Best Cloud Backup

Whether you are looking for cloud backup for your home and personal use, or for your business needs, finding the best cloud backup for your needs can be a challenge with so many different services available today and each with varying features and functionality.

We researched over 40 different cloud backup and storage services and came up with 25 that are worth a closer look, with CrashPlan leading the pack with it's extensive features and support.

Our Top 5 Best Cloud Backup Picks

Check out all our Cloud Backup Reviews and use our filtering and sorting features to narrow down the services that best suite your needs!

Compare Cloud Backups

Compare Cloud Backup

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How we chose the Best Cloud Backups

While researching and reviewing each merchant we developed specific criteria to base our scores on.

  • Do they offer a control panel or something similar?
  • Do they offer the ability to set up individual user accounts?
  • Do they offer custom branding?
  • Can you easily manage permissions?
  • What type of reporting do they offer?
  • What 3rd Party Integrations if any, do they offer?

  • Do they provide full restores?
  • Do they allow selective restores?
  • Do they have file versioning and how many versions do they keep?
  • Can you request a hard copy(via flash or hard drive) restore? And if so, how much does it cost?

  • Is file syncing done automatically?
  • Is there a file status indicator?
  • Can it be set up to sync at intervals?
  • Can you sync files/folders manually?
  • Can you pause the file sync process?
  • Can you schedule the file sync?

Help and Support
  • How can you reach customer service?
  • Do they provide 24/7 support?
  • Is there support based in the United States?
  • Do they have tutorials, forums and help guides online for new users?
  • How user-friendly is the service overall?
  • What is their overall BBB rating?

  • Do they offer local backups as an option?
  • Can you backup multiple devices?
  • Can you backup network devices?
  • Can you backup external drives?
  • Are there bandwidth caps?
  • Are there file size or type restrictions?
  • How much storage is provided?

  • Do they offer Collaborative folders?
  • Do they offer Conflicted Copies?
  • Do they offer public or private link sharing?
  • Do they provide the ability to set permission levels?

  • Can you set up password protection?
  • Is there SSL encryption?
  • Do they have redundant storage capabilities?
  • Do they utilize hardened facilities?
  • Are they HIPPA Compliant?

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