Articles – Chocolate Clubs

The Greatest Creation from the American Melting Pot—Fudge

This great land has given the world muscle cars, rock and roll, and the sweetest sweets made from melted goodness—fudge. There isn’t a soul on earth who can resist mouth-watering, smooth, and luscious fudge. To celebrate fudge, June 16th is ...

10 Ways to Healthily Eat Your Chocolate

There is a common battle inside we all face—wanting the indulgent, luxurious, and deeply gratifying taste of chocolate on our tongues and also wanting to be healthy by watching our diets and calorie intake. Believe it or not, you can do both. ...

What is a Mole Sauce Anyway?

Moles are Mexican dishes, but they are nothing more than a sauce – a very complex, delicious sauce. The mole is definitely more refined and has tons of flavors – because of the items that are used to meld together into this luscious, thick ...

Chocolate Treat Recipes for Your Super Bowl Party

Everyone loves a good snack at the Super Bowl and if you’re invited to a party, you have to contribute something to the spread. This year skip the savory dishes and dips - everyone else will be bringing those already - and impress everyone with ...

Out of Cocoa? Use Chocolate Instead!

It’s happened to all of us. We’re starving, and in need of something sweet, so we come up with the brilliant plan to bake. My personal favorite is anything including chocolate, whether that’s chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, or chocolate ...

15 Crazy Wild Facts About Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the greatest desserts in the history of mankind. It’s been used in wartime to feed soldiers, by the Aztecs to drink, and in movies like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We sure do have a fascination for the ...

Finding the Right Chocolate Club for Gift Giving

Buying the gift of a chocolate club for someone else is not the same as purchasing one for yourself. You have your own tastes, preferences and what makes you unique can also make it difficult to pick the right chocolate club as a gift for ...

A Complete Guide to Chocolate

Cocoa, dark chocolate, nibs…there are so many different terms out there, how on earth is anyone really supposed to understand which chocolate is chocolate. To further add to the confusion, how are you supposed to tell what chocolate really is ...

Is Dark Chocolate Really Good for You?

You have heard it several times over by now: dark chocolate is healthy chocolate. But, how can something taste great and still be healthy - you may be surprised. Dark chocolate has a plethora of health benefits that give you reason to jump up and ...

What Can You Expect from a Chocolate of the Month Club?

Who wouldn’t love the excitement of checking the mail only to find a box of delicious, gourmet chocolates? That’s what you get when you sign up for a chocolate of the month club subscription. As a consumer, you are weary about signing up – ...

How is Chocolate Made?

The journey to a bar of chocolate, hand dipped caramel and even a chocolate-covered strawberry takes a lot more steps than most of us may realize – but each one is worth it. Everyone loves chocolate, but very few of us know where it is that it ...

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