Tips & Usage – Virtual Phone Systems

Top 5 Reasons Realtors Should Use RingCentral

As a realtor, you likely find yourself in constant communication with clients, your office, and people looking to use your services. Since you are frequently moving between showings and your office, having a reliable and efficient communication ...

Why Consider a Vanity Number

Vanity Phone Numbers are phone numbers that spell out words that match numbers on the phone keypad. Everyone recognizes phone numbers like 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-GoFedEx, or 1-800-PetMeds for example, and they are perfect examples of a vanity phone ...

6 Things You Need to Do to Be Successful Working from Home

All of the multi-level marketing companies and infomercials out there have tainted us all. They make us believe that we could work from home – and barely work – and still make thousands each month. In reality, working from home takes a lot of ...

Why Virtual Phone Numbers are Important for the Female Entrepreneur

You’ve worked hard to establish your own business. Perhaps you have employees or perhaps you’re a one woman show. To stay competitive, you have done everything to prove your worth and even boost your professionalism above the male competition. You ...

How to Create a Mobile Office

Sometimes you need to go where your customers are - which may require that you or multiple employees are constantly on the road. While you are offering a service, you still need to remain professional-looking while doing so; which means creating a ...

5 Reasons Your Home Office Should Have a Business Phone Number

A business phone number not only separates your business and personal calls, but when it is powered by the right technology and backed by excellent features, it can take your business to the next level. You made the decision to work from home - ...

The Elusive Virtual Phone System Vendor: Shady or Legit?

 As today’s consumer, you rely on the internet to find the information you need. From finding your next apartment to opening a bank account – there is no limit to what you can do online. But, for some reason, there are still virtual phone ...

Traditional vs. VoIP Audio Conferencing

Conferencing is a primary feature when looking for VoIP service providers. While we don’t always differentiate between traditional (TDM) audio conferencing and teleconferencing using VoIP technology, there is a distinct difference in the two that ...

Reducing BYOD Security Risks

The advantages of BYOD policies are vast. It can increase morale, productivity, and connectivity in the workplace. It can also save businesses money on equipment costs and maintenance. With an increasing number of businesses adopting these policies, ...

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