Pet Insurance Articles

Are We Over Vaccinating Our Cats and Dogs?

From the moment you bring home a new kitten or puppy and bring them to their first vet check-up, you have likely experienced a barrage of vaccinations your vet is pushing you to get for your pet. There are so many recommended vaccines it is ...

Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day with a Great Cat-Friendly Pet Insurance Policy

Your cat may not be as receptive to the idea of a hug, but go ahead and give them a (gentle) squeeze anyway. June 4th is the unofficial Hug Your Cat Day – giving every kitty owner an excuse to provide their feline friend with some extra ...

Kennel Cough Facts and Prevention

Having a sick dog or puppy can be just as distressing as having a sick kid, especially when there is nothing you can do to make it go away. Kennel cough is one of the most common pet illnesses you may encounter. If you have a pet or are ...

Tips for Potty Training Your Puppy

It is exciting to get a new puppy, but one thing no one warns you about is the potty training part. Whether your puppy is six weeks old or a few months old, potty training may be one of the more difficult training tasks you tackle. The good ...

What to Look for When Buying Pet Insurance

For those uneducated in the subject pet insurance can be a very intimidating topic. There are so many different companies, terms, and options that the whole thing can easily become overwhelming. For this reason it is extremely important to have at ...

Gift Ideas for the Fur Babies

Let’s be honest, buying stuff for our pets is awesome. They will never be disappointed, you won’t have to deal with that fake surprise acting job, and they won’t complain to their friends about how you gave them a bad gift. The sheer joy ...

Types of Pet Insurance

While it is obvious that each pet insurance company offers plans that provide different levels of coverage, it is less clear that even within the same company plans can be separated into distinct categories. Understanding which group each plan ...

Things You Must Consider Before Picking Your Pet’s Vet

Finding the perfect veterinarian is not as simple as most people think. It is a very important decision that will have implications for the rest of your pet’s life. Your vet will not only be the one you rely on for expert medical advice, but they ...

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself when Buying Pet Insurance

As with any big financial commitment it is important to ask yourself some questions before purchasing pet insurance. Doing so will help you figure out exactly what type of insurance will be best for you and your pet. Below is a list of ten of the ...

Everything You Need to Know About Pet Insurance for Cats

Maybe you’ve recently spoken to a cat owner who has flooded you with horror stories about expensive vet bills. Or perhaps you just experienced a close call with your own cat, and the reality that your pet can get seriously hurt has started to dawn ...

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