Virtual Phone System Articles

Citrix Buys Grasshopper: What Does That Spell for Customers?

In April 2005, Citrix entered into an agreement stating that they would acquire Grasshopper Group, LLC. This leading provider of cloud-based telephone solutions for small businesses would now be part of a bigger family of cloud services. Naturally, ...

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need?

Many problems with VoIP and call quality are not related to the service provider, but to Internet connectivity issues—including those related to bandwidth. In fact, bandwidth impacts quality and connectivity across many platforms—including cloud ...

Top Virtual Phone System Problems

While virtual phone systems are a great choice for many, it is not a perfect one. In order to fully appreciate what a virtual phone system has to offer, it's important to understand its challenges, as well as how to address these problems if ...

Traditional vs. VoIP Audio Conferencing

Conferencing is a primary feature when looking for VoIP service providers. While we don’t always differentiate between traditional (TDM) audio conferencing and teleconferencing using VoIP technology, there is a distinct difference in the two that ...

Why Call Recording is a Must Have Feature

More and more businesses are taking advantage of call recording. So much so that it’s hard to find many businesses that don’t advise callers that their call may be recorded. And so, it’s no surprise that call recording is a popular VoIP feature. In ...

Four Essential Virtual Phone System Features

Features are a selling point for many virtual phone system providers, as they should be. After all, it’s not simply the service you’re looking for, it’s what that service provides and how (or if) that service benefits you and your business needs. ...

Reducing BYOD Security Risks

The advantages of BYOD policies are vast. It can increase morale, productivity, and connectivity in the workplace. It can also save businesses money on equipment costs and maintenance. With an increasing number of businesses adopting these policies, ...

BYOD: The Future of the Workplace

The future of the workplace is evolving. No, we don’t all telecommute. Yes, many of us still slave away in dimly lit cubicles. Yet, more and more people and businesses are choosing to use technology and advancements in technology to their advantage. ...

Hosted PBX vs. On-Premise PBX: What’s the Difference?

When looking at office and business communications systems, we often encounter the term “PBX.” It’s usually an afterthought for many, but there are subtle differences in the type of PBX systems offered among VoIP hosting companies and plans.

Why Virtual Phone Systems Make Sense for Small Business

Small businesses have their own unique needs in order to operate successfully in today’s marketplace. While the nature of each small business dictates many of these needs, communications solutions are critical for all.

What is a Cloud/Hosted PBX – Is It Right for Your Business?

As a business owner, you have a lot going on. When it comes to changing up how you communicate with employees, vendors and just about everyone, you may find yourself overwhelmed at the options. Most businesses avoid cloud PBX services, not because ...

Webinar vs Web Conference vs Webcast – What’s the Difference?

There seem to be many terms floating around out there that all seem to mean the same thing. But do they really? Well, the short answer is "no". There really is a difference between a Webinar, a Web Conference, and a Webcast. For some providers, ...

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