Coffee Tips and Tricks

5 Secret Coffee Hacks Guaranteed to Kick-Start Your Day!

Coffee is like a morning ritual for me - and probably most of you that enjoy a cup of coffee to start the day. There’s something about the smell that quickly takes over a kitchen or how when it slowly drips out of the Keurig in my kitchen I find ...

Happy National Donut Day – 10 Crazy Facts About Donuts to Chew On

Each year, the first Friday of June is celebrated as National Donut Day – or as we like to say “Excuse-to-stuff-your-face-with-donut-goodness Day!” Donut Day is a real holiday and it is an extension of the real Doughnut Day from 1938, when ...

Soaking Your Steak in Coffee? Why Yes, You Should!

Yes, coffee is most definitely a must-have for most of us in the morning. In fact, some of us are downright scary without our cup of java. But, coffee has a lot more uses than just perking you up in the morning. In fact, you can use coffee to ...

5 Ways to Repurpose Used Coffee Materials

You’ve brewed your coffee, enjoyed it, and received an incredible caffeine rush that’s catapulted you into mass productivity mode for about two or three hours. Now you’re left with a dirty coffee filter and a bunch of coffee grounds. If you have a ...

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