $9 per month.

Need help? CrashPlan is one of the few that offer free phone support – something even higher priced services cannot boast about.

Rated #2 Best Cloud Backup




Dropbox for Business Review

1TB for: $999 /month

Discounts for yearly subscriptions

2GB Free Forever
No Credit Card Required!

At first glance, Dropbox may not seem too affordable, but once you get to know how their free storage works, you may be surprised.

Dropbox works like an external hard drive – allowing you to save straight from your computer to your Dropbox account. Everything automatically syncs across all devices with the Dropbox app or software installed. It is extremely user-friendly.

While you do not get unlimited storage, you get 2GB of free storage that you can expand. By sharing folders with others, inviting new users to Dropbox or even downloading their smartphone app, you get to increase your free storage capacity to as high as 16GB. For some, that may be all the storage they ever need.

A Few Details about this Plan:

You automatically get 2GB of storage space for free. By sharing, referring others and using their smartphone app, you can increase that storage. Even if you end up paying, you get up to 1TB of storage space in your Dropbox, plus additional options like remote wipe and sharing controls as well as unlimited devices and computers for $9.99 per month.

Like to work on the go? Dropbox offers exceptional file-syncing. After you edit, just save to Dropbox and it syncs across all devices so you can access the latest version on the go.

Rated #3 Best Cloud Backup

Google Drive



Google Drive Review

100GB for: $199 /month

Unlimited Devices

15GB Free Forever
No Credit Card Required!

Google Drive is not a true cloud backup; instead, it is a file collaboration and syncing tool. But, for those on a budget, it could be a great place to start storing photos, documents and more without paying a fortune.

If you have a Gmail account, you already have a Google Drive account. With that you get 15GB of free storage space. You can manually upload via their web portal, or download the Drive app and software so that you can drag-and-drop your files via your computer desktop. It automatically syncs files so you get access to the latest version no matter what device you’re on.

With Google Drive, you can create new documents online, share them, collaborate and edit in real-time too.

A Few Details about this Plan:

You get 15GB of storage space for free, but most users find this goes fast. When you download the app and Google+, it automatically syncs all photos from your phone and devices, which can eat away at your free storage space. After you’re out of space, you can upgrade to 100GB for $1.99 per month or 1TB for $9.99 per month. They have plans as high as 30TB, but most home users will never need that much storage.

Want to squeeze as much as you can from Google Drive? If you create documents, sheets and even presentations from Google Drive, it will not count toward your storage space. Only documents created outside of the drive do. So if you work solely in Google Drive, you could potentially never run out of storage.

Rated #4 Best Cloud Backup




Bitcasa Review

1TB for: $1000 /month

Up to 5 Devices

5GB Free Forever
No Credit Card Required!

Bitcasa offers higher storage capacity and excellent features. While you are limited on devices, you get more services, storage, and an easy to use cloud backup for the price.

Once downloaded, Bitcasa operates like an external hard drive, and makes it easy to back up your files. You get access to file syncing, sharing and up to 180-day file versioning. While you are limited to five devices, you do get zero restrictions and high-security storage.

Bitcasa also comes with up to 5GB of free storage space (only three devices supported on the free plan).

A Few Details about this Plan:

After your 5GB is maxed out, you can upgrade to the 1TB plan for $10 per month, but if you want to really save, pay the annual $99 per year – which comes out to a discounted $8.25 per month (cheaper than most 1TB plans).

Want a backup without fuss? Once you set it up, Bitcasa works just like part of your computer – making it easy to backup, restore and sync your data.

Rated #5 Best Cloud Backup




BackBlaze Review

Unlimited Storage for: $500 /month

Discounts for Yearly Subscriptions

15 Day Free Trial
No Credit Card Required!

BackBlaze is a set it and forget it type of backup service. All files are automatically backed up; unless you specify you don’t want it backed up.

While there is no file syncing or sharing, it is an unlimited backup provider that offers multiple versions, no file size restrictions and even external hard drive support. You can use BackBlaze for a true backup and then use other services to sync and share.

A Few Details about this Plan:

The monthly price is what makes BackBlaze affordable. You get unlimited storage for just $5 per month, but if you sign up for a one-year or two-year plan, you get it even cheaper. One year plans are $50 per year but come out to $4.17 per month. Two year plans are $95 but come out to $3.96 per month.

Want to try it for free? BackBlaze offers a free 15-day trial so you can see if you like it before committing to an annual plan.

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