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CrashPlan Review

CrashPlan Review

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Elephant Review

Elephant Drive Review

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Sync.com Review

Sync.com Review

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Dropbox Review

Dropbox Review

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SafeSync Review

SafeSync Review

Top 5 Best Cloud Backups

We have selected the Top 5 Cloud Backups that will appeal most to those looking for a home or personal backup solution.  We have based our evaluation on those providers that offer the best backup and restore features, that offer the best price to feature ratio, and offer exceptional security and customer service.

See the Top 5 Best Cloud Backups

Best Unlimited Cloud Backup

Best Unlimited Cloud Backups

Whether you are adding more photographs, creating videos or just have a lot of personal documents you need to save, you prefer unlimited storage potential. We have compared those “unlimited” service providers to bring you a list of the best services with competitive prices and excellent reliability.

See the Best Unlimited Cloud Backups

Best Free Cloud Backup

Best Free Cloud Backups

You are not one for paying for online cloud backups. Instead, you want to utilize free services that are equally reliable and efficient as those paid services. Our list of best free cloud backups compares storage capacity, security and reliability of those “free” providers so you know you’re signing up for the best.

See the Best Free Cloud Backups

Best Cloud Backup for Mac

Best Cloud Backups for Mac

Macs have their own requirements and needs – and not all cloud backup providers have Mac compatibility. Whether just one computer in the house is a Mac or you are a devoted Apple user, we have found a list of cloud backup providers that offer excellent services to Mac users.

See the Best Cloud Backups for Mac

Best Cloud Backup for PC's

Best Cloud Backup for PC's

As a PC user, you want a cloud backup that syncs with all of your PC and related devices. Whether you are just storing a few family photographs or you want to share videos across the web, these top PC cloud backup providers offer superior performance and storage capabilities.

See the Best Cloud Backup for PC's

Best Cloud Backup for Android

Best Cloud Backup for Android

Not all cloud backup providers work for Android and even those who claim they do, don’t offer great performance. These top cloud backup services are Android-dedicated and offer the best storage, efficiency and sharing capabilities for Android users.

See the Best Cloud Backup for Android

Best Cloud Backup for NAS Drives

Best Cloud Backup for NAS Drives

You have a household network that utilizes a NAS drive (Network Attached Storage). To ensure your household network remains efficient, you need to back up the information from your NAS occasionally. These cloud storage providers offer NAS capabilities and excellent storage capacities for NAS users.

See the Best Cloud Backup for Network Drives

Best Cloud Backup for Multiple Computers

Best Multi Computer Cloud Backups

Most households have more than one computer – in fact, some households have one computer and tablet per family member. For the multi-computer household, you need a multi-computer capable cloud storage service provider. These allows you to backup data on multiple computers, share and sync among computers and never have to worry about losing your data if one computer crashes, is lost or is stolen.

See the Best Multi Computer Cloud Backups

Best Cloud Backup for Sync and Share

Best Cloud Backup w/Sync & Share

Whether you want to share your latest selfie on social media or send pictures of the kids to grandparents, you need a cloud backup that lets you sync and share your files. We have compiled a list of the best storage providers who have excellent sync capabilities, sharing options and minimal conflicted copy issues.

See the Best Cloud Backup w/Sync & Share

Best Cloud Backup for Photo's

Best Cloud Backup for Photos

Some people just need cloud backups for their photos. While every backup offers photo storage, these best providers were selected because they offer the best capacity, sharing options and are dedicated to those who want to keep their photos safe.

See the Best Cloud Backup for Photos

Best Cloud Backup for Music

Best Cloud Backup for Music

Music files can quickly take up your hard drive’s storage capacity. Storing them on the cloud just makes sense. We have created a list of cloud storage providers who offer the best storage for music lovers – including sync and share options so you never lose a song again.

See the Best Cloud Backup for Music

Not sure what kind of cloud backup is right for you?  Well how about getting the best choices based on the kind of cloud backup user you are?

What Kind of Cloud Backup Buyer are You?

Best Cloud Backup for the Techie

The Techie

Technology is nothing new to you. You are ready for a fully featured cloud backup provider that lets you tweak with the settings and customize your storage experience. For you, we’ve created a list of the cloud storage providers who are dedicated to the tech-savvy.

Full Featured Cloud Backup

Best Cloud Backup for the Technically Challenged

The Technically Challenged

Giga what? Tech terms fly right over your head and when it comes to figuring out cloud storage, you just are not sure where to turn. You want a cloud storage program that is very user-friendly and only requires a few steps to install, setup and store. We’ve got a list of those Easy Cloud Backup providers that have simplified the process just for the tech newbies.

Easy Cloud Backup

Best Cloud Backup for the Frugal Shopper

The Frugal Shopper

You want as much storage capacity as your dollars will buy – but you do not want to overpay for cloud backup. These affordable service providers were chosen for their features, reliability and service and then compared to their price to ensure you’re getting a budget-friendly service that is still reliable.

Affordable Cloud Backup

Best Cloud Backup for the Picture taker

The Picture Snapper

There isn’t a moment that goes by in your life that you don’t capture digitally. Whether it’s on your phone or a digital camera, you need a place to park your growing collection. We’ve got a list of the best cloud storage providers that understand the compelling urge to snap a photo and keep a moment forever.

Cloud Backup for Photos

Best Cloud Backup for the Device Collector

The Device Collector

Tablets, laptops, smartphone, and computers – there isn’t a device you don’t own. For all of those devices, you need a cloud backup that can store files and sync with multiple devices. We have the best cloud backup services for multiple devices that have the best sync rates and are multi-device capable.

Cloud Backup for Multiple Devices

Best Cloud Backup for the Sharer

The Sharer

You don’t just store, you share. Whether it’s on social media or via email, you need a cloud backup that lets you quickly share files just as fast as they backup. These cloud storage providers understand the urge to share and have the best file sharing capabilities, encryption and even social media options.

Cloud Backup with File Sharing

Tips for Selecting the Best Cloud Backup

  • FeaturesThe features are what set apart the average from the sophisticated providers. What features matter is entirely up to your needs – whether it is file sharing, accessibility, Mac capabilities, etc. Either way, make sure the provider you’re considering has all of the features you want.
  • Ease of Use Not everyone is tech-savvy. Consider how easy it is to setup and use the cloud backup service from your own technical capabilities so that you don’t pay for something that is too complicated to use.
  • Price – Everyone has a budget. While you want the most features and storage capacity, make sure you’re still getting the most for your money and not paying more than you can afford.
  • Security – These days security is critical. You want a provider that takes your security seriously with encryption, data center protection and more.

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