Recipe Tests – Meal Kit Delivery Services

Our Experience with Martha & Marley Spoon

How Does Martha & Marley Spoon Work? Martha and Marley Spoon is a meal kit delivery service that aims to make weeknight meal cooking simple, easy, and fun. They send you weekly recipes, ingredients, and meals of your choice that all have fresh ...

I Tried Sun Basket’s Food and Recipes: Here Are My Thoughts

Sun Basket is all about fresh, sustainable cooking. They feature farm-to-table inspirations, organic ingredients and gluten-free options that are delicious and creative. Even better, Sun Basket is all about reducing waste - which is why they offer ...

I Tried Purple Carrot’s Food and Recipes: Here Are My Thoughts

Purple Carrot is a unique meal kit delivery service focusing on vegan cuisine. Considering there is no meat and all recipes are 100% vegan, you may be hesitant to pay for a week’s worth of meals (which is three meals). To help put your concerns ...

I Tried Plated’s Food and Recipes – Here’s What I Thought

Plated, based out of New York, NY, is one of the original Meal Kit Delivery services out there.  They also went in front of Shark Tank and originally inked a deal with Mark Cuban, only to have it fall through when they tried to renegotiate it. ...

I Tried Home Chef’s Food and Recipes – Here’s What I Thought

Home Chef is all about bringing chef-inspired cuisine and skill into your home - and turning you into the ideal home chef. They use fresh ingredients, family-friendly recipes and even let you choose a plan based on your dietary concerns - so you ...

I Tried PeachDish’s Food and Recipes – Here’s What I Thought

PeachDish, based in Atlanta, GA, offers chef-inspired recipes with ingredients that are sourced directly from hundreds of small-scale Southern farms and food artisans.  They are all about sourcing fresh ingredients from local farms - their goal ...

I Tried HelloFresh’s Food and Recipes: Here’s What I Thought

HelloFresh, is one of the oldest meal delivery kit services out there. They focus on chef-inspired recipes, super fresh ingredients, and simple recipe cards. I especially like how HelloFresh focuses on low calorie, but still provides ...

I Tried Green Chef’s Food and Recipes – Here’s My Thoughts

Green Chef is all about organic, great-tasting food that is healthy and fun. I have to admit, their options for gluten-free, Paleo and other specialty diets along with the fact that they are 100 percent organic makes them definitely worth the ...

I Tried Blue Apron Food and Recipes: Here’s What I Thought

Blue Apron is one of the oldest meal kit delivery services out there. They work on delivering easy and fun recipes that will please the entire family. You can choose from meat-filled, vegetarian and more to accommodate any dietary concern and ...

I Tried Gobble’s Food and Recipes: Here’s What I Thought

  Gobble offers chef-inspired recipes that can be completed in 10 minutes and using just one pan. Their goal is to make life simple. They do the meal planning, shopping, prep and all you do is cook. While they offer a higher per price ...

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